Monster Paradise
415 Bell Canyon
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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415 Bell Canyon

It was 8:30 a.m, two hours before Lancelot could be summoned again while it would only take them over an hour to get to Bell Canyon by riding on Thunder. Since they had more than an hour of free time, Lin Huang decided to bring Lin Xin around the foothold. Lin Xin was puzzled when she saw Lin Huang summoning the Viridian Wolf instead of Thunder.

"Brother, is the monster that you're looking for near to this foothold?"

"No, it's in the Bell Canyon which is more than 1,600 kilometers away." He shook his head, and soon he realized why Lin Xin had asked that question.

"We're not in a rush, so I'll only head there after an hour as Lancelot is still sealed now. We can walk around the foothold."

Yi City was not considered large. It was similar to the size of Baqi City. Riding on the Viridian Wolf with the guidance of Lin Huang's map, they arrived in the most crowded commercial street in Yi City in less than ten minutes. Although it was only a C-grade foothold, the commercial street was crowded. It was the summer holiday, so many young people from the D-grade footholds around visited the area.

"What a crowded street!" Lin Xin enthused. If this had happened half a year ago, she would have found this C-grade commercial street to be fascinating. However, since she had been to the commercial streets in the Winter City and the White Capital, that was the best comment that she could give for the one here.

"Let's shop for clothes?" Lin Huang asked her with his eyebrow raised.

"Yes, please!" Lin Xin nodded as she loved shopping with Lin Huang.

They headed to the shopping mall that was the nearest to them. On the first floor was the jewelry department, the second was lingerie while they headed straight to the third floor which was selling women clothes. Lin Xin saw her favorite brand as they stepped into the third floor. She liked the trench coat that the mannequin was wearing, so she got the staff to get her an S size, and she ran into the fitting room. She was out two to three minutes later.

"What do you think?" Lin Xin asked Lin Huang as she walked over to him. It was a dark gray short trench coat, which would fit a taller, more matured lady more especially since the first impression Lin Huang got was that it suited Yi Yeyu more than it did Lin Xin. She just looked odd now. Although she tried her best to pose maturely, Lin Huang laughed and shook his head.

"This doesn't suit you. Let's try another one."

"Okay…" Lin Xin sighed and walked into the fitting room again.

They shopped for an hour, but Lin Xin did not pick out anything else that she liked.

"Alright, it's almost time." Lin Huang had set his alarm at 9:30 a.m. before shopping. He stopped walking when he heard his alarm ringing.

"Must we leave now?" Lin Xin was not done with shopping yet.

"I think it's better that you stay in Yi City. The monster I'm hunting this time is incredibly fast. If it discovers you in a short distance, I might not be able to save you. Even if you have Kylie protecting you, was Kylie to fight it, you won't be able to stand the shockwave."

While they were shopping, Lin Huang had been considering if he should bring Lin Xin along. For her safety, he decided to ask her to stay in Yi City. If it was other monsters, Lin Huang might be able to stop them from attacking Lin Xin but the Luminescent Angelwing was swift, and it was difficult to chase after it as soon as it changed its target. Lin Xin felt down. She thought she would be able to see how glorious her brother was in battles but she was not allowed to follow this time.

"I'll need more than an hour to get there and killing her will take less than half an hour. I'll take the dimensional portal to get back. I think I should be back before 11:30 a.m. You can continue to shop with Tyrant. Head back to the hotel after shopping a bit more as it'll be lunch by then," Lin Huang comforted her. He knew that Lin Xin would be sad, but no matter what, her safety was his top priority.

"Okay." Although she was disappointed, she agreed anyway.

Lin Huang then summoned Tyrant who was in a black suit, then he watched them leave after briefing Tyrant what to do. He left the shopping mall and summoned Thunder. He leaped and sat on its back, heading to the Bell Canyon. The Bell Canyon was located in the northeast of Yi City and they would pass through Hulun prairie along the way. In reality, the Hulun prairie was huge. The Hulun City that was ten thousand kilometers away was located to the southwest of the prairie. The size of the prairie was even bigger than the continent of Asia on Earth. Although they had departed from Yi City, the journey to Bell Canyon was more than 1,600 kilometers.

Riding on Thunder's back, Lin Huang breathed in the prairie air. Greenery was everywhere, and he could even smell the fragrance of flowers. He finally arrived at the destination more than an hour later. Before Thunder landed, Lin Huang could see the Bell Canyon from above. The Bell Canyon was a rift to be precise. It was situated in the middle of the Wula Highlands, and the millions of square kilometers highlands were divided into east and west.

Looking from above, it looked like a giant cake on a table that had been sliced into half in the middle. In reality, there was a myth about how the Bell Canyon was formed. It was said that a person had sliced it with a sword. However, geologists suggested that it was split due to an earthquake. The locals chose to believe the former. In the old epoch, the story narrated about how a god had accidentally sliced the ground as it was fighting an abyssal creature.

However, Lin Huang did not think the myth was true as a sword would not be able to slice a path that was thousands of kilometers long. The closer he was to holy fire-level, the more he understood that such a matter was impossible to be done by humans. Even an imperial-level would not be able to do this. He was not sure if the demigod in the myth could do this, but he chose to believe in what the geologist said. He thought about the god of the myth. However, how could a battle with an abyssal creature leave such a trail but destroy nothing else without any trail of struggle?

Looking at his coordinates getting closer to those on the map, he patted Thunder's back.

"You can go down now."

Thunder retracted its wings and glided downwards.


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