Monster Paradise
440 Sis Rou Rou
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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440 Sis Rou Rou

Just as Lin Huang was almost done with his coffee in the alfresco cafe, Yi Yeyu came flying on a Crimson Unicorn. Many patrons were shocked to see the flaming Crimson Unicorn in the air. Lin Huang raised his eyebrow. Yi Yeyu's family must be incredibly rich as the Crimson Unicorn was a double mutated holy fire-monster. It was usually a powerful Transcendent flying mount as it was hard to be named. Moreover, it was as expensive as a supreme relic at the auctions.

Lin Huang had read about the Crimson Unicorn in the monster encyclopedia before, but it was his first time seeing it. It looked similar to the mythical unicorn on Earth. However, this monster was completely black except for its mouth, nose, eyes, mane, hooves, and tail which were a burning red. Yi Yeyu saw Lin Huang, who was just putting down his coffee and instructed her Crimson Unicorn to land. It landed at outside the cafe. Yi Yeyu leaped and recalled her Crimson Unicorn with a monster taming token. She walked towards Lin Huang in her golden heels. She was already 1.7 meters tall, towering over Lin Huang. With the pair of heels, she was almost 1.85 meters tall.

"Hi, rich lady!" Lin Huang waved at Yi Yeyu.

"What rich lady? What the hell, man?" Yi Yeyu thought he was ridiculous.

"You can afford a Crimson Unicorn, so what else should I call you?" Lin Huang teased.

"This Crimson Unicorn retired from the military. I didn't have to pay anything." Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes at Lin Huang and sat across him.

"Waiter, get me an iced coffee!" Yi Yeyu turned around and shouted to the waiter.

The waiter replied and started preparing her coffee.

"Why must you involve me since you're meeting your friend today?" Lin Huang could see that Yi Yeyu had dressed up for the occasion. The person must be important to her. "I can walk around myself and visit you tomorrow," Lin Huang added.

"Since you're here, why the trouble of meeting you on separate occasions? What's there to be afraid of? My sister won't eat you."

"Miss, your iced coffee." The waiter soon arrived with the coffee.

"Don't talk nonsense when you see my sister later," Yi Yeyu took over the coffee and warned.

"Okay." Lin Huang did not overthink about it. He thought that she meant not to talk back to her sister.

"So, do we visit her later?"

"No, her hotel isn't far from here. She'll come here after she checks out from the hotel. I've sent her our coordinates, so we'll wait for her here." Yi Yeyu turned off the message page as she sipped on her coffee.

"I shall get another drink then," Lin Huang said and ordered a black coffee.

As his coffee was served, Lin Huang saw a familiar face not far away. He was shocked as it was the man that he had seen in the bathroom when he stepped out of the dimensional relic earlier. The man was walking towards the cafe in a blue suit. Lin Huang turned around and switched on the news page on his Emperor's Heart Ring so that it would cover his face. He changed the page background gray.

"What are you doing?" Yi Yeyu noticed his odd behavior immediately.

"Don't you think it's too bright? I'm hiding from the sun," Lin Huang came out with a lame excuse.

"Crazy!" Yi Yeyu looked up at the sky. It was cloudy at the moment, and the sun was nowhere to be seen.

As she looked back, she saw a familiar person not far away.

"Sis Rou Rou, I'm over here!" Yi Yeyu stood up and waved immediately.

Looking at Yi Yeyu's response, Lin Huang lowered his protection slightly and looked at the direction where Yi Yeyu was waving to. He did not see any woman. There was only the uncle walking towards their direction.

"Xiao Yu." Just when Lin Huang was thinking who Yi Yeyu was waving at, the uncle waved back at Yi Yeyu with a smile.

"Sis… Rou… Rou…"

Lin Huang's eyeballs almost dropped out of their sockets, and he almost spat out his coffee. The man had a facial beard with hair shorter than Lin Huang's. His face structure was as sharp as a sculpture's. He was almost two meters tall and as strong as a hulk. What Lin Huang remembered the most was the thick chest hair that he had seen in the shower. Which part of that looked like "Sis Rou Rou"!?

He then lifted up the protection to cover his face again as he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

"How could it be him? What should I do?"

Lin Huang did not expect the big sister that Yi Yeyu talked about to be the man that he had seen by accident. The person's gender was not important anymore. The more important thing here was that he would be dead if the man recognized him. Lin Huang remembered Yi Yeyu saying that this person had broken through immortal-level a few years ago.

"I must not panic! Maybe he can't recognize me since the bathroom was dark and misty…" Lin Huang consoled himself.

"Is this your friend?" Sis Rou Rou had walked to their table and asked Yi Yeyu as Lin Huang was panicking.

Lin Huang stiffened as he turned around. He looked into his eyes, but everything was normal as if the man did not recognize him.

"Sis Rou Rou, this is my friend Lin Huang." Yi Yeyu had no idea what happened earlier as she introduced the both of them enthusiastically.

"Lin Huang, this is the Sis Rou Rou that I told you about just now."

"Hi, my name is Si Kongrou," Si Kongrou, who was dressed in a suit, introduced herself, sounding completely like a matured man.

"Hi…" Lin Huang was glad as he thought he had managed to escape before she could recognize him in the bathroom earlier. However, his happiness was short-lived when he heard what she said next.

"Kid, do I look good in the shower?"

Lin Huang's heart skipped a beat as he peeked at her. She was smiling and looked kindly with twinkling eyes at him. She looked like she did not want to talk about it in front of Yi Yeyu.

"What would you like to drink? It's my treat!" Lin Huang said immediately while beaming.


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