Monster Paradise
419 Shadow Land
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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419 Shadow Land

It was almost 1 p.m. after Lin Huang and Lin Xin had lunch and took a short rest. He summoned his dimensional relic and arrived at the Dark Night City in foothold No.7A11. After transiting the four-dimensional portals, they finally arrived at their destination, the Shadow City in foothold No.7C228. His final destination was the Dark Land that was more than 2,300 kilometers from Shadow City.

The Shadow Land was an underground ruin that was formed from a sunken city in the old era. It was a huge city sprawling across five million square kilometers which was comparable to half an A-grade foothold. The ruins belonged to the middle-range danger zone. Judging by the three ranges, this zone had at least five holy fire-level monsters and even immortal-level monsters. Compared to Bell Canyon which had few monsters, this ruins was the territory of various monsters. Many buildings were their hidden places. Entering the Shadow Land was like invading the monsters' lair which was risky.

"Are you sure you want to follow me?" Lin Huang asked Lin Xin in all seriousness as they got out of the dimensional portal. "I'm going to the Shadow Land, it's a dimensional ruin that's completely occupied with monsters. It's different from all the places that I've brought you before."

"Yes!" Lin Xin nodded hard.

Lin Huang did not say anything after her confirmation. The reason why he had allowed Lin Xin to follow him was that he had the confidence to protect her. Although it might be too early for her to go to places like this, it was good to expose her to the real side of the world. Most students who had just graduated from college were like fragile, protected flowers. They imagined the world to be all rainbows and butterflies as they grew up in the safe zones. Lin Huang did not want Lin Xin to have that illusion as there would be consequences of being naive.

"Are you going to the Shadow Land?" A hunk in golden armor asked, completely ignoring Lin Xin. Lin Huang looked up at him and saw that he was a complete gold-level with great abilities.

"Our team can bring you along if you need. We have two complete gold-levels and three gold-level rank-3's with us. As long as you're not planning to go to the area with Transcendent monsters, we can bring you along," the man suggested, he extended the invitation since he could see that Lin Huang was a gold-level rank-3.

Nobody below Transcendent-level would enter the Shadow Land alone as it would be similar to digging their own grave. Most people would go as a team to look out for one another. Having five people in a team was the basic rule for entering the Shadow Land. That was the reason why the hunk was looking for more teammates as it was dangerous for a team that had less than ten people to enter.

"It's okay, thanks." Lin Huang had researched about the place on the Heart Network before coming. However, it was his first time being invited into a team. He thought it was interesting but he still rejected with a smile.

"We're not from Adventure Paradise. We're just a team that's made up at the last minute. You don't have to pay us to join," the hunk explained immediately as he thought that Lin Huang had misunderstood him as being from the Adventurer Paradise team.

"We have my own team." Lin Huang shook his head while smiling. He said that knowing that the person was just asking out of kindness.

"Oh, is that so? Sorry to bother you then." The hunk then left.

Lin Huang projected the map to locate himself, soon he found the location of the Hunter Association division. Before he departed, he wanted to drop by the Hunter Association to inquire about some information that was only known by the locals as well as purchasing a detailed map of the Shadow Land. As soon as he confirmed the Hunter Association's location, he summoned the Viridian Wolf and left with Lin Xin. The hunk who had been rejected by Lin Huang was shocked as he recalled what Lin Huang said earlier after walking a few steps away.

"He said 'we have our own team' instead of 'I have my own team'. Is he really bringing the little girl who is not even an iron-level into the ruins?! I think I must have misheard. He must've said 'I' instead of 'we'." The hunk shook his head to get rid of the thoughts while he proceeded to look for more teammates.

Lin Huang brought Lin Xin to the Hunter Association and got what he wanted. He also purchased a copy of a detailed map of the Shadow Land. The both of them were informed that there was no signal to use the network or their phones, so there was no way that they could pin the coordinates. All they had was the map to find out where they were. Moreover, if they were in trouble, they would not be able to contact anybody. However, Lin Huang was not surprised as he had read about that on the Hunter Forum.

"Brother, if we can't contact anybody when we run into trouble, doesn't that mean we will die?" Lin Xin asked as soon as they left the Hunter Association.

"Most people would have to register themselves with the organization they belong before entering the Shadow City. They would have to write down the time they left the Shadow Land and log out on the network after they leave. If they don't log out more than 48 hours later, the organization will try to contact the person. If that fails, they will send people to the rescue. So, it's still possible for the person to survive if they manage to hold on for more than two days if they are captured by monsters or get lost in the Shadow Land.

"Moreover, there are many human teams that enter the Shadow Land. If they encounter trouble, they can send signals to the teams nearby. Although the Heart Network and phones can't be used inside, the S.O.S signal in the Emperor's Heart Ring still functions. It can reach up to a 100-kilometer radius without any obstacles. Other Emperor's Heart Rings within the coverage will receive the signal. Even if there are obstacles, the signal will still be received,"

Lin Huang explained in detail as the information was useful to Lin Xin. He did not know about the function of sending signals earlier and only found out about that recently as from his time in the library. In reality, some experienced hunters knew about the existence of the signal and colleges covered that in their syllabus as well. Only Lin Huang, who had been out in the world for a year, did not know about the hidden function.

As they left the Hunter Association, Lin Huang did not plan to follow the other teams as he was sure that his summoning monsters were more reliable than the people. He summoned Thunder and the both of them headed to the Shadow Land.


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