Monster Paradise
423 It Is Somewhat Purified
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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423 It Is Somewhat Purified

The Cursed Swordfiend was a humanoid demon monster that had gone through three mutations.

Most of the sword type monsters and swordsmen among humans were skilled at close combat. Their attack power was rather impressive .

However, the Cursed Swordfiend was an exception. It was excellent at assassinating enemies. Aside from that, a variety of spells were cast on its swords.

If one were attacked by its sword, a randomly selected curse would befall the person immediately. Each attack would create different types of curse effects, and these effects could be overlaid on the body of the injured.

Some curses had an extremely strong effect. For example, the Lethal Curse would cause immediate death in the cursed. Even if the wound was less than a millimeter long and if the opponent's combat strength was a few levels higher than the Cursed Swordfiend, the curse would still be effective immediately. However, most of the curses could only manage to distract its opponent such as causing dizziness, numbness, diarrhea, urinary incontinence, and so on.

Because the Cursed Swordfiend possessed such an evil power, humans tried not to offend such a monster. They would feel extremely awkward if they were injured during the battle, suffering from urinary incontinence or diarrhea. Furthermore, if one were unlucky and encountered the Lethal Curse, they would be weeping without tears.

However, Lin Huang had no fear of the Cursed Swordfiend. The monster could be controlled by Kylie the Nephilic Judge who was completely immune to its curse. In addition to that, despite the weak Cursed Swordfiend's attack power and despite the fact that it was only a white flame-level, Tyrant was unable to break through its defense. It would probably kill Tyrant instead.

The Cursed Swordfiend would have no way of penetrating Lin Huang's energy protective layer that was created by his 5-star armor, let alone bypass Lin Huang's ultimate defensive skill – the Dark Shield.

The people were all afraid of the Cursed Swordfiend. However, to Lin Huang, there was no difference between the Cursed Swordfiend and the rest of the white flame-level monsters.

After getting rid of the Shadow Worms, Lin Huang recalled the Viridian Wolf and summoned the Viridescent Thunderhawk. He had ridden on the Viridian Wolf previously because the distance between them was short. They were less than 30 kilometers apart. It was also because Lin Huang wanted to take a closer look at the situation of the city. If not for his worrying about Lin Xin's physical strength, he would have actually preferred to walk.

The Cursed Swordfiend was found about 1,200 kilometers away. It was a straight-line distance. Despite the Viridian Wolf running at full speed, it still took them more than ten hours to arrive at their destination.

The Viridescent Thunderhawk then carried the three of them and flew off into the sky. In less than an hour, they then arrived at their destination and landed on the ground.

The Shadow Land, the place where the Cursed Swordfiend was hiding, was a high-rise building situated towards the west of the ruins. It had a height of more than 570 meters. Despite being located at the center of the city, it still stood out above the rest.

Lin Huang could see that before its abandonment, it had been a prosperous business zone. Lights from buildings of different sizes used to be lit up all the time, and the city had been as bright as day.

"Before the foothold was abandoned, it must have been a prosperous city," Lin Xin sized up the surrounding and said.

Just looking at the buildings, the area of the business zone was comparable to that of an A-grade foothold.

Lin Huang then raised his head and looked towards the tallest building. If he was not mistaken, the Cursed Swordfiend should now be hiding on the top floor of the building and it must have noticed them.

He immediately recalled the Viridescent Thunderhawk and summoned Kylie. Kylie sized up the surrounding calmly as soon as she realized that she was somewhere she was unfamiliar with. She then turned back and looked at Lin Huang. To be exact, it was a half-red, half-blue mask without any facial features that was looking towards Lin Huang.

She did not ask anything about it and Lin Huang said nothing either. He immediately instructed, "There is a Cursed Swordfiend on top of the building, bring it down, but don't kill it."

Kylie did not nod. She lifted her head and looked towards the top of the high-rise building. Her gaze seemed to have penetrated through her mask. She was not restricted to the dark surroundings and managed to see the humanoid monster that was looking at them. Six of her golden wings immediately fluttered, and she flew up to the sky towards the top of the building.

After a few moments, a dazzling white glow suddenly appeared in mid-air. Lin Huang, who was looking towards that direction, squinted.

Soon after, a loud explosive sound was heard and a black shadow immediately appeared. It struck the ground hard with a cloud of smoke.


Lin Huang could feel the vibration was coming from the ground beneath his feet. Lin Xin, who was standing next to him, almost fell down. He immediately extended his hand and grabbed her. As soon as Lin Xin could balance herself, Lin Huang then looked towards the direction where the black shadow had fallen. A big hole that was a few meters in diameter was formed hundreds of meters away from him.

Right at this moment, before Lin Huang could even issue any instructions, Lancelot transformed into a black shadow and took a leap.

Kylie then gradually descended from mid-air. It seemed like she was not going to join the fight as she stood next to Lin Huang and became a spectator.

There was smoke billowing out from the big hole. Soon, Lancelot body was shrouded in the cloud of smoke and nobody could see him.

Even Lin Huang's vision could only detect a few beams of black shadows flickering and crashes were heard.

This situation lasted for less than a minute. Before the smoke cleared away, Xiao Hei's notification was heard.

"Congratulations, you have obtained an Epic level monster card --the Cursed Swordfiend (Sword Servant).

Lancelot slowly walked out from the cloud of smoke. Lin Huang was shocked because the Cursed Swordfiend was killed by Lancelot very quickly. Although it was weak in close combat, it was still a white flame-level monster. How did Lancelot manage to kill it in less than a minute without even activating his Absolute Life?!

Lin Huang then recalled the white glow that appeared mid-air and looked towards Kylie. "What did you do to the Cursed Swordfiend just now?!"

"I did nothing. It is somewhat purified," Kylie said calmly.

Lin Huang then recalled the beam of white light that had appeared abruptly in mid-air must have been Kylie's Purification Light. The Purification Light could be fatal to the Cursed Swordfiend. When it shone on the Cursed Swordfiend, it was as if an ordinary person had been doused with sulphuric acid. Despite the light shining on it for only a short period, it had been weakened drastically.

Lin Huang soon understood why Lancelot had been capable of killing it so easily.

"An immortal-level monster that is 1,800 kilometers away from you sensed the power of Purification Light. It is coming towards you…" Xiao Hei's voice was suddenly heard.


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