Monster Paradise
448 He’s the Dean’s Man
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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448 He’s the Dean’s Man

In the registrar's office, a middle-aged man was complaining to the director, "I've been teaching sword realm to Year 1 Class 2 for seven years. How could you get someone new to teach the class this year and get me to teach Class 3 instead? You guys didn't even inform me ahead and only told me today when the semester starts. What does that mean?! I'll speak to the dean if you don't give me a reasonable explain now!"

The middle-aged man who was complaining was Zhang Xu, the sword realm teacher who had been teaching at the college for many years. The dean that he was talking about was Zhang Xuefeng, one of the three deans of the college and he was also his grandfather. The director, Li Feng was upset. He was also only informed that there was a new teacher in the college this morning. It was Dean Wang who had made the arrangements while Li Feng was the one passing the message. He knew this would happen when he received the notification this morning. As expected, Zhang Xu came to him in less than half an hour after the notification was sent.

He did not want to offend Zhang Xu as he was the Vice President's grandson.

"Lao Zhang, I've only just been informed this morning. My job is to inform you. The new teacher was arranged by Dean Wang. I don't even know how does the new teacher looks like," Li Feng blamed it on the dean.

"Director, they've sent the new teacher's biography," a female office admin said to Li Feng.

Many people crowded the office.

"He's so handsome!"

"He's so young!"

"He doesn't even look like he's 20!"

Many in the office exclaimed when they saw Lin Huang's photo.

"Show me his details." Li Feng walked behind the female admin while Zhang Xu followed.

The female admin then pulled up Lin Huang's details.

"Name: Lin Huang, he's only 16 this year!" The female admin shouted.

"Scroll down." Li Feng was gloomy as he read Lin Huang's basic details while Zhang Xu looked furious.

As the female admin scrolled down, they found out that there was nothing else. Lin Huang had zero teaching experience, no graduating school, and no academical records.

"Dean Wang is too much! How dare he get someone who uses a short-cut? I've nothing to say if he found a person who is more powerful than me to replace me. But this kid called Lin Huang didn't even graduate from college. Is this a joke that he's teaching our students?!" Zhang Xu exclaimed, glaring at the director.

"Moreover, even if he's the college Vice President, it's wrong for him to step into the management, isn't it? He doesn't care about what we do here!"

"Send his details to my Emperor's Heart Ring. I'll go talk to Dean Wang!" Li Feng instructed the female admin. The female admin could tell that the director was furious from his tone, so she sent him Lin Huang's details immediately. As soon as he received the document, Li Feng walked out of the office instantly while Zhang Xu followed.

"Lao Li, I'm following you!"

The dean's office was above the registrar's office. In less than three minutes, the duo appeared at the office entrance of Dean Wang. Li Feng knocked on the door and Dean Wang looked up at the both of them. He knew what they were there for.

"Come in."

As the both of them entered the office, Li Feng did not know how he should start the conversation.

"I guess both of you are here to talk about the new teacher?" The Vice President Wang Zijun smiled at the both of them.

"Dean Wang, I've looked at Sir Lin's documents just now. I don't think he has what it takes to teach in our college." Seeing that Wang Zijun initiated the conversation, Li Feng voiced his opinion without holding back.

"Do you think the same, Sir Zhang?" Wang Zijun then smiled and looked at Zhang Xu.

"Yes." Zhang Xu nodded to show his agreement.

"Alright, since the both of you are here, I shall be straightforward then." Wang Zijun stood up, walked towards the both of them and smiled.

"It was Dean Liu's idea to put Sir Lin to teach sword realm in Year 1 Class 1. I've no idea who he is, and Dean Liu didn't say anything about him. I sent him to Year 1 Class 2 after discussing with Dean Liu. He said those who have any comments about Sir Lin could see him directly."

"It's Dean Liu's idea? And he wants Sir Lin to teach Class 1?!" The both of them knew that Wang Zijun would never make anything like that up as they could always confirm it with Dean Liu.

"I think the dean isn't here today." Zhang Xu and Li Feng had passed by the office earlier and had seen that the dean's office door was closed.

"The dean won't be here for a couple of months. He's breaking through his combat level," Wang Zijun explained.

"Breaking through his combat level…" Li Feng and Zhang Xu were shocked as they confirmed what they heard. As the teachers of Martial Hunter College, they knew Liu Ming's next combat level was imperial-level, which was also the highest in Division7.

"Before he left, he said those who need to talk to him can send him messages or call him. He'll pick up whenever he's free," Wang Zijun added.

Since Wang Zijun had said that, the duo knew that it was useless to talk to him any further. Thus, they left the office. Li Feng returned to his own office while Zhang Xu went to Dean Zhang's office in a fit. Zhang Xuefeng was immortal-level, so since Wang Zijun's office door was opened just now, he heard everything loud and clear. He knew why his grandson was here.

"I know what you want to tell me. There's nothing that I can do since Dean Liu wants Sir Lin to teach here," Zhang Xuefeng said.

"But there's a final assessment every semester, if Sir Lin's students don't perform well, I'll apply to the registrar's office to dismiss his teaching authorization," Zhang Xuefeng added.

Zhang Xu was still unsatisfied after hearing what Zhang Xuefeng said. As he had a powerful background, his journey in the college had been smooth during the past seven years. It was the first time that he was replaced by someone new. He could not get over that fact.

It was almost 8:30 a.m. as Zhang Xu left Zhang Xuefeng's office.

"A kid who's only 16 dares to replace me?! I'm not Zhang Xu if I don't teach you a lesson today!" Zhang Xu glared deadly.


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