Monster Paradise
429 Defeating The Sword Dominator
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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429 Defeating The Sword Dominator

In mid-air, the Sword Dominator's white robe was flapping around in the wind. It looked like a humanoid fairy.

With the scabbard that it was holding, it pointed into the air and soon, 3,333 long swords surrounding it raced towards Lin Huang and the rest, resembling a torrential downpour.

Lin Huang gazed at the attack and was excited. Under normal circumstances, it would be best to activate his Dark Shield in order to dodge such an attack. However, Lin Huang attempted to break the attack with his sword skill.

"Activate your Dark Shield so that you can protect Lin Xin and the rest."

Lin Huang leaped as soon as he contacted Lancelot with his mind.

Lancelot retreated next to Lin Xin and activated its Dark Shield. It then transformed into a ball, and Lin Xin and Kylie were enveloped by the Dark Shield.

Thousands of streaks that resembled meteorites in the sky struck them and fell into Lin Huang's territory in an instant.

Lin Huang's eyes turned red abruptly. Four bloody wings then extended out of his back, switching into sword blade mode. The 5-star Dragon Slayer in his hand was completely shrouded in golden Life Power and soon, he disappeared from his original position.

Four of the bloody wings and his Dragon Slayer seemed to move at the same time. Their speed was so fast as cuts formed in the air. All of the long swords were broken into pieces right when they collided with each other, producing a thunderous sound in the air.

Despite Lin Huang not achieving holy fire-level yet, he was engaged in a holy fire-level battle. The remaining energy resulting from the collision could cause those on gold-level to be severely injured.

Luckily, thanks to Lancelot's Dark Shield which was extremely strong in defense strength, despite Lin Xin being just an ordinary person, she was not affected.

However, she could no longer capture Lin Huang's movement. She could vaguely see that there were glows that looked like thunder flashes striking down from mid-air. Of course, it was because Lancelot had activated the observation mode of its Dark Shield which enabled her to look through it.

Outside the Dark Shield, the battle between Lin Huang and the Sword Dominator intensified. In an instant, the Sword Dominator's hundreds of swords were destroyed by Lin Huang.

Loud thuds were heard, and the frequency was akin to that when firecrackers were lit during the Chinese New Year on Earth. The airflow resulting from the collision hit the surface of the lake like rain. Ripples were formed, spreading wider and wider.

The trees that were a few kilometers away from them were instantly crushed into powder due to the powerful airflow. A barren area where no plants could survive suddenly appeared in the green oasis.

Initially, Lin Huang had kept a distance from the long swords. However, he soon realized that there were a large number of long swords and he had to move his body to avoid the attacks.

More than 3,000 of the long swords produced were apparently tougher than their predecessors. Besides, the attack speed and strength were stronger as well, so they were comparable to the crimson flame-level.

During the fight with Lancelot, with the Sword Dominator's current condition, Lancelot could not even block a single sword without the use of the Dark Shield.

On the ground, Lin Huang activated his Seraphic Speed and Cloud Steps simultaneously. He then moved his body quickly while dodging his opponent's swords. Despite his territory being capable of detecting his opponent's attack, due to the great number of sword attacks, some of the attacks somehow managed to break through Lin Huang's sword defense. Therefore, Lin Huang was forced to evade those attacks.

Despite Lin Huang seeming to avoid the attacks passively, the number of his opponent's long swords was decreasing every second. None of the attacks hit him, and still, he insisted on not activating the Dark Shield.

As the swords collided with each other, explosive sounds were constantly heard throughout the area. The sand and rocks surrounding Lin Huang were all stirred up as if the region was being swept away by a tornado.

The long sword in his hand and the Vampire Particles on his back then transformed into swords and advanced. Soon after, Lin Huang's Thunder Sting integrated with his Star Dome. The speed of integration was countless times faster than the usual speed he could execute during practice.

Lin Huang did not realize all these. He could vaguely feel that the movement of his sword skill had become rather smooth and the speed of his attack was getting faster as well.

All of a sudden, two notifications from Xiao Hei arrived.

"Congratulations, your epic-level sword skill 'Thunder Sting' has completely integrated with the legendary-level sword skill 'Star Dome'. It is now part of the sword skill 'Star Dome'!

"Congratulations, Sword Power Realm has leveled up from consonance to illumination! The qualification and potential of Sword Power Realm have been upgraded! The power of your sword skills has improved!"

Lin Huang did not care about the notifications received as he had all his attention focused on the battle with the thousands of long swords. He did not even regard the notification from Xiao Hei as well as the changes in his body.

However, the Sword Dominator that was hanging mid-air could feel that something was wrong. It sensed that the attack speed of its opponent was getting faster and he had managed to destroy thousands of swords in a few seconds. It panicked, manipulating the remaining long swords from various angles and hurling them towards Lin Huang.

Lin Huang's courage mounted as the battle progressed. In addition to the number of swords reducing and his extraordinary body condition, he no longer had to duck the attacks. Regardless of the angles of the attack, he was capable of destroying them. His battle sword and the Vampire Particles attacked at a frequency of about 100 times per second, and he managed to destroy a sword during each collision.

The situation had gotten worse. The Sword Dominator stared at the Dark Shield activated by Lancelot furiously.

Hundreds of swords immediately shifted their trajectory path and headed towards the ball of Dark Shield.

It was a very unwise move as it knew nothing about the characteristic of the Dark Shield. It thought that Lancelot was way weaker than itself and therefore, Lancelot had become its target.

The power of Lancelot's forbidden skill, Absolute Kill, was on par with the attack launched by the crimson flame-level at full force. Its Dark Shield was almost capable of defending against the attack by a blue flame-level. As long as the attack power did not exceed the Dark Shield's defensive ability, it would not collapse.

Therefore, the Sword Dominator's attack was rendered useless.

In less than ten seconds after it made such a decision, the 3,333 long swords were all destroyed by Lin Huang.

Seeing all the long swords destroyed, the Sword Dominator was stunned. As soon as it recovered from its shock, it wanted to flee. However, its Life Power had been drained, and it could no longer fight.

Right at this moment, a golden silhouette that was even faster than the Sword Dominator appeared and blocked its way.

Impressively, the golden shadow was Kylie.

Kylie could see that the Sword Dominator had used up its Life Power. She did not use her long spear and struck a blow on its chest with her fist instead. The Sword Dominator's body instantly fell to the ground near Lin Huang.

Lancelot immediately removed the Dark Shield and appeared in front of the Sword Dominator in a flash. However, it was then stopped.

"Wait a minute! Don't kill it!" Surprisingly, the one who said this was Lin Huang.


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