Monster Paradise
424 Escape!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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424 Escape!

Lin Huang had expected this to happen since there might be the presence of immortal-level monsters at the moderate danger zone. However, he never thought that Kylie's Purification Light would catch the immortal-level monster's attention.

"Where's the immortal-level monster coming from?" Right when Lin Huang asked this, he recalled Kylie and Lancelot back to their card forms and summoned the Viridescent Thunderhawk again.

"It's coming from the northeast."

Lin Huang then carried Lin Xin, and the both of them rode on Thunder's back. He urged, "Let's head towards the south as fast as you can!"

The Viridescent Thunderhawk immediately flew up to the sky and accelerated towards the cave located southwards.

"Brother, what happened?" Lin Xin asked in shock.

"There is an immortal-level monster coming after us!" Lin Huang did not bother hiding it from her.

As soon as Thunder heard that, it accelerated at its maximum speed.

"Is an immortal-level even stronger than a holy fire-level?" Lin Xin could still remember that Lin Huang had mentioned to her before the three levels of Transcendents. It was the immortal-level that was ranked above holy fire-level.

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded and did not explain any further. Seeing Lin Huang's reaction, Lin Xin did not continue asking.

"How long do we need to arrive at the exit at Thunder's current speed?" Lin Huang contacted Xiao Hei through his mind.

"42 minutes."

"Will the monster be able to catch up with us?" Lin Huang then asked.

"At the Viridescent Thunderhawk's current speed, it takes only half an hour for the immortal-level monster to catch up with you."

"We won't be able to run away at Thunder's speed…" Lin Huang frowned. After a short a while, a thought flashed through his mind. "If Thunder is not fast enough, Kylie's speed should be."

As soon as he thought of this, Lin Huang immediately summoned Kylie. Standing on the Viridescent Thunderhawk's back, Kylie looked at Lin Huang doubtfully.

Lin Huang immediately communicated with Kylie through his mind. He wanted Kylie's body could grow wider so that he and Lin Xin could sit on her back.

It was apparent that Kylie was unwilling to let anyone ride on her back. She was not a flying mount. However, she was forced to agree with him.

As soon as the body of Kylie who was standing on Thunder's back grew bigger, Thunder's speed was somewhat affected. Lin Huang and Lin Xin then rode on her back. Kylie attempted to flap her wings. After knowing that her movement was not being hindered, she then flew off into the sky.

Lin Huang then recalled Thunder that was still flying.

Kylie accelerated rapidly, and her speed seemed to be three times faster than Thunder's in an instant.

Six of her golden wings fluttered and a golden meteorite streaked across the sky.


The immortal-level monster growled angrily as soon as it discovered Lin Huang was getting farther away from it. However, Lin Huang and the rest could not hear it as Kylie's flying speed was four times faster than the speed of sound.

Still, the growl could be heard in the city. The monsters immediately froze as soon as they heard it. All of them knew very well that it was the overlord of the underworld that let out a loud roar. Many of the hunters and adventure teams immediately restrained their aura and hid in the buildings. It was not the first time for those team to be there and they recognized the presence of the overlord as well.

"What's that sound? It's so scary! It feels like my bladder just shrunk!" A 20 years old young man exclaimed. The monster let out a loud roar that reached the bottom of one's soul. He was indeed frightened.

"Just admit that you peed! What do you mean your bladder has shrunk?" A man next to him saw that he wet his pants and glanced at him disgustedly.

"Shut up!" A tall man in golden armor was their leader. He shouted at the both of them. He was the one who had greeted Lin Huang's team somewhere near the Dimensional Portal. He did not manage to form a team of ten and ended up with only eight of them.

He suddenly remembered that they were partners right after he shouted at both of them and that they would not be happy with him. The tall man immediately lowered his voice and explained, "It is the master of the Shadow Land who let out the loud roar. It is an immortal-level monster, namely, the Abyssal Dragon. It was an actual dragonkin…"

"An immortal-level dragonkin…" The people who first came to the Shadow Land were shocked.

"It sounded like the Abyssal Dragon isn't in a good mood. Let's hide here today. Please don't cause a stir in this area. We shall rest today and think about killing the monsters tomorrow," the tall team leader instructed.

"However, it's not safe to hide here. We'll be trapped if it spits dragonflame. This is just an ordinary building and even we can destroy it, let alone the dragonkin," the young man who wet his pants had not calmed down and raised his opinion, "I think it's better for us to quit now. We'll come in again tomorrow."

"Based on our observation, the Abyssal Dragon won't simply destroy any buildings in the city. All these years, the city has always been precious to it. It never wanted to tear down the buildings. Besides, when it's angry, all the monsters in the city will go dormant, and they won't get us into trouble. Therefore, it's certainly safe to stay here. If you walk along the streets, you'll easily become the Abyssal Dragon's target," the tall man warned.

Listening to the leader's explanation, the young man immediately kept quiet and had no more objections.

Of course, Lin Huang did not know that the monster he offended had sent all the humans and monsters in the Shadow Land to go into hiding. He had no idea what type of monster was chasing after him. There was no need for him to know though. As long as it was an immortal-level monster, he could not afford to offend it.

Despite having a Provisional Summoning Card as his trump card and being able to summon a monster with similar abilities to the Infernal Dragon that had appeared at the auction hall, he did not want to use the life-saving card if possible.

Kylie took about ten minutes and arrived somewhere near the cave. Although the cave was not wide, it was sufficient for Kylie to pass through. She retracted her wings, slowing down, and rushed towards the exit along with Lin Xin and Lin Huang.

A few moments later, they passed through the corridor and emerged from the ground.

Kylie's sudden appearance frightened many of the people in the cave. They thought that a monster had broken in. Soon after, they saw two people sitting on the monster's back.

"That's such a strange mount. It is a humanoid monster and it looks like a girl. Yes, it seems like she has a nice body…" A man with a wretched appearance mumbled in a low voice.

Kylie gradually landed on the ground when they were a certain distance away from the cave. Lin Huang then recalled Kylie and summoned the Dimensional Portal. He then set the location to Luoxi City where he had been and strode over with Lin Xin.

The Meteorite Desert would be his final destination where a double mutated sword type monster existed. Also, it was also the isolated place where the presence of the Starlight Beast was detected as well as the place that Lin Huang had chosen to unseal Charcoal.


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