Monster Paradise
462 Elam Island
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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462 Elam Island

Lin Huang left the Martial Hunter College early morning on Saturday. He had a week before Friday to kill the Blacksword Killer. There would be sufficient time if everything went as planned. He had pinned the location from the information he gotten from Mr. Fu earlier. The last the triple mutated monster had been found was more than half a year ago on Elam Island.

The island where the Dragon Gate archipelago was considered to be a moderate danger zone. It was said that the archipelago was where the small-sized dragon blood monsters gathered when Division 7 was first built. The archipelago was located 4,500 kilometers to the east of the A-grade foothold Blue Island City. The city had, of course, been pinned by Mr. Fu before.

As Lin Huang crossed the dimensional relic, he arrived on the balcony of a hotel. He was looking at an endless blue sea.

"Such a beautiful sea view room. He sure knows how to enjoy life," Lin Huang sighed and shook his head while he projected his coordinates with his Emperor's Heart Ring.

After confirming his route to Elam Island, he leaped from the balcony and Thunder caught him with its sparkling body. It then flew to Elam Island at the speed of light.

After Thunder had gone through a double mutation and was unlocked, its speed had reached a terrifying rate. As Lin Huang leveled up to complete gold-level and Thunder was now a crimson flame-level, its speed had experienced a significant upgrade. An hour later, they arrived on top of the Dragon Gate archipelago. From the top, the archipelago looked like a green dragon head with a blue background. As the islands came together, they formed a dragon head on the blue sea. It made sense why the dragon blood had chosen to stay here.

Meanwhile, Elam Island was located on the dragon eye, which was the lake 300 kilometers away. The archipelago was full of green like it was still in the prehistoric period. Nobody knew how many monsters were hiding in this moderate danger zone. Fortunately, the Blacksword Killer was hiding in the small Elam Island. Even if it did not hide in the location where it had been found half a year ago, it would not be too tough to find as the island was small.

"Head to the lake where the dragon eye is." Lin Huang patted Thunder's back.

Thunder started gliding down and soon, they arrived at the lake. Lin Huang recalled Thunder and set his new coordinates. He then realized that the Blacksword Killer was less than 20 kilometers from him. He hid his aura and headed towards the location. As the jungle was dense with trees, sunlight shone through the gaps between leaves, so it was not completely pitch-dark in there. However, it did not affect Lin Huang much as he activated his ocular skill and Micro Territory, so nothing around him could escape.

As he headed forward carefully, he was thinking of his future. Since Mr. Fu said that his major was in swordsmanship while the other abilities were just affiliates, it was crucial that he prioritized Sword Dao. Just like how a student in biology who majored in biological engineering should prioritize genetic engineering and hereditary engineering. Should the student learn about biochemistry, biophysics, and cell biology as well? Of course, he should but those subjects should only come after biological engineering. Meanwhile, the bits of astronomy, theoretical physics, and inorganic chemistry that he decided to learn would be considered extra knowledge which did not contribute to biological engineering.

Sword Dao was what Lin Huang majored in. When it came to upgrading, Sword Dao should always come first. He had been looking at all knowledge and training new sword skills while his battle skills were upgraded slowly these few months. However, his progress was slow as he arrived at the level-3 in Sword Dao. Even though he had increased the sword skills that he was trained in from less than 10 types to more than 50 now, the progress was insignificant. He estimated that at this rate, he would at least train up to 1,000 rare-level sword skills integration to be able to get to level-4.

As he thought he would not have any breakthrough in his ability before he could arrive at level-4 in such a short period of time, he was considering to upgrade his ability through other ways. However, after knowing from Mr. Fu that he might be able to inherit powerful Sword Dao from killing the Blacksword Killer, Lin Huang knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to upgrade his Sword Dao.

Although he had a copy of the demigod Qi Muxiong's inheritance in his body, there was nothing that he could learn from the demigod's cultivation experience. The Goldfinger that the demigod had was a cloud source whereby as long as he kept absorbing the source, he could be more and more powerful. The only things that Lin Huang could learn were his combat experiences and skills. However, there was only a small part of memories that were opened to Lin Huang as he was below Transcendent-level, so there was nothing much to learn.

However, the inheritance would be a great help for him in the future. Lin Huang was not in a rush to learn right now as he could always learn those when he leveled up to holy fire-level. He was eager to get the complete Sword Dao inheritance as he wanted to run a comparison with everything that he had learned to further improve his Sword Dao. Although it was quite impossible to get to level-4 Sword Dao right away, it could at least save him more than half a year of training.

As he was engrossed in his deep thought, a creature appeared in his sensing circle. Lin Huang finally snapped out of his thoughts. There was a Candoia Devil disguised as a vine in the dark jungle approaching its prey and was ready to attack. Suddenly, there was the glow of a golden sword and a 30-odd meter giant boa was cut in half and it fell onto the ground. Its blood splashed all over the place while its headless body slid slowly from the tree bark.

Lin Huang peeked and leaped from the branch and away from the tree. The Candoia Devil was a poisonous creature which had enough venom to kill a holy fire-level person. There were many of them in this jungle. Without Lin Huang's Micro Territory, he might need hours to traipse through this 20 kilometers of distance carefully. After he leaped from branch to branch, he arrived at his destination in ten minutes.

It was near a cliff off the edge of Elam Island, out of the coverage of the dense jungle. As he stood on the tree of the edge and looked at the coordinates, he saw a person sitting on the cliff. The person seemed to notice him watching and turned around slowly…


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