Monster Paradise
463 Lin Huang’s Miscalculation
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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463 Lin Huang’s Miscalculation

Although he had seen the monster from images and video clips, Lin Huang had goosebumps when their eyes met. From the back, the Blacksword Killer looked exactly the same as a human. It was like a middle-aged sword knight with a head. However, as it turned it head 180 degrees to the back, it did not have a human face under its hat. Its face seemed like it had human skin but rougher. It had one green eye and a mouth that looked like it was stitched up. Under the hat, its green eye stared deadly at Lin Huang. His skin crawled.

As soon as it noticed him, the monster stood up with its head still facing Lin Huang. It stared at him with its eye like it was afraid that Lin Huang might escape. As it stared at Lin Huang, its body turned 180 degrees around so that it was now fully facing Lin Huang. He finally got to see how it really looked like. Besides its face that did not look like a human's, the rest of its body looked no different than a man's. It was almost two meters tall and its body was covered in a charcoal grey cloak.

Suddenly, Lin Huang felt an intense murderous vibe locked onto him together with a strong sense of danger. He picked up his sword and got ready to attack without thinking twice when suddenly, the Blacksword Killer disappeared from where it was and appeared in front of Lin Huang. Its hand came out of nowhere with a long, arrow-like, black sword which collided with Lin Huang's sword in an instant.


As the swords collided, waves were created at the meeting point of both swords like ripples on water. A shadow shot backward as a loud thud was heard. The echoing sound was like a thunderbolt as the silhouette flew backward as if launched by a cannon. The shape of a human body was formed on the tree trunk as the shadow landed on the tree after the impact took him through many trees.

"Damn it… It hurts…" The person got himself out of the tree trunk. The young man leaped from the tree hole and stretched his body. It was Lin Huang who had flown backward. Based on the attack alone, he could tell that the monster was near gold flame-level.

"I would be injured if I hadn't worn this 5-star defense relic on me." Lin Huang knew how powerful the monster was and how difficult this battle would be.

He peered at the position of his enemy through the gaps between the trees. The Blacksword Killer was standing where he had been earlier. Its green eye under the hat was staring creepily at him. Lin Huang smirked and pointed his sword at it. It was clear that he was challenging it.

"Come at me. I'd like to see the results of my training for the past couple of months."

Half a year ago, Lin Huang had been challenged by the Supreme Overlord and had to use everything that he had, including summoning many monsters to fight it as he could not challenge it on his own. Now that half a year had passed, he could fight a triple mutated white flame-level god's blood monster. Such improvement was unbelievable.

The Blacksword Killer was surprised that it had not killed Lin Huang as it sensed his combat level to be weak. Nobody of the same combat level could withstand the attack. Not only was Lin Huang still alive, but it also seemed like he was not hurt at all. The Blacksword Killer was puzzled. However, Lin Huang's challenging gesture managed to turn its curiosity into anger. From its memory, there was no creature which dared to challenge it like that.

The Blacksword Killer leaped from the branch as it thought to itself, "Since you challenged me, then you shall pay the price." The branch that was as thick as an adult thigh shook vigorously and the monster disappeared.

"That was quick!" Lin Huang's pupils shrunk slightly as he moved from where he was after activating his Seraphic Speed and Cloud Steps.

As soon as the Blacksword Killer appeared, Lin Huang wielded his sword that was covered in golden Life Power from tens of meters away. With the coverage of his Micro Territory, he did not even have to reach his target, which was the plan that he came up with after watching the video clips of the Blacksword Killer's battles. Its technique was always the same and was rather straightforward whereby its forte was its speed and strength. The technique almost always worked. Lin Huang knew that he was far behind from it when it came to strength and speed. Before he leveled up to complete gold-level, he could only kill blue flame-levels. Now that he was complete gold-level, he should only be able to kill purple flame-levels. Facing the Blacksword Killer which ability was comparable with a gold flame-level, it would be dumb for him to fight it from close-distance as it would drain his Life Power too.

Moreover, as he wanted to get the tinder, he could not summon monsters to help him. Therefore, the only plan that he came up with was all the ways to drain the monster's Life Power. As soon as its Life Power was almost finished, he would release all the Life Power that he had to destroy it when the monster attempted to escape. Although the plan was not glorious, it was an effective one. It would be suicide to go straight for an enemy that was more powerful than himself.

The Blacksword Killer landed where Lin Huang was, but it missed him as it did not expect Lin Huang to run away after challenging it. The monster slashed horizontally with its black sword like a hemispherical arc that went towards Lin Huang. All of the trees that the sword passed through were smashed, and the ground was left with a 10-meter wide and hundreds of meters long barren path. Before waiting for the dust to disappear, a golden glow sparked next to the Blacksword Killer and towards its neck.


The black sword swung horizontally out of nowhere as a scoff was heard. The tip of the sword collided with the sword with the golden glow. The glow disappeared immediately. The Blacksword Killer turned around and stared at where Lin Huang was hiding through the trees with its green eye. It smirked with its sewn lips like it was mocking him.

It then picked up its sword and swung it across again. Suddenly, Lin Huang felt a strong sense of danger. He backed off immediately. Almost at the same time, the charcoal grey sword glow flashed where he was hiding, slicing towards his waist.

"He has the Territory ability too?!" Lin Huang was shocked.


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