Monster Paradise
432 The Undead Evil Child
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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432 The Undead Evil Child

Charcoal's unsealing had led to a significant upgrade. Not only had it leveled up to a mid-level dragonkin, but it had also gone through its third mutation as well, upgrading into a purple legendary-level card.

However, the consequence was it being sealed due to its overly high authority.

Lin Huang did not expect that it would be sealed as he had just promised Charcoal that he would summon it more often in the future.

"It's not my fault," Lin Huang mumbled.

"Brother, why did the black dragon suddenly disappear?" Lin Xin wanted to touch the black dragon that had grown up as she wondered if the texture of its skin would be different from before.

"I've recalled it." Lin Huang took the blame for Xiao Hei as he could not mention anything about the system to Lin Xin. He had no other choice.

"It's so cute. Please summon it to play with us," Lin Xin begged.


Lin Huang instantly felt that something was wrong with Lin Xin's aesthetic judgment just like her sense of taste. If one was to say that Charcoal was previously ugly yet cute, one could only describe it as "ferocious" and "scary" after it had grown up. One would not describe it as "cute" at all.

"I can't summon it anymore. My summon ability has been restricted. Now that it's been upgraded, I can only summon it again when I level up to holy fire-level," Lin Huang explained by telling her half of the truth.

Lin Xin accepted that excuse despite her reluctance.

"I'll summon Little7 to play with you when we go home," Lin Huang compromised. He could only summon Seventails for that. Little7 was a nickname given by Lin Xin, and it seemed like Seventails liked it a lot, so Lin Huang addressed it in such a way. "However, there is a condition for summoning Little7."

It had not been released from the pet space for a long period as it was a troublemaker. It would bite any peculiar things regardless of its taste. The most important thing was it had a terribly healthy digestion as if it could digest anything that it ate…

"What's that condition?" Lin Xin had been eagerly waiting for Lin Huang to summon Little7.

"First of all, you have to feed it on time every day. You can't forget it. I'll give you some Life Crystals then. Secondly, you have to take care of it and make sure that it doesn't mess up the place. Don't let it bite the sofa, chair, table, or bed. It's not allowed to eat the bed sheets, curtain, floor mat, as well as the utensils in the kitchen such as the plates, cups, knife…" Lin Huang started making a deal with Lin Xin.

"Alright…" Although it sounded troublesome, still, Lin Xin promised him.

"Brother, where are we going now? Are we going home?" Lin Xin was afraid that Lin Huang would continue adding more conditions, so she changed the topic.

"We have to go to Nanmu Town again as I have something to deal with over there. We will visit the Yi family as well." Lin Huang shook his head.

"Oh, could you please summon Little7 first?" Lin Xin was excited.

"No, what should we do if it bites people's stuff?" Lin Huang refused.

"Alright…" Lin Xin accepted.

Both of them then rode on Thunder and exited the space of the Starlight Beast. They stopped at the lakeside.

Right after Thunder was recalled, Lin Huang then summoned Black Ink and relocated the destination point to Fatty's old house, Nanmu City. Both of them then strode over the big door.

A few moments later, Lin Xin and Lin Huang then appeared at one of the old streets in Nanmu City which was rather quiet. It was the place where Lin Huang had last set on the Black Ink. It was not too far away from Fatty's house.

Nanmu City was less than 800 kilometers away from Sandy Land. The place where the Undead Evil Child was discovered was farther about 1,100 kilometers away.

The Black Ink was recalled. Soon, Lin Huang summoned Thunder again. Both of them then got up onto Thunder to ride it. Lin Huang then pointed towards the direction of Sandy Land. Thunder immediately flew off into the sky and rapidly headed towards their destination.

In less than 40 minutes, they arrived at their destination. Thunder was recalled into its card form again.

Sandy Land was a desert. However, there were only golden sand and plants that could be seen occasionally where desertification had not yet been completed.

As they had just returned from the Meteorite Desert, Lin Xin's immunity to the desert climate was a lot stronger. She would somehow prefer the Meteorite Desert though.

Lin Huang's target was the Undead Evil Child. It was a double mutated complete gold-level monster. It belonged to the undying species and looked like a kid.

Despite the fact that it had a body the size of a kid, this type of monster was extremely cruel as they were good at creating illusions. They would usually tease their prey mercilessly until they died.

According to the record in the monster guide, there were people who had witnessed how Undead Evil Child controlled humans. People who it controlled had even cut out their body flesh and grilled it for the Undead Evil Child to eat.

Encountering such a monster, regardless of whether he managed to kill it or not, he would definitely attack it. Perhaps the hunter who provided this piece of information to Lin Huang earlier was not strong enough or had no guts to fight it. Otherwise, the person must have been capable of defeating it but was lazy to do so.

As he observed around, he discovered nothing. He summoned Bloody, and Lin Huang explained to it, "We are now at the Sandy Land. A few months ago, people discovered the presence of the Undead Evil Child over here."

"Okay, I'll look for it."

As soon as Bloody contacted him through its mind, it twisted around Lin Huang's left arm and released a large number of leech pods, spreading everywhere.

"It's so beautiful!" Lin Xin saw Bloody using its leech pods for the first time. She then grabbed one of them.

Lin Huang did not stop her. The leech pod that Lin Xin grabbed was controlled by Bloody and all its parasitic functions were instantly disabled.

"Brother, what's this flower for? Is it used for monitoring?" Lin Xin felt that Bloody would not have released it without reason.

"Yes, it can be used for monitoring," Lin Huang affirmed. He hesitated for a moment and decided to hide part of the truth. Bloody was a unique type of monster. Perhaps it was the only one that existed in this world. It would be better to hide its ability from everyone.

After a short while, Bloody contacted him. "I've found it. However, it's very alert and has even crushed my leech pods."

"I shall look for it on my own."

Lin Xin communicated with Bloody through her brother's mind and said, "Please guide us!"

As soon as the instruction was received, Bloody then left Lin Huang's arm and headed towards where the Undead Evil Child was.

Lin Huang immediately summoned the Viridian Wolf and followed after Bloody with Lin Xin.

The Viridian Wolf chased after Bloody for no more than five minutes, and soon, Lin Huang saw that Bloody was fighting a blue monster on top of the mountain.


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