Monster Paradise
454 As Expected, the Students Created a Scene
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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454 As Expected, the Students Created a Scene

A bunch of students looked in confusion at Lin Huang in the Year 1 Class 2 as he looked too young to be a teacher. His appearance seemed like he was only 16 or 17, and he was definitely no older than 18. Some of them had noticed him at the orientation and thought that Lin Huang was one of the teacher's relatives, or else he would not have appeared among the teachers.

As Lin Huang introduced himself, a hunk who was sitting at the back raised his hand.

"Do you have a question for me?" Lin Huang nodded to him.

"Sir, if you don't mind, may we know how old you are?" The boy's question was what all of the students wanted to ask.

"I'm 16 this year." Lin Huang chose to tell the truth.

When he said that, the class became chaotic. Most of the students in the class were 15, and some of them were 14 while there were two of them who were the same age as him. Most of the 16-year-olds should be still studying instead of being a teacher. As most of the students were quite intelligent, they could tell from Lin Huang's age that he had never been to college.

"Sir, may I know which college did you go to?" A handsome boy sitting in front asked.

"I've never been to college."

What he said was like launching a ticking bomb. All of the 50 students were enraged.

"Then, what makes you think that you're qualified to teach us?!" The boy who asked the question stood up and glared at Lin Huang.

"There are 50 of us in this class. More than half of us are top students from B-grade footholds. Among billions of graduating students in the entire Division 7, we're easily the top 3,000! So, what makes you think that you, who has never been to college before, qualified to teach us?!"

Lin Huang was helpless. He knew the truth would create such a chaos among the students. After all, they were top students who were selected from Division 7, so their pride was expected. Just when he was trying to explain, Qin Tianxing who was sitting at the back stood up.


The class went completely silent as he bellowed. Many of the students turned around to look at him but they quickly looked away due to his intimidating power.

Qin Tianxing walked to the podium and sat next to Lin Huang while glaring furiously at the boy who had questioned Lin Huang.

"Sit down!"

The boy wanted to talk back but looking at Qin Tianxing's eyes, he obeyed and sat down. After the boy sat down, Qin Tianxing looked around the class and started speaking.

"My name is Qin Tianxing. I believe all of you who have looked through our college's information base would have heard of me. It's okay if you haven't. I'm the Martial Hunter College teacher who's teaching Year 1 Class 1 Dao of the sword. I'm also the department director, and I've been teaching here for five years. I believe I have the right to speak."

The students did not dare to say anything after finding out who Qin Tianxing was.

"Since you guys asked what makes Sir Lin qualified to teach, I shall answer that question.

"Firstly, all of the colleges in Division 7 have no restrictions on a teacher's academic experience. In fact, more than 30% of the teachers in the colleges in the entire Division 7 have never been to college. Many teachers come from the Hunter Association and the Adventurer's Paradise. Some of them were even chosen from the Union Government military. Many of them have completed their organization assessment without attending college, and they grew throughout the journey. Compared to those who graduated from college, they have more battle experiences.

"Although all of you are top students, if all of you enter the Reserve Hunter assessment now, I'm sure it would be great if one among 50 of you can pass the assessment. Don't talk about you guys. Even if the 100 students in Class 1 were to join, less than 50 of them can pass the assessment.

"If I'm not mistaken, Sir Lin next to me here passed the assessment when he was your age." Qin Tianxing looked at Lin Huang.

"I passed the assessment last year in June and got my hunter license in December," Lin Huang nodded and said calmly.

"Did you hear that? Sir Lin got his hunter license at the age of 15. May I know which of you had gotten your hunter license in December?" Qin Tianxing asked. Nobody said a thing. Although they would have three months to learn and prepare, none of the students had the confidence to pass the Reserve Hunter assessment, let alone get the hunter license.

"Whether Sir Lin graduated from college or not, at least his ability has surpassed far from you guys when he was your age. Doesn't that make him worth learning from?" Many fell into deep thought after Qin Tianxing said that.

"Although our college doesn't have many teachers who didn't graduate from college, there are 17% of them this year. The 17% were appointed by the dean and the Vice President as well as having gone through a strict assessment. Since the dean passed their assessment, that shows they're qualified to teach and are no less than other teachers. It's wrong for you guys to judge a book by its cover.

"Moreover, everyone knows that the strongest subject that we have is the Saber Dao department. Ye Tiankong is the one teaching Year 3 Class 1 Saber Dao, and he has never been to college as well. None of the students in the class made any noise about him. Since the Saber Dao students didn't discriminate a teacher who has never graduated from college, can't we from the Sword Dao class do the same?"

After Qian Tianxing spoke, he looked at the students again. Many of them had their hands lowered.

"No matter what, you can only judge whether Sir Lin is qualified to teach after he finishes his class. You guys don't even know what he's going to talk about. You're disrespectful for complaining after hearing his self-introduction. You're also disrespectful to the Martial Hunter College, especially troublemakers like you." Qian Tianxing looked at the boys who were sitting in the front row who had said that Lin Huang was not qualified to teach.

"Please apologize to Sir Lin."

Although the main boy was reluctant, he could not talk back to Qian Tianxing. As a student of the Sword Dao, he was reluctant to admit that he was worse than the Saber Dao students. After struggling in his mind, he stood up and bowed to Lin Huang.

"Sir Lin, I apologize for my reckless comment. I shouldn't discriminate against teachers who have never graduated from college. But if your standard doesn't reach my expectations, I'll apply to change to another class."

The boy was stubborn. Although he had apologized, he was obviously skeptical of Lin Huang's teaching abilities.

"I accept your apology, and I understand your opinion. If you don't like me after I finish my class, you, I won't stop you from changing class."

"Alright, I shall pass the podium to Sir Lin. I hope you guys will pay attention." Seeing that the issue was solved, Qin Tianxing nodded to Lin Huang and walked to the back of the classroom.


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