Monster Paradise
416 Encountering The Luminescent Angelwing
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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416 Encountering The Luminescent Angelwing

The coordinates where the Luminescent Angelwing was discovered was near the first third of the Bell Canyon's entrance. Lin Huang did not see the Luminescent Angelwing from above, but he asked Thunder to land on the near the coordinates anyway. When they landed, he recalled Thunder immediately. It was almost 10.40 a.m., so Lancelot was free again as 24 hours had passed. He summoned Lancelot in his black armor again.

"The monster I picked this time is the Luminescent Angelwing. It's very nimble, so it might be tough," Lin Huang briefed Lancelot.

He looked around and brought Lancelot into the canyon. Although they did not see any signs of the Luminescent Angelwing at the coordinates, Lin Huang was not worried that the Luminescent Angelwing would not appear. No matter the Hunter Association or the black market, the coordinates that they provided was impossible to be fake because if such a matter happened, the buyer would spread the news and their names would be affected. The Luminescent Angelwing might move away that very day. However, looking at the lifestyle of the monster, it would not usually move too far away from its lair unless something drastic happened. For instance, if it was chased away by more powerful monsters or if something were to happen to its habitat such as lack of food and water.

From what Lin Huang could see, it did not seem like the canyon was lacking water or food. He was sure that the Luminescent Angelwing would initiate a fight as he walked deeper into the canyon with Lancelot. Most monsters had the concept of territory, so not only they did not welcome other monsters, they also did not like the invasion of humans as well. To most monsters, humans were extremely dangerous creatures. They would usually react in two possible ways -- one was to back off, while another was to attack. However, the more powerful a monster was, the greater its sense of territory and the more likely it would attack.

There was a stream less than ten meters wide at the bottom of the canyon. The water was clear and it was less than two meters deep, so one could see the bottom with their eyes. The shores zig-zagged following the streams, and they were 70 to 150 meters wide. There were 90-degree cliff drops on both sides, bald with no leafy plants on them. There were conifers and minimal moss occasionally. With Lin Huang's vision, he could see the entire canyon crystal clear; nothing could escape from his eyes.

There were some small monsters drinking water by the stream, and even some baby monsters playing around. The stream was shallow with no water predators in it. It was a heaven for the smaller monsters. However, they soon noticed Lin Huang and Lancelot, escaping into the caves immediately. Lin Huang raised his eyebrow as those monsters that could not actually climb seemed to have mastered the skill from living in such an environment.

As they walked seven to eight kilometers further, the insects and birds' chirping disappeared. There were no small monsters around anymore. Lin Huang and Lancelot slowed down as they knew they had entered a powerful monster's territory. They looked around, but he still did not see the Luminescent Angelwing. Nevertheless, he knew it must be near.

Suddenly, glowing white balls streaked towards them like meteorites. Lin Huang looked at the direction of the attack and saw a white figure standing arrogantly in the air thousands of meters away. He did not have the time to study it. He picked up his Dark Shield and blocked himself and Lancelot. Although he did not see the attacker clearly, he was sure that he was in the Luminescent Angelwing's habitat. The balls of white glow created waves on the Dark Shield but soon disappeared.

The Dark Shield had the highest defense. It was ten times more powerful than Lin Huang's attack strength. Before he mastered Star Dome, his most powerful attack was sufficient to injure a blue-flame level. Now with the complete legendary-level Skill Card Star Dome, his attack strength had increased even more substantially. His Dark Shield could now only be broken through by a purple flame-level person.

The Absolute Defence that was used by the Final Fortress in the Hunter Arena a year ago was a joke compared to the Dark Shield. With the integration of Star Dome, Lin Huang's attack ability would have room for improvement before he arrived at holy fire-level. By then, the defense ability of the Dark Shield would be even more powerful. However, with sufficient Life Power, Lin Huang could be standing here, receiving the monster's attack and the shield would hold up well.

The Luminescent Angelwing soon realized that the human who had invaded her territory had a terrifying defense, so it was no use to attack from a distance. She then moved and appeared less than 30 meters from the Dark Shield. The shield was completely black to her, but to Lin Huang, it was transparent. Through the Dark Shield, he finally saw how the monster looked like.

"It really is the Luminescent Angelwing!"

It was his first time seeing the real Luminescent Angelwing. Although he had seen images of such a monster before, seeing it in front of eyes blew him away. The Luminescent Angelwing was a creature of half energization and looked like a human lady in a white dress. She was 1.6 meters tall with an angelic face. Her body and dress glowed in white. On her back was a pair of wings that looked like they were made of countless white reflections on her back. She was different from any creatures with wings that Lin Huang had seen before.

Looking at the wings, Lin Huang finally understand how the Luminescent Angelwing got her name. The monster looked exactly like an angel. In reality, it had angel blood in her body. Just like Kylie, she was a half angel. If the blood evolved, she would then evolve into a light angel, which was a real angel and was as powerful as a god's blood creature.

However, he only managed to observe the Luminescent Angelwing for a while as she had bypassed the Dark Shield after examining it and rushed towards the both of them


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