Monster Paradise
400 The Identity Of The Black-Robed Person
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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400 The Identity Of The Black-Robed Person

"Don't turn off the video. You must come alone. Don't let anybody know. Also, you only have two hours…"

The black-robed person disappeared into the dark. It did not say more, but Lin Huang knew very clearly that Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng would die if he did not get to the location within two hours. Lin Huang managed to find the location of the video as it was still running. However, whatever he was doing, the other side was watching.

He put away his sword, did a quick search on his Emperor's Heart Ring signal and soon, he found Fatty's Emperor's Heart Ring's location.

"Lin Huang, don't come…" Fatty tried his best to look at the camera. He braced the pain and shook his head slightly. Tears streamed down his swollen face. Meanwhile, Zhang Mengmeng stared blankly at the ground, and she was crying. The ten-centimeter long gash on the left side of her face was still bleeding. She seemed to be in complete shock.

"Don't worry. I'm coming for you guys." Lin Huang ran out of the training room and summoned the Viridescent Thunderhawk. The Martian Hunter College was located in the center zone of the White Capital while the eastern suburb was 2,000 kilometers away. Fatty's coordinates showed a straight-line distance of 2,278 kilometers. Before the Viridescent Thunderhawk leveled-up, it was impossible for it to reach there in two hours, but it could now do it.

Lin Huang was coming up with a plan as he was riding on the Viridescent Thunderhawk. Since the black-robed person had caught Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng, and now invited him over, it was clear that the person had set up a trap and was waiting for him to fall into it. The encounter earlier gave Lin Huang an idea of its ability. The person should be a white flame-level, almost a crimson flame-level but not yet a blue flame. What it was good at was sneak attacks, not close-distance combat.

Under such a situation, it was possible that it had set up everything in the environment it could control. The black-robed person might set some traps in the house that contained Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng. However, Lin Huang must step into the dim room to save the both of them. Now, that was not a scheme anymore but a living graveyard. Lin Huang would have to jump into the trap himself even though he knew it was a setup. He knew very well that Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng would die if he did not do that. From what the black-robed person had done, not only would the both of them die, they would also die in agony.

One and a half hours later, Lin Huang, who was riding on the Viridescent Thunderhawk, saw the building at the coordinates. It was a warehouse. The Viridescent Thunderhawk circled mid-air and landed near the entrance quickly. Standing a couple of meters at the entrance, Lin Huang recalled the Viridescent Thunderhawk. Just as he recalled it, a layer of semi-transparent white shield covered the entire warehouse and hundreds of meters around it, including Lin Huang.

Lin Huang was shocked by that. He looked up, but did not feel anything odd happening to his body.

"This layer of shield serves as a greeting. There's nothing to worry about. It just serves as a seal to the space and to disable you from summoning your monsters," the black-robed person who could not be recognized said in the video.

"You can choose to leave without your friends. It's not too late…"

Lin Huang frowned and contacted Xiao Hei secretly. "Can I use my Monster Cards when the space is sealed?"

"The sealing only applies to the summoning space. It doesn't work on Monster Cards."

Lin Huang was relieved to hear Xiao Hei's answer. He took out his sword and opened the warehouse door. Without any confrontation, he walked into the warehouse.

As it was night time, the warehouse had no lights and was dark. However, Lin Huang's vision was not affected as he looked around. The warehouse was still in use as they were many goods stacked around on trays in various areas. Lin Huang trod slowly. Although he used his Micro Territory which covered the area, he was still careful. Despite his light footsteps, in the quiet warehouse, they echoed.

As he walked hundreds of meters straight ahead, he noticed that he was close to the given coordinates, so he slowed down. Suddenly, he turned left as he arrived at a crossroads with a stack of goods. The moonlight shone through the window and onto the black chains that were binding Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng. The two black chains extended from the ceiling and clinched onto their backs. They were suspended 20 centimeters from the ground.

"Fatty…" Lin Huang switched off the video and attempted to hack off the chains with his sword.

"I didn't expect you to have the guts to come here." A shadow appeared from behind Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng. It was the black-robed person.

"Who are you?" Lin Huang had no idea who that person was at all.

"Do you remember killing a person on the demonic crystal spaceship last July? I'm his daughter…" The person switched off the voice modifier, sounding very much like a young girl now.

"Last July?" Lin Huang frowned, finally recalling after some thinking. "You mean that bastard?!"

"Don't you dare insult my dad!" The girl took off her hoodie and black mask, revealing a pretty face.

"Do you remember me, Lin Huang?" The young girl with two ponytails glared at Lin Huang with undeniable hatred.

"You are… Lily!"

Of course, Lin Huang remembered who she was. The young girl with two ponytails standing in front of him was the girl who had been brainwashed by Mr. Wei. When he had killed Mr. Wei, she had witnessed everything as she stood nearby. However, he remembered that the girl left the spaceship halfway and was sent for psychotherapy. He did not expect her to come back for revenge.

This girl had only taken a year to level up from an ordinary person to a holy fire-level at such a mind-boggling speed.

"Good that you remember. I was worried that you might forget! If that had been the case, I would have to waste my time making you remember, but now, I can kill you straight away. My pain and hatred will end after I kill you!" Lily shouted at Lin Huang at the top of her lungs.


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