Monster Paradise
393 Fatty Is Here
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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393 Fatty Is Here

Two days passed by in a blink of an eye. As Lin Huang finished breakfast, his Emperor's Heart Ring began to ring. It was fatty and Lin Huang could tell that he was already here with his girlfriend. He picked up the phone and saw fatty move his head to the side to so another person could sit. The person on his right was the girl in the photo, Zhang Mengmeng.

"See, this is my girlfriend Zhang Mengmeng." Fatty was proud of himself.

"This is my good friend Lin Huang." Fatty introduced the both of them.

"Hi." Lin Huang waved and greeted.

"Hi." Zhang Mengmeng seemed shy, she replied softly.

Lin Huang did not mind that at all.

"Please come to the north gate of the Martial Hunter College, I'll bring you guys around. It's still too early now. You can only check into the hotel after 12."

"Sure, you're paying anyway so we will follow what you've planned." It was the best thing ever that fatty had a tour guide as he was a lazy person.

When he hung up the phone, Lin Xin came to him.

"Who was that?" She asked curiously.

"Fatty." Lin Huang had told her about fatty before so she knew who it was as soon as he mentioned his name.

"He has a girlfriend now?" Lin Xin was confused she had the impression from the way Lin Huang described him that fatty was not a charming man.

"Yeah, he's got pretty good luck." Lin Huang smiled and nodded.

"Brother, aren't you going to the library today?" Lin Xin asked out of the blue.

"Since he's here, I'll have to bring him around at least on the first day." Lin Huang shook his head helplessly. He agreed to let fatty visit him as he thought fatty would need at least a few months to get into a relationship and by then, he would be done with his errands and could bring them around. He did not expect fatty to confess three days after their date and that he would even be was successful. It absolutely destroyed his plan.

However, going back on his word was not something Lin Huang would do. Since he had given his word, he would have to take some time out from his busy schedule to bring them around.

"I want to tag along…" Lin Xin was bored these days as Tyrant was just like a bodyguard who could bring her shopping but had nothing in common to talk about.

"Come with us then." Lin Huang could tell why Lin Xin requested to come along. He noticed that he recently spent less time with her and he was guilty.

After getting the green light from Lin Huang, Lin Xin's mood changed from one of anticipation to one of excitement. They cleaned the kitchen together, brought Tyrant out and headed to the north gate of the Martial Hunter College. After waiting for two to three minutes at the entrance, a monster car stopped. Fatty held Zhang Mengmeng's hand and got off the car. With that little gesture, Lin Huang could tell that fatty really liked this girl.

"Welcome!" Lin Huang approached the two of them and greeted them passionately. He kept looking at Zhang Mengmeng who was next to fatty. She looked exactly the same as her photos.

"Lin Huang, this is my girlfriend Mengmeng, you've seen her in the video." Fatty smiled and introduced.

"This is my good friend Lin Huang that I told you about, you guys saw each other in the video."

"Hmm." Zhang Mengmeng nodded lightly, she seemed to be anxious when she met strangers.

Lin Huang did not mind at all.

"These two are…" Fatty soon noticed there were another two people behind Lin Huang. One was a terrifyingly big guy while the other was a cute girl.

"Xin Er, my sister." Lin Huang smiled and introduced.

"This is the brother fatty that I told you about and next to him is his girlfriend Mengmeng."

"Hello, brother and sister!" Lin Xin only glanced at fatty before she then stared at Zhang Mengmeng. She was more interested in the girl who was her age.

"Such good genes... Both the boy and girl look so good…" Fatty looked at Lin Xin then Lin Huang and mumbled to himself. Lin Huang pretended not to hear him, he smiled and did not say a thing.

"How about this?" Fatty looked at Tyrant. He could not recognize Tyrant since he had already changed. Tyrant naturally remembered fatty but since Lin Huang did not say anything, Tyrant did not greet him.

"He's my bodyguard." Lin Huang did not want to tell the truth as Tyrant had a major transformation. Fatty could tell that he was double mutated if Lin Huang told him the truth.

"You even have a bodyguard now. I remember you telling me how poor you were and that couldn't even afford a tent." Fatty thought Lin Huang might have joined a royal family.

To avoid him from misunderstanding, Lin Huang did not bother to explain further as he knew the more he explained, the more questions fatty would have for him. Zhang Mengmeng peeked at Tyrant, seemingly scared of him.

"Let me bring you around the Martial Hunter College. Although it's not a tourist attraction, it's considered to be one of the more scenic places in the White Capital." Lin Huang smiled.

He had yet to book the hotel room as they could only check in after 12 p.m. So, he decided to bring them around on a tour of the college in the morning.

"Oh yeah, should I book one or two rooms?" Lin Huang asked fatty.

"One room…"

"Two rooms!"

The both of them replied almost at the same time. Fatty said one room while Zhang Mengmeng said two.

"Two rooms then." Fatty looked at Zhang Mengmeng and said immediately.

"Alright, I'll book the rooms now." Lin Huang looked at Zhang Mengmeng without saying anything. He booked the rooms right away on the network page using his Emperor's Heart Ring.

"It's booked! White Forest Hotel, on the 128th floor, Room33 and Room34. The rooms are connected and I've sent you the booking confirmations." Lin Huang said to fatty. Fatty received the message shortly.

"Got it, thanks!" Fatty switched off the page without even looking at the message.

"Let's start walking then…" Lin Huang bought them into the college.

"The Martial Hunter College was built 283 years ago, it's the third oldest school in Division7. In the first 50 odd years, the college did not only act as a college but also used as an adult hunter training institution. Since the official launching of Division7 was over, there was no need for so many hunters so the adult hunter training program was removed. More than 30 years later, the college was removed as well. Many colleges were popularized before that…" Lin Huang brought them walking along the paths under the shade of the trees while explaining the history of the college to them. He learned all that from the library.

"Lin Huang, do you really plan to sit-in here?" Fatty could not help but ask.

"My brother isn't sitting in, he's a teacher!" Hearing what fatty said, Lin Xin corrected him.

Fatty did not believe what Lin Xin said. He thought Lin Huang did not want to embarrass himself so he lied to his sister that he became the college's teacher. He did not want to blow his cover.

"A college teacher, Lin Huang you're so great…" Fatty winked at Lin Huang, implying that he knew Lin Huang was lying but he did not want to blow his cover in front of Lin Xin.

Lin Huang smiled awkwardly. Fatty was full of imagination. As they walked in the college compound that was blossoming with flowers, the sound of Lin Huang's voice could be heard along with Lin Xin's occasional chatter. Fatty and Zhang Mengmeng was looking around along their walk and seemed to be impressed by everything here. Tyrant was the only one that was quiet, walking on the far right to protect Lin Xin.


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