Monster Paradise
458 Unqualified, Next!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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458 Unqualified, Next!

It was already Monday when Lin Xin heard the news that Lin Huang was the least favorite teacher in Year 1. She called him during her recess time. Lin Huang was just sitting down in the library after he finished lunch when his Emperor's Heart Ring vibrated. He activated the soundproof shield and answered Lin Xin's video call.

"What's wrong? Anything happened?" Although Lin Xin no longer stayed with him, they would meet during the weekend for a meal. Now that she was calling, it was clear that something had happened.

"Brother, how was the class that you gave Class 2 a few days back?" Lin Xin hesitated before asking.

"It was successful. Didn't you already asked that yesterday?" Lin Huang thought it was an odd question.

"I knew it. What people are talking about is just a rumor," Lin Xin mumbled to herself.

"What rumor?"

"Someone said that you're disqualifying Class 2 students' right to join the battle drill. I have no idea who has so much time on their hand to come up with such a rumor." Lin Xin thought it was unfair to Lin Huang.

"Oh, that. It's not a rumor. It really happened," Lin Huang admitted.

"It's true?!" Lin Xin was shocked and speechless. "Brother, what exactly are you thinking?"

"I'm just setting a phase mission for the students whereby they'll be rewarded if they accomplish it or get punished if they don't. That's a common teaching method. I don't think there's anything wrong with it." Lin Huang did not want to explain more.

"But do you know that you're now the least favorite teacher in the entire Year 1?" Lin Xin hesitated for a while before deciding to tell Lin Huang the truth.

"I know. They've mentioned it in the teacher's group chat during these few days." Although Lin Huang had muted the group chat, he still ran through the group chat before he slept every night. He saw that some teachers were talking about the topic, but he did not bother.

"Don't worry about it. Just focus on strengthening your abilities and prepare for the battle drill next month," Lin Huang advised.

Lin Huang carried on with his life as usual for the next few days without letting what the students said affect him. Soon, it was Friday afternoon. This time, Lin Huang did not teach in class. Instead, he brought the students straight to the battle training ground. Qin Tianxing was worried that Lin Huang would do something ridiculous again, so he sat in the class.

"I gave all of you a mission last week. Since it's been a week, I'm going to test the results of your practice today," Lin Huang announced, looking at everyone present. Some of them looked like they were ready to challenge him, but he decided to ignore them.

"Let's start the drill by following your student ID number from No. 1 to No. 50. No. 1, Yu Yang!"

A young man of Lin Huang's height stood out. Lin Huang stood aside and nodded to him. "Show me what you've got!"

Yu Yang took out a battle sword from his storage space and swung his sword. His handling of the sword was smooth. Lin Huang was expressionless while Qin Tianxing, who was standing behind the students, frowned.

Yu Yang was satisfied with his performance. He put away his sword and turned around to look at Lin Huang.

"Unqualified, next!" Lin Huang put a cross on the guarded name list without even looking at him.

Many students were shocked to see that, and they were puzzled.

"Sir Lin, may I know what did I do wrong?" Yu Yang, who was proud of himself, could not accept the result. The student ID of the Martial Hunter College of each class followed the exam score of each student. He had the highest score in Class 2 whereby he was only 1% away from entering Class 1. He thought he was the top in Class 2, but he did not expect Lin Huang to fail him.

"Since you want to know, I shall break this down for you." Lin Huang held his head up and looked at Yu Yang.

"If I'm not mistaken, you have only spent less than five hours, at the most, to train this sword skill for the past week, excluding the two hours that I taught in class last week. To be exact, you didn't put in any effort in your practice. You think you can hide not learning the movement from me and adding your own techniques make it look smoother.

"The sword skill that I taught is called the Sanguinary Kill Form. What is the one that you're practicing? The Dancing Queen?!" Lin Huang berated.

Some of them covered their mouths and laughed when they heard Dancing Queen. Yu Yang was upset.

"Sanguinary Kill Form is a killing sword skill. The one you're practicing is just the surface of it. You clearly didn't understand the skill at all as I didn't sense any killing aura at all. As long as a person focuses on training, even if he was not from a top college, I'm sure he would perform better than you if he were given a week to practice."

Yu Yang was speechless as what Lin Huang was on point. He had not put any effort into training the sword skill. He thought he could just wing it by just improvising some connecting techniques of his own to make the swinging of sword smooth, but Lin Huang managed to see through him.

"Next! No. 2, Gong Ning!"

As the No. 2 student performed her sword skill, she stood anxiously.

"Unqualified, next!"

Without saying anything, student No. 2 backed away to where she had been standing.

Soon, student No. 3 went on with the sword swinging.

"Unqualified, next!"

"Unqualified, next!"

"Unqualified, next!"

An hour later, Lin Huang frowned as all the students finished performing. Even Qin Tianxing was upset. Besides a few of them who had put in the effort, most of them did not take Lin Huang's instructions seriously.

"I'm very dissatisfied with all of your performance today. Among 50 of you, only three of you put in the effort. I want to ask the rest of you, what did you spend your time on for the past week? Did you not have three hours to practice the sword skill?!" Lin Huang held his wrists behind his back and scolded.

"It's just a mission of training sword, and you guys didn't manage to do it. I want to ask, would you that your mission the same when you enter the Hunter Association or the Union Government three years later?! If you're in a real battle, such attitude won't only kill you, but you'll also kill your teammates and even the entire team.

"Also, don't treat what I said about disqualifying you guys in the battle drill to be a joke. If you don't reach my expectations by the fourth week, I'll definitely disqualify all of you from joining the battle drill on the fifth week!

"Not only that, I'll give you a new mission next month. Those who didn't manage to accomplish the first mission can only take up the new mission after he or she accomplishes the first mission. The new mission will be restricted to three weeks. Those who don't accomplish it will be disqualified from joining the second battle drill! Same goes for the third month and fourth months.

"If any of you spends too long on finishing the first mission and causes the next mission to fail, then you'll be disqualified in all battle drills, which means you'll get zero in your battle drill result for the entire semester!"

All of the students looked upset. They would be expelled from the Martial Hunter College if they got zero marks for battle drills for the entire semester!


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