Monster Paradise
425 Arriving at Luoxi City Again
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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425 Arriving at Luoxi City Again

Luoxi City was situated north to the C-grade foothold in Divison7. Lin Huang had been there to hunt the brain eater and had bought the quick-frozen cake at Luoxi City before.

Looking at the time, it was already slightly after four in the afternoon.

"The foothold looks desolate…" Lin Xin looked around and said. She could recognize it as a C-grade foothold. However, it was no longer as prosperous as it used to be.

"This is Luoxi City. It is located north to Divison7 which is also one of the footholds nearest to northwest area," Lin Huang explained. The economy of a border city will normally be bad since it was too far away from the city. The tourism was unsustainable.

"Do you still remember the quick-frozen cake that I gave you?"

Lin Xin immediately nodded her head as she could still clearly remember how delicious the cake was.

"The main outlet of that quick-frozen cake is here." Lin Huang said with a smile.

"Is that true?!" Lin Xin was excited the moment she heard this.

"Yes, I'll bring you to the cake shop later. Let's walk around and look for a hotel now." Lin Huang was not in a hurry to hunt monsters as Lin Xin was tired. Also, Lancelot had completed the unsealing process for two monsters. There was only one monster left and he was finally able to relax. He would start his journey tomorrow morning.

Lin Huang then brought along Lin Xin and checked in into a hotel. They walked out from the hotel, riding on the Viridian Wolf and headed towards the cake shop.

Arriving at the cake shop, Lin Xin, who was initially tired, felt more energized. Other than buying 100 quick-frozen cakes, Lin Xin had also chosen many of the desserts. She had never tried some of them before. There were also desserts that she had never eaten before. The desserts looked delicious. Since Lin Huang was not short of money, she bought them all. It seemed like half of the food sold in the shop were bought by Lin Huang and Lin Xin.

After buying the desserts, both of them then walked along the business street. When it was almost 6 p.m, both of them looked for a restaurant selling spicy hotpot for dinner. Ever since Lin Xin had been to Jinchuan, she was in love with spicy food.

It was already 7 p.m when they returned to the hotel. In the living room, Lin Huang sat on the sofa. He browsed through the Hunter Forum and posted a message on the reward board using an anonymous account.

"I'll offer a reward of 5,000 Life Crystals to look for the Undead Evil Child. Anyone who has the location of the monster, please contact me."

It seemed like 5,000 Life Crystals were just a small amount of money. However, it was sufficient to buy a 3-star relic. Furthermore, Lin Huang only requested for the location of the monster.

Despite the Undead Evil Child being rare, the monsters were scattered around. The people had discovered them at many places before. This piece of information meant nothing to the discoverers as it was unlikely that people would hunt for the Undead Evil Child as the monsters were immortal.

In less than two minutes after Lin Huang posted the message, he received a personal message. He was surprised and opened it. It was sent by an anonymous hunter.

"I have the location that you are looking for. It was discovered two months ago. Let's trade if you need it. Trading account: 93X24X11."

"How can that be so fast?" Lin Huang frowned and immediately proceeded with the transaction.

He then searched for the account number of the anonymous who had already selected the preferred transaction method. The due date of the transaction was one month from today. Lin Huang had to visit the location specified within one month in order to verify the presence of the target monster. Upon confirmation, only then would the information provider be able to receive the money. If it were not confirmed within one month, the money would be automatically transferred to the other party's account. Of course, before all this happened, Lin Huang had to authorize the Emperor's Heart Ring to carry out the transaction before the Life Crystals could be deducted from his account by the Hunter Network.

If the target monster did not appear at the specific location within one month, he could apply to cancel the transaction from the Hunter Association. At the same time, he could file a complaint against the person who had provided false information and the people from the Hunter Association would investigate it. Once it was confirmed, the user would be blacklisted by Hunter Association as well as the cooperative organization. Therefore, one would normally not provide fake information as they would have to pay for it.

Lin Huang was never worried that he would receive false information from the Hunter Association. Instead, he was worried that there would be organizations from the black market that spread fake news whereby they would swindle him out of money. This was also the reason why whenever Lin Huang posted a message on the black market, the transaction would be done face-to-face. Normally, the organizations that spread false information dared not show up as they were afraid that they would be killed. Only a few of them from the underworld were friendly. It was normal for them to kill the person who offended them.

Upon confirming the transaction, the location was quickly sent to him.

Lin Huang glanced at it. "Sandy Land? Isn't it somewhere near Baqi City?"

Sandy Land was a level-4 wilderness area. Previously, it was a danger zone. As it was too near to the human foothold, the Transcendent monsters existing there were all killed.

Although Sandy Land was near to Baqi City, it was actually nearer to Fatty's old house. The distance was less than 800 kilometers. Lin Huang would never expect the Undead Evil Child to appear at such a place.

"After I've settled everything here, I'll go there. I wonder how's the situation in Fatty's hotel." It had been more than half a month since Fatty's funeral ceremony. Lin Huang was paying close attention to news of Ke Lai Hotel. He had been waiting for the opportunity to purchase the retail chain as it was Fatty's last will. However, there was no rumor from the Yi family that the hotel was available for sale. Lin Huang was going to visit them and ask the old lady about that.

Without the support of Fatty's father and Fatty, the hotel needed a transformation. Otherwise, it could no longer operate. However, none of them from Fatty's family knew about this. If they decided not to sell it, perhaps the hotel would continue operating in the classic model. If that happened, they would suffer a great loss.

Lin Huang then shut the Hunter Forum screen. He shook his head and snapped himself out of his thoughts. He took a wooden knife and headed towards the training room.

Lin Huang deliberately chose a hotel under the Hunter Association as they would be responsible for any damages or losses. It was not because Lin Huang wanted to take advantage of the Hunter Association, but it could save him some trouble instead. If the training room were damaged, he would only have to inform them about it. Otherwise, he would probably have to spend a few hours communicating with the person-in-charge and discussing the compensation for the damage caused. Lin Huang had no time for that.

Lin Huang had completed the learning of the Star Dome. He was no longer practicing the Star Dome in the training room. It was the Great Sword Scripture that he was now focusing on instead. He began reintegrating all the sword skills that he had learned before.

As soon as he had mastered the Star Dome, he felt that he had some new understandings about his sword skill training and his sword power had been improving.

Soon, a few hours had passed.

At midnight, Lin Huang then retracted his sword. He was quite satisfied with the training of his sword skill. "I'll probably need three to four days to complete the integration of the Great Sword Scripture. The same goes for the rest of the sword skills. With my current progress, my Dao of the Sword will be further improved when the integration is about to be completed."


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