Monster Paradise
455 Lin Huang’s First Class
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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455 Lin Huang’s First Class

Lin Huang was not mad at the students being skeptical of his teaching ability as he could put himself in the students' shoes. He would be skeptical of a teacher who was only a year older than he was. It was understandable for the students not to believe in him as he was not educated. However, he knew that he could gain the students' trust by teaching the class with his best.

"This is my first time teaching. To be honest, I'm anxious. Before I came here, my master told me that as long as I don't teach the wrong things, I can teach however I want to. I know my own abilities, but I accepted this role as I know this might be the only opportunity for me to enter Martial Hunter College to learn."

Seeing that many students looking puzzled, he smiled and explained, "Yes, my purpose here is the same with all of you. I'm here to learn. Teaching is a process of learning. I hope to learn and improve myself together with all of you here.

"I'm done talking about things that are unrelated to the class. Let's start the class officially."

After speaking what he had in mind, Lin Huang then started teaching.

"Sword Dao is one of the earliest battle techniques in the human world. It has always been the most used battle technique all this time. The history of Life Power has existed since more than 800 years ago, but Sword Dao existed even earlier than Life Power did. Not only during the old epoch, even during the ancient epoch, no matter how much the cultivation system has changed, Sword Dao has also always been one of the most popular battle techniques.

"The sword skill is basically categorized into three types which are offensive, defensive, and a combination of both. To break them down, there are different forms of strength, speed, assassination, and so on for offensive styles while there are barrier and counterattack forms of defensive styles. There are more complicated types if we are to break down the combinations.

"Although there are three types of categories, the sword skill was created to kill, so most of them are offensive skills. However, what I'm trying to say is that training sword isn't just about learning to kill…"

A tall and strong student raised up his hand as Lin Huang spoke.

"Yes, do you have any questions?"

"Sir Lin, since you said that sword skill was created to kill, then why can't we just learn to kill? Doesn't killing fulfill the purpose of sword skill? What's the purpose of learning non-killing skills?"

"That's a good question." Lin Huang nodded and continued to lead the class with that question.

"In reality, no matter which weapon you use, whether it's sword, saber, spear, or your fist, everyone tends to learn to kill as its the fastest way to increase one's ability. But I must remind all of you on our first class that the more killings that come from the killing skill, the stronger a person's brutality aura becomes. At some point, the accumulation of brutality aura will enter the person's brain and even into the person's soul. If it were just the brain, the person will go crazy while if the aura goes into one's soul, the person's life form will be distorted and eventually turned into a monster such as a sword or a saber slave."

What Lin Huang said shocked everyone in the class. Even Qin Tianxing was shocked to hear this theory for the first time. He had seen people who trained until they went crazy like what Lin Huang mentioned but he had never heard of anyone turning into a sword or a saber slave. A few students raised up their hands after Lin Huang finished talking about the theory.

"Please speak," Lin Huang pointed at a girl and said.

"Sir Lin, I've heard of people who have gone crazy from training. But do you have any proof of the brutality aura that enters soul making a person's life form to change?" All of the students who had raised their hands wanted to ask the same thing the girl just asked.

"It's one of the soul transformations which happens to people under an intense trigger. Demonification is one of them. There are some special cases where people may experience life form change from a viral infection."

"If any of you are interested in this topic, you can go to the library to read these two books. One is 'Life Evolution and Mutation' and the other is 'The Soul's Foundation'. You can find what I've just said in these two books and even some supporting cases. I shall not go further into this topic," Lin Huang said.

"Now, let me get back to Sword Dao." Lin Huang looked at the students. He knew this interesting piece of information would gauge the attention of these curious kids.

"As the killing skills grow the brutality aura, there's also spiritual cultivation for Sword Dao. Some of the sword skills might not look like they're for killing, but they're suitable for one to calm their spirit. Among all, the Buddhist Sword Withdrawal is the most popular one. Although there are only six words (in Chinese) in this skill, it's very effective. The Ruler Withdrawal evolved from that."

Everyone in the class was puzzled at what Lin Huang just said, including Qin Tianxing.

"What I initially thought was to teach all of you the spiritual cultivation in our first class. However, it takes time to see the effect, and it's not exactly helpfully in killing and real battles, so I gave up on that idea. Considering that killing is more vital, I shall teach you a killing skill today."

Many of them were excited.

"Follow me to the training ground," Lin Huang said and brought the bunch of students to training ground No.101. Qin Tianxing thought it was ridiculous as the teaching of Sword Dao usually took place at the outdoor training ground, but Lin Huang was leading them somewhere else. As they arrived at training ground No.101, Qin Tianxing finally understood what Lin Huang was trying to do. He walked faster and caught up with Lin Huang.

"This training ground isn't open to the public. Only the dean has the keys."

"So do I." Lin Huang took out the keys and shook them in front of Qin Tianxing, then opened the training ground's door.

The bunch of students dashed into the training ground immediately as soon as the door was opened.

"Where did you get the keys?" Qin Tianxing pulled Lin Huang aside and asked.

"Dean Liu gave them to me. Why?" Lin Huang thought his question was odd.

"This is the battle training ground for Transcendents where it's only opened once or twice every year for the college teachers and teachers from other schools to train," Qin Tianxing explained.

"It's okay since nobody's using this place anyway. If the dean prohibits this, he'll take the keys away from me when he's back." Lin Huang knew Liu Ming would not mind.

Lin Huang turned around to the students. All of them were looking around. It was their first time seeing such a massive battle training ground.

"Look at how happy there are. Isn't it great that this environment interests them to pay attention in class?" What Lin Huang said made Qin Tianxing speechless. He thought about it. Since Dean Liu had given Lin Huang the keys, that meant he trusted Lin Huang, so there was no point for him to stop Lin Huang. However, he started thinking about what kind of relationship Lin Huang had with Dean Liu.


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