Monster Paradise
388 Life Level
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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388 Life Level

Lin Huang got his teacher qualification certificate after seeing Liu Ming. He was the first one who managed to become a college teacher at the age of 16 throughout Division1 to Division12. Let alone such reputable college such as the Martial Hunter College, even third-rate colleges in the B-grade footholds never had a 16-year-old teacher.

The reason why Liu Ming let Lin Huang work as a teacher was not entirely due to Mr. Fu. The main reason was that Lin Huang was up to par. No matter his combat level or his understanding of the art of the sword, he was qualified to be a teacher. Regarding his basic knowledge, that would require him to spend some time in preparing for the classes before it was time. It was alright if some students asked difficult questions. In reality, some holy fire-level teachers could not even answer some of the more difficult questions from the students sometimes.

"Lin Huang, I’ll give you the system guide on the cultivation. You’ll have to study on your own in the library after I left."

As they got back to the hotel, Mr. Fu sat on the couch in the living room and started his lesson with Lin Huang.

‘First of all, what is Life Power? Lin Huang, tell me what do you think Life Power is?"

Lin Huang sat up straight, he was shocked by the question. He thought for a moment before giving his answer.

"I think Life Power is a cultivation force."

"Your answer is correct but not accurate." Mr. Fu nodded in satisfaction.

"To be exact, Life Power is life force. Before the new era started, the human body did not contain Life Wheels in this world so Life Power didn’t exist back then. The life force in the old times existed in the qi-blood of a human. The more powerful their qi was, the stronger their life force. Therefore, all of the practitioners were cultivating their qi and physique. The more powerful their physique was, the more powerful their qi was thus more powerful life force and abilities."

"Look back at a few eras before that, humans had even figured out how to cultivate life force from their souls. During that era, everyone was cultivating their souls as that was the only way to strengthen their life force. However, it’s different in this era. There are Life Wheel in our bodies and the more Life Power in our body, the stronger our abilities…"

"Have you noticed that no matter which cultivation path one takes, there’s always a similarity?" Mr. Fu smiled at Lin Huang.

"Do you mean the base of cultivation is to increase life force? So no matter which form the life force, the base is still the same." Lin Huang understood immediately. From Mr. Fu’s guide, he finally knew the truth of cultivation.

"The base of life is the combination of substance and energy. A substance can be explained as the combination of the flesh and soul while the energy is mainly formed by life force." Mr. Fu smiled and nodded.

"Master, is the soul a substance?" Lin Huang raised his question.

"There are many arguments whether the soul is a substance or energy but I think that the soul is a unique substance. As energy is something simple while the soul is similar to the human physique, they are detailed and complicated. From some points of view, they’re like robots of different forms. If you think that it’s difficult to understand, I can remove the topic of the soul and not talk about it." Mr. Fu explained.

"So we're talking about life being the combination of substance and energy… No matter which cultivation system, put simply, humans are made of their physique, the soul, and life force. The stronger the life force, the stronger the physique. This is directly related to the substance of the life force. However, this relation is only within yourself as could have any effect on your life force. The flow of your life force would neither strengthen the physique of others’ nor will the deterioration of your life force affect others."

"On the other hand, the stronger our physique, the more life force it can contain. Therefore, the cultivation of life force is a positive cycle. The life force grows together with the physique at the same time. Following that, our life level would increase as well."

"Life level?" Lin Huang heard something new again.

"Yes, following different life force forms and the strength, there are levels to our life strength. Just like a pyramid, level on level, from low to high."

"The measurement of the pyramid base is that the life force that couldn’t escape from the human physique. To humans, no matter ordinary or complete gold-level, we're all on this level."

"The second level would be the life force that could leave the human physique and exist independently in the material world. In reality, looking at the current cultivation system, no matter holy fire-level or imperial-level, all transcendent-level belongs to this level."

"Meanwhile on the third layer, the life force doesn't only exist independently but it can also adjust its frequency to various forces in the material world for resonance. Using that to adjust the force of the world, it could also alter its own substance to form any substance in the world."

"We call creatures on this level a god. When one reaches this level, it’s easy for them to move even mountains. Creature of such level can move flames to engulf an A-grade foothold just like that. Of course, they can also move mountains to crash onto the foothold from above and even bring water from the ocean to drown the place… There are many ways to make mankind disappear in the world overnight."

Lin Huang was fearful as he listened, he did not know that there were such powerful creatures in the world. He had always thought it was the same in the novels where gods were only slightly more powerful than humans. He did not expect different the life levels they were on to have such a huge gap, making the godlike creature so powerful that they surpassed humans on every level.

"Are there more… above level-3?" Lin Huang asked carefully.

"I have no idea. Maybe there is, maybe not. Nobody knows that before reaching that level." Mr. Fu smiled awkwardly and shook his head.

"I’ve only heard of these three levels."

"Level-3 is already invincible, what kind of power is one able to handle if there’s a higher level?!" Lin Huang could not imagine how powerful a person above level-3 would be.

"Alright, all you need to know is the surface of the life base, life level, and life force. Let me teach you the way to use Life Power…" Mr. Fu interrupted Lin Huang’s wild imagination.


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