Monster Paradise
431 Unlocking Charcoal
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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431 Unlocking Charcoal

The Ruthless Sword Master's unsealing did not cause a big stir. However, Lin Huang could vaguely feel that Charcoal's unsealing would not be the same.

He had obtained the dracaena from the auction previously, and Yang Ling had unsealed his Emperor's Heart Ring a few days later. He had taken out the dracaena from his ring, but he had yet to unseal Charcoal because he wanted to get to the independent space first.

Due to Charcoal's appealing aura, it had not been summoned for a long period of time.

It gave Lin Huang a pitiful look when it was summoned as if it had suffered greatly.

"Alright, after the unsealing is completed, you'll be able to cover your aura upon entering the adult stage. I'll summon you in the future when there's the need to do so." Lin Huang touched Charcoal's head and comforted it.

Charcoal immediately ducked its head and licked his face.

"Okay, stop playing. We have to get this done first. Let's start unsealing!" Lin Huang took out a facial tissue and wiped his face. He could not stand Charcoal's way of showing friendliness.

"Brother, is this a dragon?" Lin Xin's weak voice was heard.

Charcoal then noticed that other than Thunder, which it was familiar with, there was a girl. It was curious and sized up Lin Xin.

Lin Xin was curious, sizing up Charcoal as well.

They then exchanged glances with each other.

"It's my summoning monster. Its name is Charcoal," Lin Huang introduced and turned back, looking at Charcoal. "Charcoal, she is my sister, Lin Xin."

Listening to Lin Huang's introduction, Charcoal then let down its guard.

"Can I touch it?" Lin Xin was excited and asked Lin Huang.

"Sure, it won't bite." Lin Huang nodded. He did not mention that it would just eat humans though.

"Come over. Charcoal, you can't bite her." Lin Huang then guided Charcoal, lowering its head to Lin Xin. He then put Lin Xin's hand on Charcoal's head.

Lin Xin touched its head. It was cold and had rough skin. Charcoal squinted as if it enjoyed being touched.

Lin Xin was excited and happy. She had never imagined that she would be able to meet such a creature. Although Lin Huang did not say that it was not an actual dragonkin, she was happy enough even if it was just a sky dragon.

After being touched for a while, Charcoal then moved his head and looked at Lin Huang again.

Lin Huang took out 12 dracaenas from his storage space. Each of the plants was the size of the palm of an adult. It was blood red and would turn crystal clear whenever sunlight shone on it. It did not look like a plant, but rather like a piece of hand-engraved art.

Charcoal was ecstatic. When Lin Huang was thinking about how the dracaena should be used, it extended its tongue, drawing all 12 of the dracaenas into its mouth and started munching on them.

"Xiao Hei, will eating all of them do?" Lin Huang immediately asked. He knew that in order for a sky dragon to upgrade to a dragonkin, they would have to eat the dracaena. However, it would only be effective if it ate a large number of dracaenas.

"Under normal circumstances, dracaena is used as a material to be integrated with a dragonkin monster card. However, eating the dracaena can activate the integration effect on the system as well."

"Why will only eating a large number of dracaena for the dragonkin and sky dragons work? Is it because the rate of dracaena absorption is different?" Lin Huang doubted.

"The rate of absorption is only part of the reason. Direct consumption will indeed waste the blood divisor contained in the dracaena. Only 20% to 30% of that can be extracted whereas the extraction can go up to 100% through the system. However, this is not the main reason.

"The blood divisor of dracaena doesn't only increase the concentration of dragon blood, but it acts as an activator as well. It is also the reason why some of the sky dragons can upgrade by eating a small amount of dracaena whereas some of them are unable to upgrade despite ingesting a large amount of dracaena. It is related to the monster's body physique. Some of them are more sensitive to the dracaena. Thus, only a small amount of dracaena is required to activate the dragon blood and increase the concentration of blood divisor as well. Those that are less sensitive to the stimulation of dracaena can hardly be activated even after eating a large amount of dracaena. What the system does is to increase the activation effect to 100%."

"Understand!" Lin Huang could finally understand the effect of dracaena.

After several bites, Charcoal realized that despite the smell of the dracaena being fine, it somehow tasted terrible. Knowing that it was for its own unsealing, it had no choice but to eat them all.

After a few moments, a white glow appeared from the sky and Charcoal was shrouded in it.

Lin Huang, Lin Xin, and Thunder then retreated a few steps back and moved aside. They waited patiently for Charcoal's unsealing to be complete.

As soon as its body was enveloped by the white glow, black flames were released from Charcoal's body as if they were all coming out from its pores. The black flames surrounded its body and it started to burn.

Lin Huang was stunned when he saw this happen.

Lin Xin immediately asked Lin Huang, "Will it be okay?"

"Don't worry, that's normal."

While Lin Huang was hesitating, he heard Xiao Hei's voice. He was then relieved.

"It'll be fine," he answered Lin Xin while shaking his head.

Charcoal's aura was released slowly as it was surrounded by the flames. However, its body size was increasing quickly at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Its body size had only been about five to six meters tall. However, in just a short while, its height was now more than ten meters.

Lin Huang pulled Lin Xin and Thunder further behind. Three of them retreated a few steps back again.

As time passed, Charcoal's body was getting bigger and bigger. After about three hours, Charcoal's body had expanded to 1,000 meters. It looked like a big mountain hanging in mid-air.

Although they could not see its face clearly since it was shrouded in flames, the monster that was originally cute had now become a ferocious beast.

Its body had finally stopped growing after reaching such a height. There were no more changes. However, its mighty aura was released.

Previously, when its body was growing, Lin Huang could feel that its aura had exceeded the limit of a complete gold-level and it had achieved white flame-level. He was not really powerful though. However, as soon as its body size was fixed, there was a drastic change in its aura.

At that moment, Lin Huang could sense what he had felt previously from the Supreme Overlord and Bai. It was undoubtedly powerful…

An intimidating force was released by Charcoal. Lin Huang immediately activated his Dark Shield, isolating the impact of the force from Lin Xin.

The tremendously terrifying force was fatal to Lin Xin. Even those on complete gold-level who encountered this energy would not be able to fight back. Of course, there was an exception for a genius like Lin Huang.

It lasted for only a few seconds and soon, it subsided. The white glow in the air had disappeared as well. The black flames surrounding Charcoal gradually ebbed, revealing Charcoal's actual appearance after unsealing.

"How could it be so ugly after it has grown up?" Seeing Charcoal's current look, Lin Huang sighed emotionally.

Charcoal had completely turned into a black, gigantic dragon beast that looked powerful and ferocious.

"Congratulations, you have unsealed your epic-level Undying Baby Dragon (Charcoal) card and it is upgraded to white flame-level.

"Congratulations, Undying Baby Dragon (Charcoal) has leveled up from beginner-level dragonkin to mid-level dragonkin!

"Congratulations, Undying Baby Dragon (Charcoal) has leveled up from epic-level card to legendary-level card!

"Congratulations, you have obtained a legendary-level monster card - Undead Evil Dragon (mid-level dragonkin)!

Before Lin Huang could check the information of Charcoal, a notification from Xiao Hei came again.

"As your authority is restricted, you cannot use a legendary-level monster card, and the monster card of Undead Evil Dragon is automatically sealed. It will be unsealed when you achieve holy fire-level and your authority will be upgraded."

"Can't you even let me feel happy for a while?!" Lin Huang was speechless.


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