Monster Paradise
417 A Troublesome Opponen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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417 A Troublesome Opponen

To explain the Dark Shield with Mr. Fu's energy form, it was a skill that could change its form on its surface from any of the three available forms. Lin Huang could transform it into any form that he wanted to, but the coverage depended on the strength of his Life Power. Usually, he would convert it into a hemisphere because besides blocking the incoming attack, it used half the Life Power instead of when it was a full sphere. In real battles, it would always win.

However, the Luminescent Angelwing soon noticed the function of Dark Shield, and she bypassed the shield in an attempt to attack from their back. What she did not know was that although her speed was rapid, she was in their territory. Her movements were crystal clear to Lin Huang due to the activation of Micro Territory. As she bypassed the shield, Lin Huang and Lancelot attacked almost at the same time. His grade-5 sword relic, the Dragon Slayer, slashed at the same time as the Ruthless Sword Master's black sword.

Lin Huang's Micro Territory had evolved from the Ruthless Sword Master's Life Seed. It was similar to his Death Zone whereby it could attack from where he stood towards any location within its coverage. Lin Huang had little opportunity to use the skill as he was used to gunning for long-distance attacks. Moreover, there was a flaw in using Micro Territory which was having only a small coverage. It only covered a radius of 100 meters where the gun would attack further. By using the gun, he could attack from thousands of meters away from his opponent. As his opponent got closer, he could then switch his weapon to a sword although it was strange for him to wait for his opponent to enter the radius of 100 meters before doing so.

However, using Micro Territory was the best to fight looking at the situation now. As the Luminescent Angelwing moved so quickly, it was hard to aim his gun at her. Using Micro Territory to attack from where he was, it was the most effective way. The Luminescent Angelwing did not know that she had just dug her own grave. However, she sensed the danger as she arrived behind the both of them. She backed off immediately, but it was too late.

A golden sword glow sliced through her waist, leaving a 10-centimeter gash on her stomach. Another black sword glow headed towards her head. However, it only got less than five millimeters into her forehead, and it could not go further in. It was obvious that Lin Huang's attack ability was much more powerful than Lancelot's that was on the same level. Now that he had mastered the Star Dome, any swing of his sword was comparable to a white flame-level. Moreover, he added the Thunder Sting into that earlier swing to prevent him from missing. The Luminescent Angelwing that was weak in defense would definitely die if she could not avoid the strike.

Meanwhile, Lancelot was only a white flame-level which could do limited threat to the Luminescent Angelwing. If he were fighting a monster with a high defense such as Tyrant, without using Absolute Life, Lancelot would not be able to win. However, the hit did not excite Lin Huang as he soon confirmed the monster encyclopedia's description of the Luminescent Angelwing. He witnessed the 10-centimeter wound on the Luminescent Angelwing's stomach healing itself within seconds.

It was the Luminescent Angelwing's Luminant Regeneration. As she was half energy herself, she could heal any injuries on her flesh. As long as there was sufficient light, it was almost impossible to kill her. Even if the fight took place in the dark, the only way to kill her was to drain all the energy in her body.

"A radius of 100 meters is really too small…" Lin Huang thought to himself. It would only take the Luminescent Angelwing a second to leave the cover of Micro Territory. He stared at the Luminescent Angelwing that floated in mid-air. Lin Huang was staring her wings as he thought about the theory that he had read about on the network.

Meanwhile, the Luminescent Angelwing that was hundreds of meters away watched Lin Huang with her guard up. She knew that the man's threat was stronger than the fellow in black armor standing next to him. If she had not managed to avoid it just now, she would have been killed by the man. Although she could heal herself, getting sliced on the waist was still pretty darned painful.

"She won't dare to come closer thanks to the lesson she got just now…" Lin Huang did not know what to do. It seemed like none of the double mutated monsters were dumb. Since she fell into his trap just now, it was impossible for the Luminescent Angelwing to be lured into his trap for the second time. If she stayed a distance away from him, it was difficult for Lin Huang to kill her. The only long-distance attack he had was his gun, but although the Luminescent Angelwing was slower than the bullets, she would not be any slower for the gun to do minimal harm to her.

As for Lancelot, although the Absolute Life was powerful, it was a straight-line attack, and he only had one shot. With the speed of the Luminescent Angelwing that surpassed what Lancelot's eyes could capture, the probability of him targeting her would be zero.

"She might escape if I summon a blue flame-level fiend." Lin Huang was coming up with plans in his head. According to the monster encyclopedia, the Luminescent Angelwing was a timid monster and would escape if she was not confident in a battle. If she managed to escape, it would be difficult to find her again. That was the reason why Lin Huang had not summoned the fiends when he was fighting the Spiritsword Supreme earlier. The Luminescent Angelwing might escape if she saw blue flame-level monsters instead of fighting them.

"I can't use the three fiends. I need to lock down her movement to let Lancelot kill her." After some thoughts, Lin Huang finally had an idea. He summoned Kylie first. Seeing Kylie who was also a half-angel, the Luminescent Angelwing thought of escaping. Fortunately, Lin Huang did not summon the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit first as the Luminescent Angelwing would definitely flee.

"Hold her still, don't let her run away," Lin Huang instructed Kylie.

Kylie remained silent while flapping her wings and flew towards the Luminescent Angelwing like a purple lightning bolt. In the air, the purple and white shadow meshed together. They were colliding with each other again and again.


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