Monster Paradise
430 Unsealing The Ruthless Sword Master
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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430 Unsealing The Ruthless Sword Master

Lin Huang slowly exited the battle and retracted his battle sword. The red color in his eyes and the four bloody wings on his back had disappeared.

The reason why he had stopped the battle was that Lancelot's unsealing would create an illusion. There had to be the presence of immortal-level monsters in the moderate danger zone, and they would be in great trouble if they caught the immortal-level monster's attention.

When Bai had been unsealed in the Volcano Hell, it had attracted many of the powerful monsters' attention, and there was even an outbreak of a monster attack. Lin Huang did not want this to happen again.

He had it planned earlier whereby the Sword Dominator was chosen as the last monster to hunt. It was because there was the independent space of the Starlight Beast in the Meteorite Desert. As long as the Sword Dominator could be caught alive and was brought into the independent space before killing it, the illusion created during unsealing would appear there. The rest of the strong monsters would not discover it as well.

Lin Huang's initial plan was to defeat the Sword Dominator and he would then summon the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit to seal it before bringing it away. However, it seemed like sealing was not required as the Sword Dominator had used up its own Life Power.

"Lancelot, don't kill it first. The illusion of unsealing might appear. Let's go into the independent space first." Lin Huang tapped Lancelot on its shoulder.

Despite it feeling like it could no longer wait, still, it had to bear with it.

Lin Huang then turned back and looked at Kylie. "Kylie, bring it to the independent space of the Starlight Beast and look after it. I'll go there with Thunder later."

Kylie then grabbed the Sword Dominator's arm and flew up into the sky, heading towards the independent space of the Starlight Beast. She was familiar with the desert.

Lin Huang then summoned Thunder. After thinking twice, he decided not to recall Lancelot. The three of them then headed towards the independent space.

The place where the Sword Dominator was hidden at was less than 600 kilometers away from the oasis where the Starlight Beast's independent space was located.

Thunder took less than 20 minutes to arrive in the sky above the independent space along with three of them.

"Go down!" Lin Huang instructed and at the same time, his Dark Shield was activated, and Lin Xin's body was shrouded in it.

A few moments later, Thunder dove into the lake.

After a short while, they then passed through the Dimensional Portal and arrived at the place where Starlight Beast lived.

Kylie was waiting for Lin Huang and the rest at the entrance. The Sword Dominator looked more pitiful than before. Perhaps it had attempted to run away, so Kylie had hit it. Originally, its ability was on par with Kylie. However, it had no Life Power now, and it could not perform any skills at all. It could only endure its impending doom.

"Let's go deeper in. We're too near to the entrance." Lin Huang was still worried as he was afraid that the aura might be released outside.

Kylie then grabbed the Sword Dominator in her hand and went deeper in. Thunder flapped its wings and followed after them as well.

After about half an hour, they were now at a place close to 1,000 kilometers away from the entrance. Thunder eventually descended.

Kylie stood still while waiting. She then turned her head back and looked at Lin Huang as if she was stating, "It should be fine now that we're now away from the entrance at this distance."

Lin Huang then nodded in approval. "We're far enough."

He then leaped from Thunder's back and walked towards Lancelot and the Sword Dominator. The black sword in Lancelot's hand immediately penetrated through the right side of its chest and pierced right into its heart without mercy.

It was incapable of defending against Lancelot's attack without the protection of Life Power despite it being so powerful. The strength of Lancelot's attack was comparable to the white flame-level.

The black sword seemed to have penetrated through its body without any obstacles.

Lin Huang turned back and glanced at Lin Xin. He was afraid that she was not used to seeing such a scene. However, Lin Xin was calm, her gaze fixed on the scene.

He was startled. However, soon, Lin Huang felt relieved. Perhaps Lin Xin had witnessed countless bloody scenes that were even worse than this in the Gun Master game.

"Brother, why did Lancelot pierce through the right side of its chest? Isn't it its heart is on the left?" Lin Xin noticed that Lin Huang was looking at her and asked softly.

"The heart of the Sword Dominator is on the right," Lin Huang explained with a smile. "The position of the heart of different monsters varies."

Right at that moment, the Sword Dominator was dying, and soon after, a notification from Xiao Hei arrived.

"Congratulations, you have obtained a new epic-level monster card -- Sword Dominator (sword servant)."

A white beam of light that resembled a spotlight then shone on Lancelot.

Lancelot's body gradually floated up in the sky as if it was attracted by the white glow and was no longer restricted by gravitational force.

Lin Huang and the rest retreated as they were afraid that they would affect Lancelot's unsealing.

The only thing that was different from Bai's unsealing was that it seemed like there were no changes in Lancelot's body. Instead, its aura was getting stronger and stronger. In just a few minutes, it had leveled up from complete gold-level to white flame-level.

In just a short while, the white glow disappeared, and Lancelot's body gradually descended from mid-air. A few notifications then arrived.

"Congratulations, you have unsealed your epic-level Ruthless Sword Master (Lancelot) card, and it has been upgraded to white flame-level."

"The hidden conditions to unsealing have not been completed. The Ruthless Sword Master is unable to upgrade to a legendary-level card."

"Congratulations, the Ruthless Sword Master has received a new skill, Sword Master."

Lin Huang immediately tapped open to check Lancelot's new state.

"Monster Card

"Rarity: Epic

"Monster Name: Ruthless Sword Master

"Combat Level: White Flame-Level

"Skill 1: Absolute Life

"Skill 2: Sword Steps

"Skill 3: Ruthless Sword

"Skill 4: Dark Sword Spirit

"Skill 5: Dark Shield

"Skill 6: Death Zone (Beginner)

"Skill 7: Sword Master

"Summon Authority: Activated

"Card Remarks: Trainable

"Sword Master: Capable of controlling nine sword servants and the skills of any of the sword servants can be used.

"Remark 1: The skills of the sword servants used by the sword master vary according to the power of the sword master. It has nothing to do with the combat strength of the sword servant.

"Remark 2: If the sword servant dies, it will not be revived. There will be a vacancy for a sword servant, and it can be replaced by a new sword servant.

"Remark 3: The maximum number of sword servants is nine.

"Remark 4: If the sword master dies, all the sword servants will die too."

Seeing its new skills, Lin Huang realized that the status of a few of the sword servants had changed where their summoning authority had been activated.

Although he was happy, he was depressed to see one of Xiao Hei's notifications.

"Xiao Hei, what do the hidden conditions mean?"

"It literally means the hidden conditions."

"Do I really need to ask you to explain further about that? I'm asking about what the hidden conditions are," Lin Huang continued asking.

"Since it's a hidden condition, you have to find it out on your own. I can't tell you the answer."

"If you can't tell me the answer, you can give me some hints." Lin Huang was curious as he wanted to know what the hidden conditions were.

"I can't."

"It is now in an incomplete state. Why can't you tell me? Is the hidden condition is still valid? If I achieve it later, the card will be upgraded?" Lin Huang guessed.

Xiao Hei remained silent.

Seeing Xiao Hei's reaction, Lin Huang knew it.

"Alright, I've finally gotten this done after so many days. Both of you shall take a good rest." Lin Huang gazed at Lancelot and Kylie, recalling them into their card forms. He then summoned Charcoal…


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