Monster Paradise
464 Plan B
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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464 Plan B

"This is tricky…"

Lin Huang frowned as he looked at the remaining tree stump that he was standing on as he backed away from the Blacksword Killer's attack. He had never seen any Blacksword Killer that possessed Territory ability from all the video clips that he had watched. The documents that Mr. Fu had given him did not mention this either. However, it was said that triple mutated monsters had a certain level of self-learning ability.

It did not seem like the Blacksword Killer had managed to learn Lin Huang's Micro Territory just from looking at him. If that were true, such a monster would be invincible. It must have met an opponent that was skilled in Territory and learned the skill from battling it. It was just bad luck that he met this monster that had mastered such an ability. However, this meant that the plan that Lin Huang had come up with after studying all the battle video clips would not work anymore.

Initially, he planned to take advantage of the distance to avoid fighting the monster at close distance so that he could drain its Life Power slowly. Unfortunately, that could not work anymore since the monster had the same Territory ability that he did. As soon as he stepped into the monster's territory, the monster knew his exact location and could attack whenever it wanted within its coverage.

"I've only started Plan A for three seconds, and it's failed! How frustrating that the plan that I came up with after plotting it for three days is crushed just like this!" Lin Huang stood on top of a branch as he thought sullenly to himself. He did not go hunting for the Blacksword Killer on impulse simply after knowing about the monster. Instead, he had taken a week to study the battle video clips and strategized a plan, but it had backfired.

"Luckily, I have Plan B. Although I don't really use this Plan B to bully, it seems like I have no other choice now." Lin Huang squinted, targeting the Blacksword Killer that was hundreds of meters away. The Blacksword Killer seemed to have Transcendent-level sensing ability, and it turned its head around, staring at him with its green eye. It disappeared from where it was out of nowhere, and so did Lin Huang. The branch that he was standing on shook vigorously.

Suddenly, two shadows collided together mid-air. The Blacksword Killer swung its sword horizontally, creating a trail of vapor cloud in the air. Life Power was rushing towards the Lin Huang from the black sword. Meanwhile, Lin Huang was brandishing the same sword, but it was now covered with a defense layer like a black cloth. Behind the black cloth was his left hand which was cloaked in black mist. Lin Huang smirked as his plan B was launched. He intended to defend himself from the monster's attack with the Dark Shield and attack with the sword in the other.

As his left hand with the Dark Shield defended himself the monster's deadly attack, Lin Huang swung the Dragon Slayer in his right hand. The golden glow that burst out of it was no slower than the speed of the black sword aiming at the monster's torso. The Blacksword Killer was surprised that Lin Huang managed to block its attack just like that. Looking at the golden glow on its left, it felt threatened.

The waves in its gigantic green eye were swirling tumultuously while its charcoal grey cloak flapped. As Lin Huang's Thunder Sting swung, it collided with its cloak. However, the deadly attack did not perform as expected. The monster's cloak blocked it instead. A 10-centimeter tear appeared on its cloak where Lin Huang's swing impacted it. Sadly, that was all the damage it inflicted; his sharp sword did not manage to pierce through the cloak.

With a loud noise, the Blacksword Killer shot backward like a cannon and crashed through more than ten trees behind it. Meanwhile, Lin Huang leaped to the branch that was not far behind him with the help of the inertia.

"Now, we're playing fair!" Lin Huang grinned.

From the video clips, he knew since the beginning of the fight that the swing of his sword could not harm the monster physically because the Blacksword Killer's cloak had powerful defense ability. Compared to other monsters with stalwart attacking power but were either weak in defensive ability or slow in speed, the Blacksword Killer excelled in all the areas.

Although it was only a white flame-level, its attacking ability was the standard of a gold flame-level because it was a triple mutated god's blood monster whereby its defense ability and speed surpassed purple flame-level and was, perhaps, not far away from gold flame-level. That was why Lin Huang's attack in which he gave his all had only left a minor tear in the monster's cloak. He also knew that as long as it had sufficient Life Power, it could restore the tear within seconds.

Therefore, the only way to kill the Blacksword Killer was to drain all its Life Power. The reason why he executed plan A was because it required the least Life Power from him. Meanwhile, the Life Power that he required for this Plan B was a few times more than plan A. If Lin Huang did not have the three Life Power Refill Cards that he had prepared earlier, it was impossible for him to drain the monster's Life Power. Although he had ten Life Wheels in his body, with the execution of plan B in which he had to fight face on, he would definitely drain his Life Power before the monster did. By then, he would be dead.

The Blacksword Killer was shot and flew through more than a dozen trees behind after Lin Huang's attack, landing hard on the ground. A hole that was ten meters wide was created on the ground, the dust covering its body. Lin Huang knew very well that the crash did nothing to the monster. As the dust blurred his vision, he did not chase after the monster. Instead, he stared intensely where the Blacksword Killer had disappeared.

He was not afraid that the Blacksword Killer would escape from the dust since his display so far was not sufficient to threaten it. After seconds of silence, a green glow shot from the dust cloud and disappeared. The dust was blown away by a strong wind, revealing a devoid hole...


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