Monster Paradise
446 Unsealing Bloody
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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446 Unsealing Bloody

As he stepped into the dimensional relic, Lin Huang appeared in the Meteorite Desert. He pinned the location next to the lake which connected to the isolated space where the Starlight Beasts were. He jumped into the lake after storing his dimensional relic. Twenty minutes later, Lin Huang entered the isolated space. He then summoned Thunder and went further into the isolated space. He took out the syringe of phoenix blood and injected it into Thunder's left thigh.

Soon, Thunder was covered by the white glow that came from the sky. Its body floated slowly, and its aura was growing. In less than five minutes, the white glow faded away, and Thunder landed on the ground. Its aura had leveled up to white flame-level now. However, it did not feel anything different was it was just a normal unsealing. It did not perform a triple mutation or a transformation of its blood. Just like what happened to Lancelot, the unsealing was done like a piece of cake.

After achieving Thunder's unsealing, Lin Huang then rode on Thunder and left. Thunder, which was white flame-level now, was two times faster than before. Although it was still slower than Kylie, it was not too far behind. As usual, Thunder landed by the lake. After recalling Thunder into card form, Lin Huang projected the map.

There were coordinates marked with red numbers "1, 2, 3, 4". Those were the coordinates and the hunting sequence of parasites that he and Bloody had prepared two days back.

"The first destination is the Lieba City in foothold No.7B21!"

Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic, set the coordinates and stepped into it.

"All the parasites nearby in the 76th destination, foothold No.7C88 has been cleared!"

In the middle of the night eighteen days later, Lin Huang smirked as he witnessed Bloody's vine pierce through the last parasite's head.

"I've only managed to rest for three hours for 18 days consecutively while the remaining time was spent on the road. We have finally killed 100 types of parasites. I think it should be enough to perform a triple mutation during your unsealing." Lin Huang did not manage to sleep well for the past half a month, and his eyes were red.

"I think we have enough." Bloody replied.

Throughout the real battle training and Lin Huang's teaching, Bloody had improved immensely. It had transformed from a parasite that was bad at close combat battle to now an expert that could kill all monsters of the same level at a close distance.

"I should be able to level up to complete gold-level in less than a month, so I won't take too long to get to holy fire-level. Even if your triple mutation is sealed, I can get it unsealed soon. Don't worry," Lin Huang comforted.

"I know that, Master. Please take care of yourself." Among many of his summoning monsters, Bloody was the most thoughtful and the most intelligent one.

Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic and arrived at Meteorite Desert again with Bloody. As soon as they entered the isolated space, Bloody transformed back to its original size of a giant boa.

"Xiao Hei, unseal Bloody!" Lin Huang instructed.

Bloody had achieved its unsealing terms since the beginning as it only had to kill ten types of parasites. However, to make sure that Bloody could perform a triple mutation, Lin Huang brought it to up to 100 footholds within the 18 days to kill 100 types of parasites. Until today, they came to the isolated space with Starlight Beasts to perform the unsealing.

Bloody was the last epic-level card that Lin Huang owned which had not been unsealed. As Lin Huang instructed, a white glow shone from the sky and covered Bloody completely. Bloody's aura was rising. At the same time, there were purple light spots being released from its body. Soon, the purple dots created a dense coverage like it was painting a layer of purple on its body. Bloody looked like it was sleeping with its body curled into a ball. It was floating quietly in the air and rotating. As soon as its body color changed, Lin Huang knew that it must be performing a triple mutation.

Time passed by as Lin Huang sat aside resting while waiting patiently for the unsealing to be over. The purple ball was rotating in the air. As three hours passed, Bloody's body shrunk to the size of a basketball and became a completely purple ball. If Lin Huang did not sense the terrifying aura that was coming out of Bloody, he would have thought Bloody was dead.

Xiao Hei's notification came as soon as the white glow faded.

"Congratulations, your epic-level Monster Card Demonic Dandelion Vine (Bloody) has been unsealed. Your epic-level Monster Card Demonic Dandelion Vine (Bloody) is now a white flame-level.

"Congratulations, Demonic Dandelion Vine (Bloody) has leveled up from an epic-level card to a legendary-level card!

"Congratulations, you have obtained a legendary-level card! The card is a new monster type that has yet to be named. Please give it a name."

Lin Huang was the one who had come up with the name "Demonic Dandelion Vine". Now that Bloody was tripled mutated and had become a new monster type, it was natural that it did not have a name. Bloody uncurled from its ball form. It was not a vine any more, but a cloud. Lin Huang was shocked to see that.

"Bloody, what's wrong with your form?"

"Master, I can now change my form as I wish." Bloody seemed to be satisfied with its new form.

"Please give it a name!"

"Let's call you Violethaze then." Lin Huang thought about it and assigned a name.

"Naming has been successful. Recording new monster type - Violethaze."

Xiao Hei's notification came as soon as the naming was done.

"As your authorization is restricted, you won't be able to use the legendary Monster Card yet. Your Monster Card Violethaze has been sealed. The card will be unsealed when you level up to holy fire-level."

Although he had expected that, Lin Huang was upset whenever he saw such that notification.

His exhaustion kicked in as soon as he saw Bloody's body turn into stars, forming into a card and going into his body. The sky was getting bright. Lin Huang closed his eyes as he looked at the sky and smelled the flower fragrance in the air. A while later, he summoned Lancelot to guard the place while he fell into a deep sleep on the field with his arms wide open.


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