Monster Paradise
409 Spiritsword Supreme
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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409 Spiritsword Supreme

Lin Huang had gotten Lancelot to achieve a double kill when they were in the Volcano Hell. As a result, he had obtained two sword servant cards. Later on, Lancelot killed three sword type monsters before the Mystery Auction started, so Lin Huang obtained another three sword type Monster Cards. He had only received five sword servant cards out of the nine that he needed. They were the Greatsword Fiend that was skilled in handling heavy swords, the Fiery Swordfiend with fire attributes, the Frigid Swordswoman with ice attributes, the Hatted Swordsman of multiple sword skills and the Sword Knight with its sword and shield.

Besides the Greatsword Fiend which was single mutated, the rest were all double mutated monsters. Lin Huang finally had some leads on the remaining four double mutated sword type monsters after almost a month of browsing. Lin Huang's trip this time was mainly to unlock Lancelot to get the remaining four cards. Of course, he would bring Charcoal along to feed it dracaena in the isolated space where the Starlight Beasts were.

After washing up early in the morning, Lin Huang and Lin Xin locked all the doors and windows in the dorm, threw out the trash and headed out for breakfast. It was almost 8 a.m. after they were done with breakfast and Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic at a place that was less crowded where he pinned the coordinates for Jinchuan City.

Jinchuan City was a B-grade foothold, and Lin Huang had never been there before. It was pinned by Mr. Fu earlier coincidentally. Lin Huang heard that there was a sword type monster less than 2,000 kilometers from the foothold. Therefore, this became his first destination. After passing through the dimensional relic, Lin Huang and Lin Xin appeared in a bedroom of a luxury hotel.

There was a young, naked couple in the midst of sex. They cringed when they saw the both of them appear in their room. Lin Huang made a shield to cover Lin Xin's eyes and pulled her out of the room. They took the elevator and arrived at the top floor of the hotel.

"Brother, the coordinates that your dimensional relic pinned is really…"

Lin Xin was still blushing. Although she had not seen the scene clearly, she could tell what the couple was doing from the moaning.

"Ahem… It's not my fault. It was my Master who set the coordinates. I've never been to Jinchuan City." It was not Lin Huang's first time in such an encounter. His first time was when a lady got out of the shower with her towel, but this time was even more embarrassing than the last one.

"Well.. Let's see where we should go," Lin Huang changed the topic immediately and looked at the map on his Emperor's Heart Ring. After ascertaining the direction, he turned around to face southwest.

"It's 1,993 kilometers straight ahead from this direction…"

He then summoned the Viridescent Thunderhawk. He helped Lin Xin up on it, then pulled himself up. He patted the Viridescent Thunderhawk's back and instructed, "Around 2,000 kilometers southwest."

The Viridescent Thunderhawk nodded and flew up into the sky.

"Brother, can this hawk understand what '2,000 kilometers' means?" Lin Xin learned that most monsters did not have the concept of numbers, let alone understanding the measure of distance in human language.

"Thunder understands. Don't worry." Lin Huang nodded.


The Viridescent Thunderhawk heard their conversation and chirped, seeming to agree with what Lin Huang said.

After flying for more than an hour, the Viridescent Thunderhawk started slowing down. Lin Huang looked at the map and saw that they had traveled more than 1,700 kilometers away. Lin Xin could sense the deceleration and saw from the map that Lin Huang projected that the destination was not far away.

"It really understands!" Lin Xin exclaimed.

Soon, the Viridescent Thunderhawk flew lower. It retracted its wings slightly and started gliding downwards. The map showed that they were even closer to their destination.

"It should be somewhere around here." Lin Huang patted the Viridescent Thunderhawk's back when his location matched the coordinates on the map.

The Viridescent Thunderhawk circled in the air, spiraling as they flew lower. They landed on top of the hill that was only hundreds of meters high. Lin Huang looked around and found out that he was less than 10 kilometers from his prey.

"Stay here. It might be dangerous if you get any closer," Lin Huang said and got the Viridescent Thunderhawk to let Lin Xin down. He then summoned the Witch and instructed her, "Protect my sister."

The Witch nodded. Lin Huang then rode on the Viridescent Thunderhawk and headed to the jungle where the monster was. The monster he picked this time was a Spiritsword Supreme. It was a unique monster, and its form was different from all the monsters that Lin Huang had killed before. It looked like a sword. If it had to be categorized, it would be a psychic monster.

Lin Huang had researched about the Spiritsword Supreme before. There were two reasons why this monster was tough. Firstly, it could control other sword type monsters that were near it, and it only appeared where there were many sword type monsters. Another reason was that it was 90% immune to sword assaults. That being said, any sword type monster or human fighting it would only have 10% efficiency when the attack reached the Spiritsword Supreme. That characteristic alone made it more powerful than any sword monsters of the same level.

Due to those reasons, Lin Huang did not think that Lancelot could kill the Spiritsword Supreme by fighting on his own. He was only worried that Lancelot would be controlled by the Spiritsword Supreme as he was also a sword type monster. If that happened, getting Lancelot to kill Spiritsword Supreme would be considered an impossible mission. The terms of unlocking stated that Lancelot would have to fight alone whereby Lin Huang was not allowed to help at all.

The Viridescent Thunderhawk arrived less than one kilometer away from where the Spiritsword Supreme was discovered. Lin Huang recalled it and summoned Lancelot, the Ruthless Sword Master. Lancelot wore black armor with a sheer black mist surrounding his body. He stared at Lin Huang, apparently puzzled by the reason he had been summoned.

"There's a Spiritsword Supreme nearby. It's one of the monsters that I picked for unlocking," Lin Huang explained.

Lancelot's cyclops eye turned red as he surveyed around. Suddenly, he seemed to be attracted by something and headed out. Lin Huang looked around and noticed that there was a giant golden sword covered by plants more than a kilometer away.

"Spiritsword Supreme!" Lin Huang screamed as he did not expect to find the monster so quickly.


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