Monster Paradise
410 Ruthless Title
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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410 Ruthless Title

Lin Huang followed as he saw Lancelot tearing forward like a lightning bolt. Lancelot was only a complete gold-level while the Spiritsword Supreme was already a white flame-level. Moreover, the Spiritsword Supreme was 90% immune to sword attacks, so it was difficult for Lancelot to defeat it if he was to fight alone. Therefore, it was crucial for Lin Huang to help him.

As they dashed less than 100 meters away, they heard the sound of leaves rustling getting closer and closer. Suddenly, dozens of shadows leaped from the branches and blocked them. It was a bunch of apes with golden hair. To be exact, they were Boulderblade Apes. There were more than 30 of them. They had golden hair and they were over a meter tall. They held a rock sword in each of their hands as they hissed at Lin Huang and Lancelot.

Lin Huang had read about the Boulderblade Ape in the monster encyclopedia before. They were gold-level monsters that lived in groups. Although they looked like apes, they were oviparous. They were born to be good at mimicking various sword skills and they were born with rock swords in their hand. It was still a mystery to humans how the sword that was clearly not made from flesh could appear when they grew in eggs.

Many scientists did experiments on the apes and concluded that the rock sword was the ape's symbiosis just like an extra limb. However, nobody could explain such a theory. There were results that documented how the Boulderblade Ape's sword was comparable with a human's gold-level weapon. The appearance of such monsters in groups spelled trouble for other gold-level humans, but to Lin Huang and Lancelot, they were nothing.

"Shall I do it or you do it?" Lin Huang looked at Lancelot.

Lancelot did not say a word while transforming himself into a black lightning bolt and rushing into the monster crowd. Despite being agile, the Boulderblade Apes could not do anything within Lancelot's Death Zone. Lancelot swung his black sword again and again without looking at any of the apes. The apes' heads were pierced through the air while their brains were scattered all over the place. Their agility and speed were an irony in the Death Zone. No matter where they ran, Lancelot only needed a swing of his sword to kill them.

That was how powerful a double mutated monster was against a regular monster; such a vast difference in ability could not be solved by quantity. Within minutes, all of the Boulderblade Apes had their heads pierced opened. Carcasses were strewn everywhere on the ground. Lancelot did not even turn around or look at Lin Huang. Instead, he dashed straight towards the Spiritsword Supreme.

Lin Huang shook his head and followed him immediately. He thought to himself that all of the monsters that he summoned had their own attitudes, but he was not sure if that was a good or bad thing. Stepping through the Boulderblade Apes' carcasses, the both of them were blocked by a bunch of skeletons after just taking a few steps ahead.

These skeletons had rusty swords of different forms in their hands. Some of them held a sword in one hand, while some had two in both. They were more and more of them emerging from the ground. Within seconds, there were more than 100 of them.

"The Undead Swordsmen…" Lin Huang frowned.

The Undead Swordsmen were soul type monsters whereby they were formed from swordsmen who had died with strong consciousness intact. After they passed on, their consciousness still remained in the dead bodies and did not wither away with the corpse for some reason. Such monsters had memories of their sword skills when they had been alive, so their abilities were pretty solid. Before Lin Huang could tell Lancelot that such monsters had to be killed by destroying their heads, or else they could regenerate their bodies, Lancelot broke into the skeleton crowd. His method of attack was the same as before. Every swing of his black sword could kill one Undead Swordsman easily. Each and every one of them either had their heads pierced through, cut into half, or blasted as every swing aimed at their heads.

Watching the Undead Swordsmen fall one by one, Lin Huang realized that his concern was unnecessary as Lancelot was much smarter than he imagined and he was aware of the Undead Swordsmen's weakness. Since Lancelot was enjoying himself, Lin Huang did not bother to help him. However, he noticed that the more monsters that Lancelot killed, the black mist that surrounded his body grew thicker.

"Is this an illusion?" Lin Huang mumbled to himself.

"The thickening black mist isn't your illusion. The Ruthless Sword Master is a monster that kills for a living. The more he kills, the stronger his ability becomes. Besides, as the number of kills reaches a certain level, he will level up automatically," Xiao Hei explained.

It was Lin Huang's first time hearing such a thing.

The monster encyclopedia had records about the Ruthless Sword Master which he had read. However, perhaps there were not many Ruthless Sword Masters that had appeared in the past as the studies in the monster encyclopedia were not detailed. It just covered some basic information, and even the recording of the skills was incomplete. Lin Huang had a more comprehensive understanding of the monster compared to what the encyclopedia stated, which was why he did not know that the Ruthless Sword Master had such a characteristic.

"In reality, all monsters with the title of 'Ruthless' has similar hidden abilities to level up by killing."

"'Ruthless' title?" It was Lin Huang's first time hearing such a theory.

"Some of the monster's titles are not given by humans, but they're born with it. Some creatures see them, and they will have matching titles in their head. The Ruthless Sword Master is one of them. 'Ruthless' is his title, so no matter which level it goes up to, it will always have the title in his name. Titled monsters are unique monsters to date; they will be extremely powerful as they level up to a certain level."

"Besides the Ruthless Sword Master, you own another Monster Card which is also a titled monster. The Nephilic Judge's title is 'judge.'"

"Titled monsters… It seems like I must train these two properly." Lin Huang's eyes lit up as he looked at Lancelot after hearing this brand new concept. From what Xiao Hei told him about Lancelot becoming more powerful by killing, Lin Huang gave up on his thought to help him and just stood aside to spectate. Lancelot managed to kill almost 300 Undead Swordsmen within ten minutes. The black mist surrounding his body was getting thicker and thicker.

Lancelot looked up at the Spiritsword Supreme's direction and dashed forward.


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