Monster Paradise
442 A Unique Venom
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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442 A Unique Venom

Yi Yeyu did not have the mood to shop anymore after sending Si Kongrou off. They were sitting in a cafe for a while as Yi Yeyu calmed herself down. She recalled Lin Huang's purpose of visiting.

"Let's go to my place. My brother is at home too."

"Yi Zheng is home? What's his combat level now?" Lin Huang asked.

"He just broke through blue flame-level a few days ago, so he has been resting at home."

"Wow, so quickly he's on blue flame-level now?" Lin Huang remembered that Yi Zheng had only been on complete gold-level when they first met.

"He was already white flame-level a year ago. He spent another year to get to blue flame-level. Compared to your speed, that's nothing." Yi Yeyu stared at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang faked a laugh without saying anything. His speed of leveling up was terrifying. He had no explanation for that, so he decided not to talk about it.

"But it's been more than a month. How are you not complete gold-level yet?" Although it would take three months for a regular person to level up from gold-level rank-3 to complete gold-level, Yi Yeyu thought Lin Huang should be complete gold-level by now considering his terrifying speed.

She would not be surprised even if he was already white flame-level. However, from his aura, she could feel that Lin Huang was not a complete gold-level yet.

"My master wants me to build a stable foundation, so instead of Life Skill, I've been studying basic knowledge and sword training," Lin Huang smiled as he explained.

"No wonder." Yi Yeyu recalled that Lin Huang had been training his swordsmanship a few days back when she called.

"Mr. Fu has a good plan. A stable foundation is crucial. Since you leveled up too fast, it's good to take some time to digest."

They became silent after that conversation.

"Yeyu, is Sis Rou Rou a man or a woman?" Lin Huang suddenly thought of the question that he had been speculating about.

"A woman, of course!" Yi Yeyu knew Lin Huang would have such doubts. Thus, she was not mad as she explained patiently.

"Sis Rou Rou was a pretty lady. She was one of the most beautiful ones in the Demon Slayer Troop. A virtual eye opened during one of her mission. There was a new type of insect that was similar to bees with a unique venom in them. Sis Rou Rou's body changed after she was stung by the insect. She became like this when she recovered. The doctor said her body produces androgens 20 times more than a male adult every day due to the venom. She had gone to many doctors, but none of them had the solution to the venom.

"She couldn't accept the change to her body when she woke up. She even tried to kill herself once. Because of that, my great-grandfather sent her to the hospital and got a psychologist to talk to her. She finally accepted her new identity half a year later, but she didn't want to go back to the Demon Slayer Troop anymore. Therefore, my great-grandfather got her to be my bodyguard and nanny since I was born. She left after I turned 15."

Although Lin Huang was hazarding something similar, he did not expect to hear that. He did not know that there was venom in monsters that could turn a woman into a man. He shivered as he imagined the possibility of other monsters that could turn a man into a woman.

"It seems like I have to be more careful when I encounter monsters in the future, especially those new ones or else, I might encounter the same thing as she did," Lin Huang thought to himself.

"That's why Sis Rou Rou is like a real sister to me," Yi Yeyu said in all seriousness. They became silent again after the conversation.

Soon, they arrived at Yi Yeyu's house. It was as huge as a third of the size of the Martial Hunter College. The houses in Shanhai City were no smaller than those in the White Capital. Regular people could not afford such houses.

There were two soldiers in military attire standing at the entrance like pine trees. Lin Huang could sense that the both of them were on complete gold-level. The two soldiers remained immobile as Yi Yeyu brought Lin Huang into the house. They did not even peek at them as if they were two sculptures.

The both of them entered a beautiful courtyard. Lin Huang looked around while strolling into the courtyard behind Yi Yeyu. They then arrived at the living room. The buildings that Lin Huang saw along the way were not as luxurious as he imagined. They were plainer and blended with Nature. It was a comfortable place to be in. As he entered the living room, Lin Huang realized that the Yi family's house was luxurious in a low-key way.

There was a monster tooth hanging on the wall. Although it was just a tooth, Lin Huang could sense that it was at least an immortal-level or even stronger.

"This is an imperial-level dragon blood monster's tooth that my great-grandfather killed last time. It shrunk into an art piece later on," Yi Yeyu smiled and explained as she noticed Lin Huang was attracted by the monster teeth.

"No wonder the aura of the tooth alone is already so terrifying. I was thinking what kind of tooth this is." Lin Huang learned something new about Yi Donglai.

"What would you like to drink?" Yi Yeyu finally assumed the attitude of a host as she got Lin Huang to sit down.

"Any fruit juice will do. Don't trouble yourself."

"Alright then, I'll have some as well." Yi Yeyu got a bottle of unopened fruit juice from the refrigerator and poured it into the glasses for Lin Huang and herself.

"This cloud mountain fruit juice is expensive. It costs more than 300 Life Crystals for a bottle. One glass is almost 100 Life Crystals. I don't usually drink this myself."

Lin Huang had heard of the cloud mountain fruit before. It was a rare fruit that required a lot of sunshine. It could only grow on top of mountains with clouds. Besides being delicious, such fruit could even increase one's Life Power. In Fatty's made-up recipe, there was a fruit salad with cloud mountain fruit as one of the ingredients. However, Lin Huang had only heard of the fruit but never tasted it before. He took a sip. It was sweet with a unique fragrance. It was not thick at all but was refreshing especially since it was summer now. As soon as the juice trickled down his throat, Lin Huang could feel that Life Power was being released into his body. He had to admit that the fruit was worth the price.

In the silence, Lin Huang put down the glass.

"Fatty wants to use this fruit in his fruit salad. Now, it seems like a great choice," Lin Huang said to Yi Yeyu while smiling.

"Oh yea, did the little Fatty get his hunter license yet? I remember he wanted to be a Food Hunter," Yi Yeyu asked.

"He got his license." Lin Huang nodded but was soon upset.

"Did something happen to him?" Yi Yeyu noticed Lin Huang's mood change.

"Something happened to him earlier. He's dead," Lin Huang said with his head hanging down.

"What happened?" Yi Yeyu did not expect to hear that.

Lin Huang then told her everything, not hiding the truth.

"It's not your fault. It's that Grandmistress' fault. Stop blaming yourself," Yi Yeyu comforted him.

"I'll find that Grandmistress and take revenge for Fatty!" Lin Huang clenched his fists.


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