Monster Paradise
395 There’s No Such Person
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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395 There’s No Such Person

After dinner, Lin Huang could finally stop being a tour guide. He bid farewell to fatty and Zhang Mengmeng then left with Lin Xin and Tyrant.

"Brother, I have a feeling that sister Mengmeng doesn't really like brother fatty." Lin Xin could not help but voice her opinion while they were on their way back. Lin Huang was shocked to hear what she said as he did not expect Lin Xin to notice that as well. It seemed like fatty was the only one invested in this relationship.

"The Lovers Rock has a purpose - to detect if both parties like one another. As long as there's a tiny bit of interest, their palms would light up. However, there was nothing at all when the both of them placed their palms on the rock. We can tell that brother fatty likes sister Mengmeng very much. Since there's nothing happening to the rock, that means sister Mengmeng doesn't like brother fatty at all." Lin Xin told her observation.

"I also noticed that sister Mengmeng would sometimes avoid looking at brother fatty."

"Whether or not they like each other, that's their business. Let's not get involved." Lin Huang did not deny what Lin Xin said while shaking his head.

Of course, he noticed that Zhang Mengmeng acted a little weird when she was with fatty since the beginning. What happened at Lovers Rock had confirmed that she was not the least bit interested in fatty at all. Just like what Lin Xin said, even if she had a tiny bit of interest in him, the rock would respond.

"Shouldn't we tell brother fatty? Is sister Mengmeng dating brother fatty for his money? I remember you saying that brother fatty's family owns a restaurant and he's quite rich." Lin Xin proceeded to speculate.

"If I tell fatty now, he won't listen to me and we might even argue." Lin Huang was helpless.

"This Zhang Mengmeng has a powerful background so money is definitely not what she's after. Fatty is just an ordinary person, there's nothing he has that's worth being taken away. She might want to use fatty to get closer to someone when she agreed to date him."

Lin Huang was clear of Zhang Mengmeng's intention but he had no idea who her target was.

"Go back with Tyrant, I'll drop by the black market to investigate this Zhang Mengmeng." After confirming that Zhang Mengmeng had something up her sleeves, he decided to check who she was so that he was mentally prepared.

As Lin Xin and Tyrant left, Lin Huang summoned the Viridescent Thunderhawk and headed to the black market.

Two minutes later, he landed on top of a building near the black market and headed to the streets. He found the little house that he bought information the last time he was here and entered it. A staff noticed him as their guest, they hinted and brought him into the house. There was a plump old man behind an old table in the dark room. He wore a golden frame monocle as he observed a small item in his hand.

Seeing Lin Huang enter the room, the old man put away his things and looked at him.

"May I know what do you need?"

"I need you to check out a person for me." Lin Huang sat down in front of the table and requested.

"Do you have the name and photo of this person you ask of?" The old person asked while nudging his glasses.


"Then your request will be easy." The old person was relieved.

"Send over the details and I'll give you a price."

The old person passed him a chip. Lin Huang took over the chip and scanned his Emperor's Heart Ring. Zhang Mengmeng's information was sent over. When that was done, Lin Huang passed the chip back to the old man. The old man took the chip and connected it to his Emperor's Heart Ring and started his investigation.

"You only need to pay a minimal price for this piece of information - one Life Crystal." The old man looked at Lin Huang less than two minutes later.

"Why is it so cheap?" Lin Huang thought it was odd.

"Maybe nothing's wrong with this girl?"

He placed one Life Crystal on the table.

"This girl doesn't exist! Her name is made up. I've checked the photo and checked the Union Government's population registration data, there's no match for her face. There are two possibilities. She has either never registered with the Union Government or her identity is faked. She has also changed her features by performing plastic surgery or through other avenues." The old man said after picking up the Life Crystal.

"I know it!" Lin Huang expected the answer. He finally confirmed that his suspicions of Zhang Mengmeng being true.

"Is it possible to get her real identity?" Lin Huang asked.

"There's nothing that I can do as she has changed all her personal details. Usually, people in disguise would change their fingerprints, iris and other identification details along with their features. Unless you could provide her real name or face, there's nothing I can do." The old man smiled and shook his head.

"Alright then, thanks." Since there was nothing that they could do, Lin Huang left the black market.

It was 8 p.m. when he returned to the dorm.

"So how did it go? Did you get anything?" Lin Xin asked as she noticed that Lin Huang looked solemn.

"There's no such person as Zhang Mengmeng." Lin Huang said without an expression.

"A fake identity? How about facial recognition software?" Lin Xin was stunned and understood what he meant immediately.

"No, it's not her real face." Lin Huang shook his head.

"Something's wrong with this girl!" Lin Xin became alert.

"Don't follow us on our tour around for the coming days. We have no idea what the girl wants but approaching fatty with a fake identity... It has got to be something bad. Stay away from her, I'll get Tyrant to protect you." Lin Huang briefed her and summoned Kylie as well as he thought it was dangerous.

"Kylie you protect Lin Xin as well."

"Brother, are you going to train today?" Lin Xin saw Lin Huang ready to head out. If he stayed, he did not have to summon two monsters to protect her.

"Yes, I didn't get to train today. I'm left with four hours." Lin Huang was determined.

"Be careful then." Lin Xin nodded.

Lin Huang left the dorm leaving Lin Xin behind, he did not bother to summon the Viridian Wolf this time and ran towards the training room. As he was arriving at the training room, he sensed a tiny object entering his Micro Territory, aiming at the back of his head. Lin Huang moved his head aside and avoided the attack. He turned around immediately at looked at the direction of attack.

"Who's that? Come out, now!"


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