Monster Paradise
457 The Least Favorite Year 1 Teacher
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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457 The Least Favorite Year 1 Teacher

"What kind of shitty teacher is he!? What right does he have to disqualify us from joining the battle?!" Zhou Ling demanded angrily as she walked out of the battle training ground. She was the petite girl who had raised her hand to remind Lin Huang about the battle on the fifth week.

"He does have the right. He's our Sword Dao teacher. According to the Martial Hunter College Teacher Condition No. 12, if the teacher decides that the student isn't qualified, he can take away the student's battle qualifications and assign the student zero marks in battle," a short-haired girl next to her said expressionlessly.

"Xiao Hui, whose side are you really on?!" Zhou Ling was exasperated. The short-haired girl was her dorm mate, so she did not expect the girl to stand on Lin Huang's side.

"I'm just telling the truth." Shangguan Hui remained expressionless.

"I think what Sir Lin said is right. Now that we have our teacher with us during the battle, most of us will treat it as a game without taking it seriously. If there's nobody protecting us after we graduate, we would have to depend on ourselves. We will definitely die if we don't have sufficient ability. Instead of regretting it in the future, it's better to treat the battle as a real one. At least, we have the opportunity to make mistakes now. During the real battle, we won't stand a chance."

"But…" Although Zhou Ling agreed with what Shangguan Hui said and did not have anything to retort, she was furious.

"Everyone is unhappy not because Sir Lin is wrong, but because he has yet to trust to us. Basically, he's just too young. If it was Sir Qin who had said that, I bet not many people would be mad at him," Shangguan Hui explained further.

Zhou Ling thought about it. If it had really been Sir Qin who had said that, she might complain, but she might not question the teacher's intentions.

"So what? He's not much older than us. Who gave him the right to show off to us?!" Zhou Ling remained stubborn.

"Well, he really does have the right to show off. Don't forget that he got his Hunter license when he was only 15. Not only that, I heard just now that Sir Lin is already on gold-level rank-3 and he might be the youngest one who will reach Transcendent-level in the entire Division 7 this year. Not only that, although he's only gold-level rank-3 now, he has the ability to kill Transcendent-level monsters already." Shangguan Hui heard what Qin Tianxing said in the battle training ground earlier.

"What, a 16-year-old Transcendent-level?" Zhou Ling could not believe that.

"I don't think it's a lie since it came from Sir Qin. A person usually needs three to four months to level up from gold-level rank-3 to complete gold-level. As soon as one becomes complete gold-level, he can kill tinder and level up to Transcendent-level. It's early September now. Even if Sir Lin has just arrived at gold-level rank-3, he should be able to break through complete gold-level by December. By then, he might only need to spend a few days to kill a Transcendent monster to break through." Shangguan Hui believed what Qin Tianxing said without a doubt.

Zhou Ling stayed silent.

"Also, I noticed that Sir Qin's eyes lit up when Sir Lin was teaching us the sword skill. He looked like a starving pig monster that just saw food out of nowhere. I don't think the sword skill is as simple as we think." Shangguan Hui noticed Qin Tianxing's odd behavior.

"We don't know about that. Maybe Sir Qin likes men," Zhou Lin lamented.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang and Qin Tianxing were watching the students leave the battle training ground. When the last student left, Qin Tianxing started speaking.

"What are you trying to do? Finally, you manage to build your rapport with the students, and now you did this? You can't blame them for not liking you."

"I'm a teacher, I don't need them to like me." Lin Huang smiled and shook his head. "They might not understand what I'm doing now but one day they will."

"So, you're serious about this?" Qin Tianxing's eyes flew wide. He thought Lin Huang was only scaring the students to pressure them.

"Of course! They should treat the battle drill as a real one instead of a game. I won't let those who are unqualified to join the battle." Lin Huang nodded.

"They'll hate you if you really disqualify them and give them zero marks," Qin Tianxing said in all seriousness. He had been teaching for many years, so he understood what the students had in mind.

"But they'll treat their missions seriously in the future as they won't want to get zero for the second time." Lin Huang was determined.

"Their second time…" Even Qin Tianxing was speechless now.

"I'll sit in again next week. Please don't have such high standards. They're just kids after all."

"I'm just a kid too. Also a stubborn one." Lin Huang laughed at what Qin Tianxing said.

"Erm…" Qin Tianxing did not know how to respond.

"Don't worry, I believe in these kids' abilities. The sword skill that I'm teaching isn't complicated. Although they might not reach my expectations in one or two weeks, they might be able to do it by the fourth week."

Since Lin Huang had decided, Qin Tianxing did not want to stop him. As the Sword Dao department director, he should not interfere in Lin Huang's teaching method. Every teacher had their own teaching style. Moreover, Lin Huang was not wrong in his teaching methods. He was just a little too strict. Since his first class, Lin Huang's name spread within the new students who took Sword Dao, and he soon became the least favorite Year 1 teacher.

Many of the students from the other classes knew that the teacher who was teaching Class 2 was a newbie who was only 16 years old. They heard about his ridiculous standard and his threat to disqualify the class from participating in the battle drill. Many of the students from the other classes were thrilled as they would have less powerful opponents if Class 2 did not join the battle drill that was scheduled to happen a month later.

However, another news spread a few days later whereby Sir Lin, who was teaching Class 2, was already on gold-level rank-3 at the age of 16. He would also possibly become Transcendent-level by this year. Many of them thought that it was fake news as the real genius would spend most of their time in training instead of wasting their time on teaching in a college.

Lin Huang had heard about himself being the least favorite teacher in Year 1, but he did not care at all. He stuck to his routine of staying in the library from morning until night. As his reputation was already so terrible, sometimes the Year 1 students who bumped into him in the library would avoid him as they were afraid to offend him.


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