Monster Paradise
443 Meeting Yi Zheng Again
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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443 Meeting Yi Zheng Again

As they were engrossed in talking about Fatty, Yi Zheng appeared at the door.

"Where is Sis Rou?" Yi Zheng looked around the living room and noticed Lin Huang.

"This is… Lin Huang?"

"Bro Zheng," Lin Huang stood up and greeted him immediately.

"It really is you. You've grown taller." Yi Zheng smiled.

Yi Zheng remembered that Lin Huang looked like a kid when he first met him. He was not even 1.7 meters, but he should be 1.75 meters now.

"Eh, your combat level…" Yi Zheng soon noticed that Lin Huang was already gold-level rank-3 just by looking at him. He clearly remembered that Lin Huang was not even iron-level when they had first met a year ago. His speed of improving levels was terrifying.

"You're considered a genius at this speed!"

It was clear that Yi Yeyu did not tell her brother about Lin Huang's combat level. Lin Huang smiled without saying anything.

"Oh yeah, didn't you say you went to pick up Sis Rou? Where is she?" Yi Zheng did not dwell on Lin Huang as he was considered a junior to him. He was just surprised, and soon he switched his focus to Yi Yeyu.

"She has something to do in the afternoon. We had lunch together, then she left," Yi Yeyu explained.

"Do you need to talk to her?"

"She has left?! I thought since I have just broken through blue flame-level a few days ago, I wanted to train with her." Yi Zheng was upset.

"It's you who didn't want to follow me this morning," Yi Yeyu teased.

"Didn't you know I was training this morning? I thought she would be staying for a few days." Yi Zheng did not expect to miss the opportunity to train with Si Kongrou.

"If you really want to train, let Lin Huang train with you," Yi Yeyu smirked. She had no idea what Lin Huang's ability now was, but he should be more powerful than herself who was a white flame-level. Although he would not defeat Yi Zheng, he would totally surprise him.

Lin Huang glared at Yi Yeyu without saying anything. He was not afraid to challenge Yi Zheng who was on blue flame-level. With his current ability, he should be able to kill one. However, Yi Zheng was considered a genius as well, so he would be much more powerful than a regular blue flame-level. He would be at a loss without the help of his summoning monsters if he were to fight Yi Zheng.

"It's okay. I don't think he can even fight you." Yi Zheng waved his hand and got ready to leave.

"Brother, you're wrong. Lin Huang is more powerful than I am. It was he who helped me kill the Fire Phoenix in the ruins." Yi Yeyu had mentioned to Yi Zheng that her friend had helped her kill the Fire Phoenix, but she did not say who the friend was. The truth was finally out.

The Fire Phoenix was a double mutated monster with phoenix blood. Its ability was comparable with a crimson flame-level. Yi Zheng was curious who Yi Yeyu had gotten help from as the friend must have been a genius to be able to kill the Fire Phoenix when he was only gold-level. Yi Zheng knew very well that his sister would not be able to kill the Fire Phoenix on her own.

"Not only is he more powerful than me, but he's also an Imperial Censor with powerful summoning monsters. Are you sure you don't want to give it a try?" Yi Yeyu was trying to persuade him, seemingly eager to watch them fight.

"I forgot that you're an Imperial Censor. If you're not weak yourself, with a couple of summoning monsters, you should be able to warm me up." Yi Zheng turned around and looked at Lin Huang squarely.

"I haven't fought an Imperial Censor for a long time now. Would you like to play?" Yi Zheng asked.

"Sure." Lin Huang wanted to test the results of his training as well.

Yi Yeyu did not expect Lin Huang to agree so quickly. She thought that she might have to come up with something for him to accept the challenge but it was now unnecessary.

"Let's go to the battle training ground then." Yi Zheng nodded.

The three of them passed through two courtyards, and Lin Huang saw a giant spherical ancient-replica building not far away. The building was at least 50 to 60 meters high whereby the roof was completely made of tiles. Just by looking at it, Lin Huang knew it was the battle training ground.

Yi Zheng brought the two of them into the building. The interior of the building was the same as the battle training ground in the Martial Hunter College where there was nothing in there. However, the private battle training ground was much smaller than the one in the Martial Hunter College. It looked like it was only 80,000 to 90,000 square meters but it was twice the size of a regular battle training ground.

"What do you think? Not bad, isn't it?" Yi Zheng was showing off.

"Hmm, not bad." Lin Huang smiled and nodded. He did not tell Yi Zheng that the battle training ground that he used to practice in the Martial Hunter College was three times bigger than this.

"Xiao Yu, do you want to train with us? You can help Lin Huang. An extra person doesn't make any difference to me." Yi Zheng grinned.

"No, I don't want to trouble myself. I would rather be a beauty who watches the fight quietly." Yi Yeyu shook her head.

Without waiting for Yi Zheng to respond, she flew into the air to spectate. Yi Yeyu thought that since Lin Huang could not fly, Yi Zheng would not include her in the battle if she was to watch in the air. Since Yi Zheng was mean, he might involve her if she were to watch on the ground. As they stood in the middle of the area, Lin Huang took out the 5-star sword relic. He wanted to test his real ability in the battle, so he would not show mercy.

Yi Zheng who was around 30 meters from him was holding a thin sword that was also a 5-star relic. However, the sword was obviously custom-made as the body of the sword was less than half the length of a regular sword. Although he had supreme relics with him, he thought it was unnecessary as the battle was only meant to test his abilities.

"Aren't you summoning your monsters?" Yi Zheng asked as he saw Lin Huang standing there without the intention to summon his monsters.

"Firstly, I have no idea what you're good at and which monsters will work best, so I don't think summoning my monsters will help. Secondly, summoning monsters now will give you mental preparation. It would be better if I summoned them when I need them during the battle. Thirdly, I would like to see what my real ability is." Lin Huang listed the three reasons why he did not summon his monsters.

"As my first opponent, I must say you're an interesting Imperial Censor." Yi Zheng laughed when he heard what Lin Huang said.

"But let me warn you. If you don't summon your monsters before the battle starts, you might not have the opportunity to do so during the battle."

As soon as Yi Zheng said that, he tore towards Lin Huang's direction.


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