Monster Paradise
453 Hi, My Name is Lin Huang
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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453 Hi, My Name is Lin Huang

Lin Xin moved out of Lin Huang's dorm when the semester started on 1st September. For the next couple of days, Lin Huang basically spent all his time in the library besides sleeping. If the library did not close at midnight, he might have even slept in the library instead. He had been reading all kinds of information these days. Besides Sword Dao, he was also reading up about the history of Division 7's development, events of famous people, confidential information of organizations and all sorts of monsters. He did not miss out on anything that might be useful for his classes. He was like a piece of sponge, absorbing all the essence of information.

Time passed by fast. It was 5th September, which was a Friday. Lin Huang's Emperor's Heart Ring vibrated when it was 1.30 p.m. He left the library and headed to the teacher's office. All the teachers in the Martial Hunter College had their freedom as they only had to be in their assigned classes when it was time. There was hardly anyone in the office during normal days besides the teachers who rested before their classes started. The teachers hardly saw each other when the college had no activities. Whereas at the cultural studies office, since there were teachers of all subjects, the teachers saw each more than the ones in Lin Huang's department did.

When Lin Huang arrived at the office around 1.40 p.m, there was someone sitting in the office. It was not Qin Tianxing who promised to sit in. Instead, it was Mu Xiaolan.

"Ms. Mu, you have a class in the afternoon too?" Lin Huang greeted her with a smile. She had no idea who had classes on the same day as he did.

"Yes," Mu Xiaolan smiled as she replied. She had referred to the timetable of the department, so she was not surprised to see Lin Huang at all.

After greeting her, Lin Huang sat back in his seat. He was rather nervous. Although he had done product introduction and presentations to customers during his working days back on Earth, teaching was completely different from meeting clients. If he was lousy, the students might boo him off the podium. He was anxious when he thought about it, and he started looking at the time after sitting for a while. It had only been two minutes.

"Sir Lin, it must be your first time teaching." Mu Xiaolan noticed Lin Huang's anxiety.

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded.

"Don't be. Just give a simple introduction about yourself and start your class with what you've prepared. There are usually a couple of troublemakers in the class. Don't be afraid of them, just push them down your own way. If you encounter any problems during your class, just take note of the mistake and never repeat it. You'll improve from there. Your students will definitely see how sincere you are in teaching," Mu Xiaolan advised.

"I remembered my first class. I was even more nervous than you are. I lost count of how many times I went to the washroom before the class started. I was afraid that I might need to use the washroom during my three-hour lecture. There's something worse that happened during class. I stuttered… But after speaking for a couple of minutes with my stutter, I noticed that there were students who were paying attention, so I calmed myself down, and the class became smoother and smoother," Mu Xiaolan shared her own experience.

Lin Huang was slightly calm after listening to her story.

"What are you guys talking about?" A voice came from the entrance. The both of them looked to the entrance while Qin Tianxing walked slowly into the office.

"I was telling my embarrassing experience of teaching to Sir Lin." Mu Xiaolan laughed.

"Boss Qin, why are you here today?"

"It's Sir Lin's first class today, so I'm sitting in," Qin Tianxing explained.

"With you around, I'm sure the class will be smooth-sailing. It's time. I shall go to my class now. You guys can continue talking." Mu Xiaolan smiled at Lin Huang. She looked at the time and left.

Lin Huang checked the time as well. It was 1:55 p.m. when Mu Xiaolan left.

"Don't be nervous. It's just teaching. It's much easier than killing monsters." Qin Tianxing laughed. He had heard about Lin Huang these few days and found out that he was appointed by Liu Ming to teach. After asking the other teachers, he also found out that Lin Huang was a sword genius. He was interested to know more about Lin Huang now. He knew very well that with his crimson flame-level and level-2 sword realm, Liu Ming's decision to replace him was nothing spontaneous but more because Lin Huang was capable.

He had been secretly experimenting attempts to break a 1-star sword relic with a gold-level weapon sword himself these couple of days, but he failed. He now realized that he was not on par with Lin Huang on the Sword Dao. At first, he was just friendly to agree to sit in Lin Huang's class as he thought Lin Huang had managed to replace Zhang Xu because of his powerful background. However, now his purpose of sitting in had changed. He wanted to know how powerful Lin Huang really was.

"I think killing monsters is much easier." Lin Huang smiled awkwardly.

"Don't think too much. Just follow what you've prepared. I'll help you if you make any mistakes or leave something out." Qin Tianxing patted Lin Huang's shoulder.

"Thanks, Bro Xin." Lin Huang was relieved to hear that.

"It's almost time, let's go," Qin Tianxing said.

The Martial Hunter College building was less than 300 meters across the office building. The Year 1 students were on the first floor. Soon, Qin Tianxing brought Lin Huang to the Class 2 of Sword Dao class. Half of the classroom, which accommodated 100 people, was occupied when the both of them arrived. All of the students were present. Seeing them walk in, most of them looked at Qin Tianxing as they thought he was the teacher while Lin Huang was just a latecomer.

However, the students were puzzled when they saw Qin Tianxing take a seat in the last row of the classroom. Meanwhile, Lin Huang walked up to the podium. Just when he did, the bell rang. Most of the students looked confused at Lin Huang while many of them turned to Qin Tianxing who was sitting in the last row. Lin Huang took a deep breath and started speaking after clearing his throat when the bell ring ended.

"Hi, everyone. My name is Lin Huang. From today onwards, I'll be your teacher for Sword Dao…"


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