Monster Paradise
456 Another Conflic
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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456 Another Conflic

The students got into a circle in the battle training ground while Lin Huang stood in the middle and spoke clearly, "The first sword skill that I'm going to teach you today is an attacking sword skill called Sanguinary Kill Form. This sword skill comes from the Union Government's military's battle sword skill called Sanguinary Battle Sweep. The original Sanguinary Battle Sweep belongs to a battlefield sword skill of 13 forms suitable to kill enemies on the battlefield. I've tweaked it into eight forms instead with more powerful tactics that are more suitable for singular killing."

"The original Sanguinary Battle Sweep needs a certain strength and Life Power from the performer. If the person's strength isn't up to standard, he'll hurt himself instead. The longer he trains, the more injuries he would have underlying in his body. If Life Power isn't involved, the effect won't be anything powerful. The Sanguinary Kill Forms that's been tweaked is more of a practice of tactic without strength and Life Power. There won't be any side effects if one trains it for a long period. As long as the skill is there, without using Life Power, it could cause sufficient harms to monsters."

After some explanation of the sword skill, Lin Huang took out a wooden sword.

"Let me demonstrate once for you. Please stand back. The best would be 50 meters away."

Although the students thought that 50 meters were too much, they followed anyway.

Meanwhile, Qin Tianxing raised his eyebrow as he would also ask his students to stand 50 meters away if he was to teach the class. However, Lin Huang was only using a wooden sword which could not hold too much Life Power, so he thought it was unnecessary that Lin Huang asked the students to stand so far back.

Of course, Lin Huang, who was holding the wooden sword, did not care what Qin Tianxing was thinking of him. As he activated his Life Power, the wooden sword in his hand was covered in golden Life Power and shining brightly within seconds. The students were stunned as they watched. They had just found out that Lin Huang was a gold-level. Before one arrived at Transcendent-level, besides those who had unique Life Skills which was rare, most people's Life Power color changed as they leveled up. The Life Power color would be black when one was on iron-level, greenish gray on bronze level, silver on silver-level, and gold on gold-level.

When the students heard that Lin Huang was 16, they thought he was only bronze-level, or at the most, silver-level. Looking at the golden Life Power covering the wooden sword, they finally realized that their teacher was a genius. Perhaps only a few arrived at gold-level at the tender age of 16 throughout 800 years in the entire Division7. However, some of the students were in disbelief. They thought he was trained in some special Life Skill which caused his Life Power's color to change.

They turned around to ask Qin Tianxing, "Sir Qin, did Sir Lin's Life Power turned to gold because he practiced some special Life Skill?"

Qin Tianxing shook his head.

"Sir Lin is already a gold-level rank-3. If everything goes as planned, he should be able to get to Transcendent this year, becoming the youngest Transcendent in the history of Division."

Although Qin Tianxing did not speak very loudly, the students around heard him clearly and looked in shock at Lin Huang. They were just students, but they knew how terrifying it was for a 16-year-old to be Transcendent-level.

"Could Sir Lin be the… the legendary genius?" A student asked.

"From what I know, he has the ability to perform cross-ranking kill by killing Transcendent monsters," Qin Tianxing confirmed.

Those who heard looked at Lin Huang with respect. Meanwhile, Lin Huang, who was in the middle of the training ground, swung his sword at a slower pace to show how the sword skill was performed. With the help of the sword realm, cracks of 30 meters long appeared on the field of grass. The students were stunned at the skill. They were brought into the realm as if they were watching a powerful sword trainer fighting a giant beast. Qin Tianxing was stunned when he saw Lin Huang brandishing his sword, and he was soon excited. He had arrived on level-2 of the Sword Dao, but he was just stepping in. Looking at Lin Huang's performance, he could tell that Lin Huang was near level-3.

Watching such a performance was beneficial to him. He was soon indulging in the performance. Lin Huang spent more than a minute showing the eight forms of sword skills before putting his sword away.

"I've demonstrated three times just now. Did all of you get the forms?" Lin Huang looked at everyone. Many of them were shocked, which showed that what he was doing was effective.

"It's okay if you didn't manage to memorize them as I have reordered a video from my training a few days ago. I'll create a group chat and I'll add all of you in, so you guys can download the video and learn from it."

Lin Huang then created a group chat and projected the barcode that the app had generated.

"Scan the barcode to join the group chat. I'll upload all the documents into the group chat and you guys can download them yourself."

The students scanned their Emperor's Heart Rings immediately and Qin Tianxing followed too. Lin Huang did not say anything when he saw that.

With 50 students in the class plus Lin Huang and Qin Tianxing, the group chat now had 52 persons. Seeing that everyone was in the group chat, Lin Huang uploaded his training of the sword skill that he had recorded a few days ago. The students quickly downloaded the video into their Emperor's Heart Rings. Qin Tianxing did the same too.

"There are still around two hours left in the class. I'll let all of you train the sword skill by following the video. Before that, I would like to brief you about the arrangement that I have for next week." Lin Huang muted the group chat and turned off the communication page on his Emperor's Heart Ring.

"Next week, I shall test this Sanguinary Kill Forms with all of you. If I'm satisfied with your progress next week, I'll bring you guys to the wild zone to do real battle practices on the third week. But if you don't reach my expectations, I'll test you guys on the third week again. Having said that, before I'm satisfied with your progress, I won't bring you guys to the wild zone to train, and I won't be teaching you any new sword skills!"

Lin Huang sounded determined. The students were excited when they heard the first half of his briefing as all of them were anticipating real battles but what he said in the last part became pressure to most of them. A petite girl raised her hand.

"Please speak!" Lin Huang nodded.

"But the school will do a battle drill on the fifth week for all students, and the results will be calculated into the final assessment. What if we don't reach your expectation on the fourth week? Do we have to give up on the battle drill on the fifth week?" The girl asked shyly.

"That's right. If you guys don't reach my expectation on the fourth week, I'll get the school to disqualify all of your from joining the battle drill on the fifth week! All of you will get zero for that!" Lin Huang did not look like he was joking.

What he had just said made the harmonious environment chaotic.

"That's not fair! What gives you the right to do that?" A short hair boy shouted at him.

"There's no fairness in this world. The so-called fairness is fighting for yourself with your own abilities." Lin Huang looked at the boy in all seriousness.

"Do you know why is the Hunter Association's assessment is so difficult every time? Even if it was just a Reserve Hunter assessment, some iron-level rank-3 can't pass. Not that the Hunter Association don't want more people to join them. The reason why they set the standard so high is to minimize the death rate. If they set the standard lower, there'll be more people dying. The high standard acts as a protection for the weaker ones to avoid them from digging their own graves."

"The reason why I have such high standard for you guys is the same. It'll be meaningless if I let you join the battle drill before you're capable. You'll be safe with the protection of your teacher during the battle drill but what happens three years later? When all of you join your own organizations respectively, without your teacher, have you ever thought of the consequences of not having sufficient abilities?!

"I know some of you would disagree with my idea before I even decided as it would affect your results and possibly leave a dark spot on your education record. But what I'm sure is that three years later, as you guys step into your organization respectively, you'll agree that what I'm doing is right."

"Moreover, it's not that I don't give you enough time. It's just the first week, so you guys still have three weeks to practice. If you manage to reach my standard before that, I'll give you a battle drill before time. By the fifth week, you guys will have the privilege over the students from other classes. If you want me to know if you're a real genius, show me what you've really got!"


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