Monster Paradise
451 Qin Tianxing
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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451 Qin Tianxing

Not only did Lin Huang manage to break Zhang Xu's 1-star sword relic, but he had also cut open his 1-star armor relic. He knew very well that a white flame-level could not do that; even a crimson flame-level person might not be able to do that. His mind went blank after that encounter. He was piecing a bunch of information in his head. Suddenly, he realized that he did not see the big picture. Now, he finally knew why Liu Ming got Lin Huang to teach Class 1 despite being new. No wonder Lin Huang did not have any fears during the battle and had chosen to fight with him in three minutes before the orientation. No wonder his grandfather had seemed to be fearful of Lin Huang when they talked about him in the office.

Although he had a terrible temper, Zhang Xu was not dumb after all. Looking at the casualty on his defense relic, he knew that Lin Huang could kill him in one hit since he was a genius. Recalling what happened just seconds ago, his neck turned stiff.

"What is this? Why is everyone crowding the entrance?"

A voice came from the office entrance, and the teachers opened a path for the person to enter. It was a man in a ponytail with a beard. He was much better-looking than Zhang Xu was. He wore a warrior attire in white on top and black at the bottom. He was shocked to see the broken sword in Zhang Xu's hand and the sword relic in Lin Huang's hand as he walked into the office.

Lin Huang put his sword calmly into his storage space as he checked out the man. He could sense that the man was holy fire-level, or even possibly, crimson flame-level or blue flame-level. His aura was much more powerful than Yi Yeyu's but slightly weaker than Yi Zheng's.

"Zhang Xu, who's this young man?" The man asked after checking out Lin Huang.

Zhang Xu put away his broken sword and the armor that he was wearing, then turned around with a forceful smile.

"Bro Qin, this is Sir Lin. He's the new teacher in our sword realm department."

"You're the new teacher, Lin Huang?" The man in ponytail raised his eyebrow. He had received the notification from the registrar's office this morning about this new teacher who would be teaching Class 2. He finally understood what happened to the broken sword in Zhang Xu's hand.

"Hi, my name is Qin Tianxing. I'm teaching sword realm in Class 1. Welcome on board."

"Hi." Lin Huang shook Qin Tianxing's hand.

"Sir Lin, Bro Qin is our Year 1 sword realm department director," Zhang Xu introduced to Lin Huang.

"Let's exchange numbers. You can talk to me if you have any questions in the college." Qin Tianxing was rather friendly.

"Let's exchange numbers," Zhang Xu said immediately, having given up on the thought of fighting Lin Huang.

"Sure." Lin Huang did not reject them and added the both of them to his phone book.

After adding each other, Qin Tianxing then added Lin Huang into two different group chats.

"One of the group chats is our sword realm department chat. All teachers in the department from Year 1 to Year 3 are in there. Another one will be the group chat for Martial Hunter College whereby all the teachers are in them, including some who have left the college. You can always mute the group chats and look at the messages whenever you have the time. You can ignore the friend requests in the group chats if you want to."

Lin Huang muted the two group chats without thinking twice. He would be distracted if he did not do so as he needed to spend his time studying and training every day.

"I guess everybody knows you now. It's late. Let's go to the orientation now. I'll introduce you to some of our colleagues and discuss the sword realm." Qin Tianxing saw that it was 8:30 p.m, so he got everyone to head to the orientation.

The orientation as held at the Martial Hunter College field. As Lin Huang and the rest arrived, all 3,000 new students were already present. The registrar had categorized the students into 15 cultural studies classes of 200 students each on the field. The teachers of each department arrived accordingly with the sword realm department considered to be the earliest. With Qin Tianxing's lead, they sat on the seats that were arranged by the registrar's office.

As they were seated, Lin Huang looked at the students and noticed Lin Xin immediately. Because Lin Xin was short, she was sitting in the first row in Class 1. There were only more than 100 teachers in the crowd, so Lin Xin noticed him soon and made a funny face at him. Lin Huang smiled and nodded at her.

The students noticed Lin Huang too.

"Is that person a teacher? Why is he sitting with the teachers? He looks like he's the same age as us." Some of the students were puzzled when they saw him.

"Who are you talking about?" A person beside asked.

"There's a guy in the sword realm department who looks one or two years older than us."

"Eh, that's true. He looks 16 or 17 the most. He can't be 18 already!" A bunch of students soon noticed Lin Huang.

"He's so handsome!" A girl commented.

"I think he's a teacher. It's just that he looks young. He must be an uncle in his 20's. Don't be deceived by his looks!" A hunk, who looked like he was almost 30 but was 15, could not stand people who looked younger than they really were.

"You're an uncle!" A girl said.

"Maybe he's a teacher's family member who's here to visit the school," a person speculated.

As Lin Huang sat far away from the students as well as the noise, he had no idea that he had become the topic of discussion among the students. Qin Tianxing was introducing Lin Huang to other teachers of the same department.

"This is Mu Xiaolan. She's one of two ladies in our department. She used to teach Class 3, but now she's teaching Class 4." Qin Tianxing was talking about the hot, short-haired female teacher who had reminded Lin Huang in the office.

"Xiaolan has already mastered the sword realm. She's our sword realm genius here."

"Bro Qin, stop teasing me, I dare not call myself a genius in front of Sir Lin." Mu Xiaolan waved her hands. She would admit that she was a genius before others, but now that she knew how powerful Lin Huang was, calling herself a genius would be a joke.

"This is another ladies in the department, Yu Fei. She's teaching Class 11." Qin Tianxing pointed at the lady in the blue dress.

This lady was much quieter compared to Mu Xiaolan. All she did was nod at Lin Huang as she smiled when Qin Tianxing introduced her. She was beautiful with a great vibe, but she seemed shy. She did not look like a sword realm teacher, more like a teacher teaching cultural studies.

"I bet you know Zhang Xu already. He has rich battle abilities. Many students love his classes as his programme is practical."

"That's too flattering!" Zhang Xu waved his hands. Since the fight earlier, he knew that Lin Huang was much more powerful than he was in real battles. He was embarrassed to hear Qin Tianxing's compliment.

"This is Zhao Gan who's teaching Class 5…"


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