Monster Paradise
390 Librarian 07003
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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390 Librarian 07003

"Congratulations, you have obtained Legendary Skill Card - Star Dome card pieces x618!"

Three days passed by swiftly, Lin Huang accumulated the card pieces quick where he managed to get more than 600 card pieces within three days. When the first card piece appeared, he found out that the card was legendary-level and thought it would be good if he could get 10 card pieces per day. It would take him forever to combine the card pieces into a complete card.

What he did not expect was that during his training, the images of Qi Muxiong's sword trying appeared occasionally. Every time they appeared, there would be hundreds of card pieces appearing as well. On the first day afternoon, the memory appeared once and Lin Huang obtained more than 100 card pieces. On the second day, the memory appeared twice and he obtained more than 200 card pieces. On the third day, the memory appeared three times and he obtained more than 300 card pieces.

A Legendary Skill Card would require at least 10,000 card pieces to combine into a complete card. Although Lin Huang had no idea how many card pieces exactly he would need, he had the confidence to accumulate more than 10,000 pieces within two months. Although he had yet to accumulate a complete card, he was already half-way there thanks to Mr. Fu.

"You really are a sword genius! To lower the difficulty, I purposely broke down the techniques from 18 forms to 108 forms but they're still difficult to most swordmasters. They would need at least three months of training to get a hang of it. I didn't expect you to take only two hours on the first day to get a hang of it. Your improvement within these two days is tremendous. Looking at your progress, I think you'll only need two months at most to master the skill." Mr. Fu complimented him.

Lin Huang recalled getting a hang of the skill from the first image that he saw from Qi Muxiong's memory. That was how he managed to get so many card pieces. Without the memory, he might have needed at least 10 days to get the same amount of card pieces and get the hang of the skill.

"Seems like your training has been progressing well, there's no meaning for me to stay here any longer. From tomorrow onwards, you'll move to the dorm in the Martial Hunter College. You'll go to the library in the day and train at night, you don't have to go to the hotel back and forth. Call me if there are any questions." Mr. Fu patted his shoulder and stepped into his dimensional relic.

After sending Mr. Fu off, Lin Huang had lunch with Lin Xin and checked out from the hotel. When he was given the teacher's certificate, he was even given a teacher's dorm. He thought since it was called a dorm, the size should be small and he would not mind cramping in the dorm with Lin Xin. However, he thought Mr. Fu might not be able to get used to it so he decided to stay in the hotel with Mr. Fu instead.

Once he arrived at the dorm, he realized that he was wrong. The dorm was not just a room but instead, was a three-story villa that was similar in size to his house in Winter City. Apparently, the Martial Hunter College's teachers had great privileges. He stepped into the house and saw that the decorations were not fancy but everything was good as new. It gave the feeling that he had just moved into a new house.

"Brother, it's good here!" Lin Xin opened the window and looked out. The Martial Hunter College itself had beautiful sceneries around it. There were mountains and rivers in the dorm area, making it a soothing environment. After touring the house and cleaning up two bedrooms, Lin Huang summoned Tyrant.

"I'm going to the library, I won't be back for lunch. You can go shopping with Tyrant."

"Alright." Lin Xin nodded.

After leaving the dorm, Lin Huang summoned the Viridian Wolf and headed to the library. The Martial Hunter College was huge and now that it was school holiday where there was barely anyone there, he was not worried that riding on the Viridian Wolf would hurt anyone. Within three minutes, he arrived at the library entrance. He recalled the Viridian Wolf and projected his certificate. He then swiped the door with his card and stepped into the library.

His jaw dropped as he stepped in. As there was no library in the Hunter Reserve College in small places like Wulin Town where he used to live. It was Lin Huang's first time stepping into a library in this world. He knew the library would be different from earth but what he saw was shocking.

"What… is… this…"

There was a gigantic monster on the ceiling. The monster was like a blue, giant brain that was covered in a light purple, semi-transparent jelly. At the bottom of the jelly were millions of tentacles. It looked like a semi-transparent giant, purple jellyfish with a blue brain on its belly.

Besides, there were no bookshelves in this library at all. There was not even a book! There were just tables and chairs as well as more than 100 individual cubicles which seemed to require authorization to access. There was a tentacle on top of each set of table and chair. The tentacles were moving slightly so Lin Huang knew it was not dead.

"Welcome to the library, first-timer. I am Librarian 07003. Don't be scared, I'm just a harmless artificial creature. My purpose here is to save information and assistance…"

"Oh… Okay…" A sound popped into Lin Huang's brain, he finally snapped out from zoning out.

"If you would like to look for any information, you can go to any vacant ports and my tentacle will connect to your Emperor's Heart Ring. You don't have to worry about the leaking of your personal information as my ports can only enter data and cannot extract data. It's a one-way data flow…" Librarian 07003 explained.

"What's that room over there?" Lin Huang pointed at the cubicles.

"That's exclusively for teachers only, you would need the teacher certificate to activate it. The data authorization level is higher. If the light on the entrance is red, it means that it's unavailable and a green light would mean it's vacant. All you'll have to do is to scan your teacher's certificate to enter." Librarian 07003 explained again.

"I understand now, thanks!" Lin Huang walked to the cubicles immediately and picked a cubicle.

"You'll need to set on your Emperor's Heart Ring to authorize my entry then you'll be able to look into the data." Librarian 07003 guided.

Lin Huang followed the instructions immediately, the testable on top of the cubicle dropped slowly and connected on his Emperor's Heart Ring. He got into the library page in an instant.

"If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. Happy reading!" The librarian's voice disappeared after it said that.

"Let's look at the content of the Year One Sword Dao's programme and see what else could I look for in there…" Although it was difficult to achieve, Lin Huang did not want to mislead the students that he was going to teach. He started going into his teacher mode without him realizing.


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