Monster Paradise
466 Bright Worldly Purification
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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466 Bright Worldly Purification

Lin Huang pretended to run for his life as he leaped from branch to branch deep into the dense rubble. As he adapted to the Blacksword Killer's rhythm, he always managed to activate his Dark Shield on time, using his Micro Territory to sense whenever it was going to attack.

As the Blacksword Killer chased after him, it was faster than him in the beginning, but with the trees around, its vision and speed were affected. Moreover, Lin Huang always changed his direction whenever it managed to run before him and attempted to block his way. There was no way that the Blacksword Killer could stop him from moving.

They were racing through the dense jungle for more than an hour. Although Lin Huang was the one who was constantly being attacked, he was actually the one who mastered the rhythm of the battle. He would occasionally decrease the defense of his Dark Shield, run slower, or even drank the Life Power recovery elixir on purpose. The illusions that he created made the Blacksword Killer chase after him no matter what.

In reality, as more than an hour passed by, he did not even drain a single Life Wheel of Life Power. The usage of Life Power was a few times slower than before. However, the Blacksword Killer was draining its Life Power by attacking. Although it did not get to attack as frequently as it wanted to, the draining of its Life Power got worse as the time consumed took longer.

As they ran, although Lin Huang pretended not to have enough Life Power, his spiritedness made the Blacksword Killer suspect that he was putting on a show. Lin Huang noticed that the Blacksword Killer hesitated a couple of times when it attacked, then he knew that it was starting to be skeptical. He smirked as he rolled to the ground. As soon as he stabilized himself, the Blacksword Killer caught up with him.

It did not attack but looked suspiciously at Lin Huang, wanting to know what he would do after stopping. Lin Huang held the sword in one hand, the golden glow shining on the tip. An intense, scorching aura spread out, threatening the Blacksword Killer by the aura as its pupil shrunk.

"Come on! Weren't you chasing me? Come taste my sword!" Lin Huang shouted at the Blacksword Killer that was standing on the branch not far away. The Blacksword Killer did not back off as it thought Lin Huang was betting on his life before he died. As a god's blood, it was never afraid of challenges from its opponent. Murky green Life Power was released into its black sword, and its narrow and long sword swelled much thicker than a normal battle sword as Life Power flowed in. It grew from 90 centimeters to 1.2 meters long.

As the Blacksword Killer's sword was as thickening, the golden glow on the tip of the sword that Lin Huang was holding was so bright that it could not be stared at directly. The Worldly Purification was the strongest power he had before he arrived on level-3. Now that he had completed the rudimental integration of the legendary-level Star Dome, he had reached level-3 of the sword realm. Even if he was performing a rare-level sword skill, he could do so on an epic-level. The epic-level Wildfire had a significant increase in its impact. Even now, Lin Huang had no idea how powerful the Worldly Purification could be as he had not used it when he was training with Liu Ming.

He stomped hard on the ground as soon as the golden glow reached its peak. There were circles of cracks that branched out like spiderwebs on the ground. Soon, he disappeared from where he was. Meanwhile, the Blacksword Killer, who was standing on the branch, disappeared too. Footprints were left on the thick branch.

Suddenly, two swords collided together. There was a golden glow that was as bright as the sun on one side while there was a greenish-black glow that was like the night sky on the other. The two colors came together like a yin-yang circle.

As a shockwave was created from the force, the two- to three-meter impact coverage expanded in an instant to almost hundreds of meters. The sky on top of their heads was dyed in two tones like a battle of colors. Thunder rumbled from the force as their aura spread out everywhere together with the noise. Apart from ominous sound, Elam Island became silent as if all the creatures had fallen into a deep sleep. Not only was there no sound from the birds and the beasts, but there was also not even a bug chirping. Even the noisy cicadas did not make so much as a rustle.

Many monsters from the other islands ran away from the direction of Elam Island. Even some of the holy fire-level monsters hid their aura so that they would not bring trouble to themselves. On the east side of the Elam Island, the shadows were splurging all their Life Power on the barren land. The golden and greenish-black glow filled the sky like two gigantic, formless monsters fighting.

Lin Huang almost gave his all in this assault whereby he inserted three Life Wheels of Life Power into his sword and continued to add more as he attacked. Meanwhile, as the Blacksword Killer was worried that Lin Huang would run away again, it gave its all as well, not wanting to lose the opportunity to kill him. A third of its Life Power went into its black sword.

It thought that Lin Huang was betting on his life and that he barely had much Life Power left. In its opinion, it thought it could kill him easily. However, as their swords collided, the Blacksword Killer realized that it had been tricked. What Lin Huang was battling with was definitely not the very little Life Power that it presumed he was left with. Instead, it was a blow that he had been waiting hours for. The power of Lin Huang's sword exceeded the Blacksword Killer's expectations. Since the swords had collided together, whoever retracted first would definitely lose. Helpless, the only thing the Blacksword Killer could do was to continue to insert more Life Power into its sword to defend itself against Lin Huang.

The battle was then turned into a massive collision of Life Power which drained the both of them. Within seconds, Lin Huang almost emptied five Life Wheels of Life Power. He used one Life Power Refill Card immediately and soon, his ten Life Wheels were full again. Of course, the Blacksword Killer did not have such a card, so its Life Power was coming to an end. The greenish-black glow that mashed with the golden glow started to weaken, and soon, it was almost overpowered by the latter.

Realizing that it was on the losing end, the Blacksword Killer panicked and backed off immediately. However, it was too late as its remaining greenish-black force faded under the golden glow. Although it acted fast by retreating, it was still not as swift as the expansion of the golden glow. The Blacksword Killer's entire body was engulfed by the bright golden glow…

"Did I win?" Lin Huang clearly saw that the Blacksword Killer did not escape from the coverage of golden glow. However, there was no notification from Xiao Hei.


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