Monster Paradise
436 I“ll Be A Shameless Man
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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436 I“ll Be A Shameless Man

It was on a green field under the high ceiling of the white dome in the gigantic battle training ground. Two men stood across each other on the field. One was a young man of 16 or 17 years old with black, fluffy hair. He had clean and sharp features. He wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans with a pair of white sports shoes. His attire was casual, but he had a mature vibe. He did not seem like a young teenager. He held a sword, which was soon filled with golden Life Power shimmering wit glow in his right hand. He was staring at the middle-aged man who stood not far across him.

The middle-aged man looked like he was in his forties. He was plump but his full height of 1.8 meters covered that particular imperfection. His facial structure was rough with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He looked like a ragged man. Although he was wearing casual attire that was slightly loose, they did not look cheap. He looked stunned.

"Brother, you've broken through Illumination now?!"

As soon as Lin Huang grasped the sword in his hand, Liu Ming could sense that his sword realm had leveled up since the last time he had seen him. He was already shocked by Lin Huang's sword realm that had reached level-2 when he was only 16. It was something that only a sword genius could achieve. He was completely shocked now that Lin Huang was already on level-3.

"When I was 16, I was still playing in the mud!" Liu Ming teased himself secretly.

Liu Ming had actually already achieved silver-level when he was 16 but he had no idea what sword realm was at that time. He only started mastering the sword realm when he arrived on holy fire-level. Now that he was on level-4 Oblivion, which was only a level higher than Lin Huang who was a gold-level, his talent in sword realm was nothing compared to Lin Huang.

"Mr. Fu has a monstrous apprentice!" Liu Ming exclaimed to himself as he thought about their differences.

"I just broke through two days ago," Lin Huang nodded and admitted. He knew he could not hide from Liu Ming who was also a sword expert. However, he had no clue how difficult it was to level up in the sword realm, so he sounded causal when he said that. He sounded like he achieved it by pure accident. His casual attitude made Liu Ming think how could they both be so different.

"Are you okay, brother? I'm going to start now," Lin Huang warned Liu Ming as he noticed that he was distracted.

"Nothing, let's start." Liu Ming snapped out of his thoughts and got ready for the battle.

He initially had the mindset of teaching a junior but that had vanished now. As he oppressed his combat level to gold-level rank-3, he treated Lin Huang as a real opponent. Lin Huang did not underestimate Liu Ming as he activated his Seraphic Speed and Thunder Steps at the same time. He arrived before Liu Ming like a white lightning bolt.

"So quick!" Liu Ming thought to himself as Lin Huang's speed surpassed what a normal gold-level should have. He was even faster than a white flame-level, and was on par with a powerful crimson flame-level. Although Liu Ming had oppressed his combat level to gold-level rank-3, he maintained his ocular ability, or else, he would die under Lin Huang's attack. However, the oppression had affected his physical speed. He could see Lin Huang's attack but his body could not catch up with it.

There were many ways that he could fight back, but Liu Ming was only left with one option now, which was to block. Lin Huang was too fast, so the only thing Liu Ming was capable of doing after the oppression was to block.


Lin Huang's 5-star sword relic collided with Liu Ming's 1-star sword relic, resounding with a loud thud in the training ground. A golden glow shined brightly in the air, and a strong air pressure rippled in the air. The grass within a radius of hundreds of meters was destroyed. Liu Ming skidded backward from the impact, only stopping when he was more than 20 meters away. He took a deep breath when he finally managed to stand still.

"What the hell? How is this a gold-level rank-3? His attack could totally kill a crimson flame-level!" Liu Ming did not say that out loud. However, he realized that he had completely underestimated Lin Huang. Under normal circumstances, even a complete gold-level would have great differen with compared to a holy fire-level. The difference in life level of a white flame-level was significantly higher than a complete gold-level's. It was much more difficult for a complete gold-level to kill a white flame-level than for a silver-level to kill a complete gold-level. Therefore, as a genius guide, one would usually be judged whether a complete gold-level could kill a white flame-level.

However, what Lin Huang had shown had surpassed that. Besides not being able to fly, no matter if it came to his speed, strength or attack ability, Lin Huang could definitely kill a crimson flame-level. He would absolutely stand out among many geniuses. What Liu Ming did not know was that the speed and attack ability of his sword swing just not was not all he had. He was only using Wildfire, which was one of the normal forms in the Wildfire sword skill, and not the ultimate Worldly Purification skill. He had yet to integrate Wildfire with the Star Dome skill. As soon as the integration was done, he would be even more powerful. If he had used his Thunder Sting just now, Liu Ming might not have been able to block his attack.

"Brother, are you alright?" Lin Huang saw that Liu Ming backed off from the impact and he had obviously underestimated him, so he stopped attacking.

"Ahem, ahem, I'm alright…" Liu Ming coughed to cover his embarrassment. He blushed as he recalled teasing Lin Huang earlier, asking him not to cry when they fought. Luckily, he had tanned skin, so Lin Huang might not have noticed his blush.

"Brother, your real battle ability has exceeded my expectations. Let me increase my combat level to fight you," Liu Ming said shamelessly. He did not want to eat his words, but if he did not now, he would certainly be defeated by Lin Huang later. He decided to be a shameless man as he thought of the embarrassing consequences.

"Sure, I hope you can give me sufficient pressure and not hold back," Lin Huang agreed to Liu Ming's suggestion.


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