Monster Paradise
391 Fatty
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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391 Fatty

The Hunter Martial College belonged to a privileged school. The Sword Dao that Liu Ming asked Lin Huang to teach was a battle-based programme but there were theories included as well. All programmes had textbooks of their own. However, to most of the teachers, these textbooks were only part of the programme and they usually did not teach according to the textbooks. Meanwhile, Lin Huang needed the textbooks as his guide as he had zero experience in teaching. He had no idea what he would need to teach the students in the college.

After spending one and a half hours, he finally finished looking at the Year One programme. He had learned many things that he did not know before. With great interest, he started looking at the Year Two programme. Suddenly, his Emperor’s Heart Ring vibrated. It was the fatty Yi Hangyi. He just realized that it had been a while since he caught up with the fatty.

"Librarian, please activate the soundproofing system." Lin Huang looked up and said to the librarian.

"Sure." Librarian 07003 activated the soundproofing layer in the cubicle. It was a function that exclusively for teacher’s cubicles. Seeing that the semi-transparent soundproofing layer was formed in the shape of a dome, Lin Huang then picked up the call. The video call was connected in an instant and fatty’s face occupied most of the screen.

"Eh fatty, I think you"ve lost weight." Lin Huang teased.

"Really?" Fatty was happy to hear that.

"Yes you did, your face used to occupy the entire screen but now it’s just three-quarters of the screen." Lin Huang smiled and nodded. He could not understand why fatty always put his face at such an angle whenever he called. Sometimes there was even hair coming out of his nose which made it quite awkward.

"F*ck!" Fatty just realized that Lin Huang was teasing him, he put the screen away immediately.

"What’s up, do you need anything?"

"Can’t I just call you to catch up?!" Fatty asked.

"Wait, you look different." Lin Huang just noticed that he dressed up this time.

"Your clothes… Are you going on a date?"

"Err, just a meal with a friend." Fatty blushed.

"A girl?" Lin Huang asked.

"Of course it’s a girl! Why else why would I dress like this?" Fatty laughed.

"Wow, how did you guys meet?" Lin Huang asked while smiling.

"We met at the hunter assessment last month." Suddenly, fatty recalled the reason for his call.

"I wanted to tell this to you but you interrupted me."

"You've passed the assessment?" Lin Huang raised his eyebrows. Based on fatty’s ability last year, it was impossible for him to pass.

"Of course I passed!" Fatty was proud.

"Oh, so how did you meet the girl." Lin Huang did not want to hear fatty talking about the assessment so he changed the topic.

"The assessment this time was pretty difficult for me. If she didn’t help me, I really couldn't have passed. I barely passed the first round and I knew I couldn't pass when it came to the second round but I bumped into her halfway through. She even shared her water and snacks with me… We became friends and later, I told her that my dream is to be a Food Hunter. She then told me that she loves food and encouraged me to hold on. With her help, I managed to pass."

"Sounds like she's a nice girl." Lin Huang was happy for fatty.

In this world, perhaps it was due to the rich life force. Children mature early and become adults at 16. The legal age to marry was 18 but there were people who have already gotten married after they turned 16.

"She’s very cute, I’ll send you her photo." Fatty said and sent a couple of photos.

Lin Huang looked at the photos, it was a cute little girl who looked the same age and size as Lin Xin. She had black, long hair with two ponytails on the side.

"She’s a cute girl, but are you sure she’s an adult already?" Lin Huang asked fatty after looking at the photos.

"Yes she is, she just turned 16 two months ago. She’s already silver-level, cool right?" Fatty was proud of himself.

"Silver-level at 16… Maybe she’s related to some royal family or even one of the six major families…" Lin Huang thought to himself but he did not say that to fatty so that he did not break his confidence.

"How is it going with her? Are you guys officially together?" Lin Huang asked again.

"That’s too early, it’s my first time asking her out today." Fatty was shy when he said that.

"Please bring her somewhere nice and take note of your image. Don’t just keep eating when you’re at the restaurant." Lin Huang only reminded fatty about those points without telling him that the girl might be a royalty as he was afraid fatty would be self-conscious.

"Oh, what else?" Fatty was eager to learn.

"Be a gentleman but not too serious. Put her in the limelight but don’t lose your personal opinion. Also, what you’re wearing is too formal. Wear something casual but not too casual…" Lin Huang suggested.

"What does the girl think about you?"

"She said I’m fat and cute, I think she likes me." Fatty giggled.

"There’s something going on, seize the moment okay. This girl seems nice." Lin Huang was happy for fatty.

"Thanks for your kind words. I hope it’ll come true! I'll treat you a good one then!" Fatty nodded.

"You’ll have to come to the White Capital." Lin Huang laughed.

"What are you doing there?" Fatty was puzzled.

"My sister got into the Martial Hunter School so I followed her." Lin Huang explained.

"But you’ll have to come back when school starts?"

"Not this year, I’m always studying there." Lin Huang was secretly laughing, he did not dare to say that he became a teacher.

"You’re sitting in?! How did you manage to get it?" Fatty was envious, it was difficult to get a pass to a top-notch college like the Martial Hunter College.

"If you have nothing to do, you can come visit me. If you guys really get together, both of you can come. I’ll pay for everything. But if the relationship didn’t happen, you’ll have to pay for the trip yourself." Lin Huang smirked.

"But why?!" Fatty objected.

"This is to encourage you." Lin Huang gave a reason that fatty could not argue with.

"Sure, it’s a deal. For a complimentary one-month trip in White Capital, I'll get her!" Fatty hung up the phone without waiting for Lin Huang to respond.

"One-month trip… This fella sure is greedy." Lin Huang hung up the phone while smiling and proceeded with his reading.


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