Monster Paradise
460 Choosing Tinder
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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460 Choosing Tinder

Considering the practicality of Life Fire, Lin Huang had shortlisted three targets since the beginning. The first one was the Gigantic Gold-Armored Dragon with dragon blood. Not only would he get the tinder, killing the Gold-Armored Gigantic Dragon would give him a terrifying monster's physique with an upgrade in strength and he could possibly even obtain dragon power.

The second one would be the double mutated undead monster, the Millennium Corpse. The tinder from killing this monster could earn Lin Huang a secret skill called "Fake Death" which allowed three chances of revival from death. However, the first revival would make the revived sleep for a year, the second for 10 years and third for 100 years. On the fourth death, the owner of the secret skill would not die but would sleep for 300 years. When he woke up, he would turn into a Millennium Corpse himself.

The third one would be a double mutated psychic, the Mirror Beast. This monster had a terrifying cloning ability which allowed it to create hundreds of clones that looked exactly like itself. Killing the monster would get him the tinder with the same cloning ability. The Life Fire monsters were shortlisted carefully by Lin Huang based on the practicality of their skills that he needed.

The first one was to strengthen his body as a whole while his abilities would increase as well. The second one was to survive death, but it would come with grave consequences. He considered the Life Fire as the Substitute talent that he had to be only a once-off use, which was not enough for him. The third one would be cloning which was a very useful ability. It could help him finish dangerous missions during critical times.

After the shortlisting, Lin Huang thought that the most suitable one would be the first and the third one as the consequences of the second one was too much. As he thought to himself, he decided to consult Mr. Fu. However, it was almost 11 p.m, so he did not call Mr. Fu. Instead, he sent a message. He informed him that he had leveled up to complete gold-level, then sent another one to ask about the Life Fire monster. He included the three Life Fire monsters that he had shortlisted in the message.

In less than a minute, Mr. Fu sent him a video call request. Lin Huang activated the soundproof shield in the library and picked up the call. Mr. Fu had stood up from a rocking chair in the video call with his usual smiley face.

"My dear apprentice, you have leveled up to complete gold-level already?"

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded.

"I've looked at the three Life Fire monsters that you sent me. I think besides the first one, the rest don't really suit you," Mr. Fu gave his opinion.

"When you arrive at holy fire-level, besides physique upgrade talent that can be turned into a secret skill, the remaining physique upgrade skills are basically useless. That's the reason why most people have the same physique when they've just leveled up to holy fire-level while killing the dragon blood will give you a boost in physique that'll make you much more powerful than people of the same level.

"The other two are pretty useless. Only dummies would go for the Millennium Corpse as one would turn into a monster when he becomes dead for more than three times and that's the end of his combat level up. For the cloning tinder, you could always learn a similar secret skill, so there's no need to obtain it from the monster."

"So, Master, you're suggesting me to pick the dragon blood?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"I'm saying the first one is passable among the three." Mr. Fu shook his head.

"But I think you could try killing a triple mutated monster instead of focusing on double mutated monsters. The more the monster has mutated, the more powerful the tinder is, and the higher your power will be. I think you can try killing triple mutated monsters with your ability. If you really can't, you can always pick the dragon blood later."

"Pick a triple mutated monster?!" Lin Huang raised his eyebrow. Mr. Fu's suggestion was tempting to him. He had thought of picking a triple mutated monster, but he had never heard that killing a triple mutated monster could make a Transcendent-level more powerful. Most importantly, he had no idea what kind of tinder he would get from killing a triple mutated monster. That was why he had put the thought aside.

"The more powerful the tinder obtained, the more powerful the person will get. The rank-3 tinder in the triple mutated monster is at least three times more powerful than a rank-2 double mutated monster. Some may even be seven to eight times more powerful," Mr. Fu explained further.

Lin Huang knew what Mr. Fu was saying. It was like Yi Yeyu who had killed a twice mutated Fire Phoenix whereby her ability was more powerful compared to a white flame-level who had killed a single mutated monster.

"But has anyone ever gotten tinder from a triple mutated monster?" Lin Huang asked.

"Very few of them but yes."

"In Division 7, there's a girl named Luo Li from the Demon Slayer Troop. She's one of them. Besides her, there were another four persons who've killed triple mutated monsters to level up to holy fire-level throughout hundreds of years. But there are many of them in the core zones - more than 150 of them in fact - who have killed triple mutated monsters to level up in Division3 alone. There are even more of them in Divisions 1 and 2."

"So, there is information about what tinder a triple mutated monster has?" Lin Huang asked.

"Of course, I've just seen the latest edition recently." Mr. Fu looked like what Lin Huang asked was common knowledge.

"Then, Master, which monster do you think I should kill to obtain the tinder?" Lin Huang knew Mr. Fu already had a plan.

"You're training Sword Dao, and you're on the level-3 of the sword realm. Even if you only obtain a rank-2 Life Fire to level up, you'll still be a grade-1 genius but far away from a supreme genius."

Lin Huang had heard about the grading of geniuses, but it was his first time hearing about a supreme genius, which should be a level higher than a grade-1 genius.

"If you want to break through your ability, I think it's best to focus on your Sword Dao. It's much more effective than strengthening your physique or learning other minor cloning techniques," Mr. Fu suggested.

"The triple mutated monster that I chose for you is a Blacksword Killer. You will inherit a Sword Dao after obtaining its tinder. It was rumored to be a god-level Sword Dao…"

What Mr. Fu said in the end completely got Lin Huang hooked.

"Has anyone inherited the god-level Sword Dao before?" Lin Huang asked with his eyes wide opened.

"It's just a rumor. Nobody has gotten it before. But there's a person in Division 1 who has gotten a demigod-level Sword Dao before," Mr. Fu told the truth.

"Alright, I shall choose this! Master, please send me a copy of this monster's information," Lin Huang decided without thinking twice. Even if it was just a demigod-level Sword Dao, it was much better than what the other tinder could bring him.


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