Monster Paradise
428 3000 Sword Rain
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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428 3000 Sword Rain

The suddenly created door-sized big swords formed by Lin Huang's opponent were indeed out of his expectation. However, he did not hesitate and made an attack.

Right when his battle sword collided with its big sword, eight out of nine swords were broken into pieces and cracks appeared on the ninth sword as well. However, it did not collapse.

Seeing this to happen, Sword Dominator was upset. Soon after, an immense strength came from the blade of its sword. Its body and its last sword dashed towards Lin Huang like a softball being hit.

A few moments later, it crashed into the wall of the cave.


The wall of the cave rapidly collapsed and the cracks began spreading everywhere. The natural cave could no longer bear the immense force generated and eventually collapsed.

Water started gushing from the waterfall.

Lin Huang then immediately stomped the ground and leaped out of the waterfall. Lancelot followed after him.

Since both of them could not fly, it would be a drawback to them if they were being drawn into the waterfall. Escaping from the area would be their only choice.

However, Lin Huang knew that Sword Dominator managed to defend against the attack with a large amount of its Life Power. Sword Dominator would definitely survive.

The sound of an explosion was heard by Lin Xin and Kylie. They were standing somewhere near the waterfall. Soon after, a loud explosive noise was heard again and the waterfall collapsed.

Two figures then appeared next to Lin Xin when they were worried about them.

Seeing Lin Huang was safe, Lin Xin was relieved.

Lin Huang and Lancelot turned their back on Lin Xin and looked towards the waterfall.

All of a sudden, a white shadow appeared out of the waterfall. In fact, Sword Dominator was not dead. It was not injured as well.

Sword Dominator who was hanging mid-air looked towards four of them. Hundreds of long swords were surrounding it, preparing for the fight.

It shifted its gaze towards Lin Huang in the first place as it was nearly killed by him. It had fear in Lin Huang.

Soon after, it noticed the presence of Kylie. It could not ignore the aura released by the white flame-level.

After sizing up Lin Huang and Kylie, it was then determined, pointing its fingers at four of them.

Hundreds of long swords that resembled meteorites were about to strike four of them.

Right that moment when the long swords arrived at Lin Huang's Micro Territory, Lin Huang took a step forward and brandished his sword.

Lancelot wanted to help out as well. However, when it thought it was unable to destroy the opponent's long sword, it gave up.

In mid-air, the long swords that fell into Lin Huang's Micro Territory were destroyed when they were attacked by Lin Huang in the air. Regardless of which angle the swords were coming from, none of them could escape from Lin Huang's attack. Not even a single sword managed to approach Lin Huang at a distance of 80 meters.

Seeing the attacks launched by the white-robed monster lingering mid-air were destroyed by Lin Huang in a few seconds, it was the first time Lin Xin realized that her brother was way stronger than she thought.

The Sword Dominator in mid-air was shocked. It did not notice that Lin Huang possessed a territory earlier and it only discovered it now. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to destroy all its long swords from everywhere in the air.

A person who possessed a territory was capable of restraining monsters like Sword Dominator to some extent. It was because regardless of how tricky the attack was, one would not have to care where the attack was coming from as the territory would be able to detect it on its own. Furthermore, the attack range of a person who possessed a territory could cover up to the entire region. Therefore, Lin Huang could easily destroy all the long swords in the air.

As soon as all the long swords were destroyed, Lin Huang stood up and looked at the Sword Dominator in mid-air. He then tried to provoke it with his offensive hand gesture, "Come on. Bring it on."

"Do you want to die!?"

A transcendent monster that had gone through its second mutation would normally know the human language as long as they had contacted humans before. A monster with higher intelligence could even speak human language. The offensive gesture and body language were not difficult for them to understand.

Without a doubt, Lin Huang's offensive gesture had stimulated Sword Dominator.

A delicately made white scabbard suddenly appeared in Sword Dominator's hand. Its white Life Power was being inserted into the scabbard. White glows then gushed out of the scabbard and a long sword was rapidly formed in the air.

In just a blink of an eye, thousands of long swords were formed. However, it was not the end. The white scabbard did not stop making new swords.

Lin Huang felt that it was interesting and looked at the scabbard. He guessed that it must be a relic that Sword Dominator was gifted with and it was exclusively made for Sword Dominator. The rest would be unable to use it. Otherwise, the people would kill all the Sword Dominator in this world in order to obtain the scabbard.

"I wonder if Lancelot is unsealed, can the skill of a sword servant be extracted…" Lin Huang mumbled.

"Sword servant is a unique card where its skills cannot be extracted. However, as soon as Ruthless Sword Master is unsealed, you are allowed to use any of the skills of its sword servant."

A notification from Xiao Hei was heard. Lin Huang was just mumbling. He did not know that Xiao Hei would give such a reply. Although the first sentence was disappointing, his eyes brightened and looked at Lancelot as soon as he heard the last sentence.

"A double mutated monster possesses at least five skills. Lancelot has nine sword servants. This indicates that there will be more than 40 of skills available for use. In addition to the skill it has, there will be about 50 of them… It is an ULTIMATE BOSS!"

Lin Huang currently had about 10 of the monster skills. Even if the human combat skills that he had learned from the association were included, there were less than 20 of them. He was incredibly strong now and it seemed like nobody of the same level could fight him.

Once Lancelot was unsealed, the number of skills would be more than twice the skill that Lin Huang currently possessed. Lin Huang then knew that he had underestimated Lancelot's ability. He was excited. He felt lucky that he did not simply choose nine sword type monsters for Lancelot as sword servant to avoid getting into trouble.

When Lin Huang was not aware of it, Sword Dominator had already released more than 3,300 long swords in the air.

This had proven that Sword Dominator's ultimate skill was more than 3,000 swords as mentioned in the monster guide. To be exact, there were 3,333 of them.

This attack had depleted Sword Dominator's Life Power. He could barely float in the air now.

3,333 swords were formed. Sword Dominator was holding the scabbard and pointed at four of them. A voice with a terrifying intent to kill was heard.

"3000 Sword Rain!"


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