Monster Paradise
386 Are You Interested In Being A Teacher?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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386 Are You Interested In Being A Teacher?

Lin Huang was humming while he brushed his teeth the next morning. He had finally gotten the bird type ancient monster’s blood matter settled. As soon as Yi Yeyu’s monster egg with phoenix blood was hatched, he could finally unseal the Viridescent Thunderhawk. He was in a good mood.

He talked to Yi Yeyu about the matter until past two in the midnight, she agreed to help him unwillingly.

"There’s not much left to do before leveling up to holy fire level now. Basically, I’ll just need to find more double mutated sword type monsters for Lancelot to unlock and fill up Bloody’s skills before unlocking it. Also, I’ll need to upgrade my combat level to complete gold-level…" Lin Huang had arranged what he was supposed to do for the next few months.

"Before that, I’ll need to get Yang Ling to unlock the Emperor’s Heart Ring for me to extract the dracaena."

After washing up, Lin Huang brought Lin Xin downstairs for buffet breakfast. Just when they were seated, his phone rang. It was Mr. Fu who was calling, he picked up his phone immediately.

"Good morning master." Lin Huang greeted him with a smile.

"My good apprentice, I see you’re having breakfast." Mr. Fu saw the fried bun in Lin Huang’s plate.

"Yes, I guess you haven’t had yours?" Lin Huang asked.

"I hardly have breakfast for years…" Mr. Fu smiled and shook his head.

When one arrived at transcendent, the need for food would drop. Many people would consume transcendent monsters for the Life Power that remained in the monster carcass. Some of the skilled Food Hunters could contain most of the remaining Life Power in the monsters with the handling of food ingredients. That was the reason why the Food Hunters had many friends.

"My dear apprentice, are you still in Haitian City?" Mr. Fu asked out of nowhere.

"No, I came back to the White Capital a few days back." Lin Huang answered honestly.

"Oh, for your sister’s college admission?" Mr. Fu knew Lin Xin was accepted into the Martial Hunter College.

"Mainly for her to adapt to the environment. But I’ll be here until she opens the school and leaves temporarily if something came up in between." Lin Huang nodded.

"Since your sister is going to Martial Hunter School, are you interested to enter as well?" Mr. Fu smiled widely at Lin Huang.

"Err…" Lin Huang was stunned when he heard the question, he started thinking to himself.

With this current combat level, there was not much meaning to enter the Martial Hunter School as most of the teachers were just complete gold-level. There were transcendents as well but they only made up less than one-tenth of the teachers. Besides, one would only need to be a silver-level rank-1 to enter this college. However, what Lin Huang really wanted was to go into the library of such college to remedy all his lack of basic knowledge.

Mr. Fu seemed to know what Lin Huang was thinking about. With his character, if he really was not interested, he would reject directly instead of thinking like what he was doing right now.

"Apprentice, I don’t mean you going in to be a student, but as a teacher." Mr. Fu added and smiled.

"Teacher? But my standard…" Lin Huang was puzzled.

"What’s wrong with your standard? If you're talking about combat level, you’re almost a complete gold-level at 16 when most of the people only achieve that after they're 20 years old. In the case of your abilities, not many teachers in the college can even defeat you. If they don’t like you, you can always teach them a lesson!" Mr. Fu persuaded.

"But I know less than most students when it comes to basic knowledge…" Lin Huang smiled awkwardly as he knew that most of the students who managed to get into the college were top students.

"That’s the reason why I want to digest in the college for a while for your lack of basic knowledge. Training is like building a skyscraper, if your base is sturdy, your building will be able to go higher. If your basics are bad, no matter how high your building is, it won't be able to withstand the weather."

"I have thought about giving you some lectures for a few months before you level-up to transcendent to give you a stable base. However, I've given it some thought and think it'll be better if you learn it yourself. Humans are like that, they'll remember the things that they learn themselves more compared to if they're forced to learn it."

"I’m asking you to be a teacher for the extra pressure. As you know, all of the students in Martial Hunter College are top students. If you don’t want to embarrass yourself, you must learn the basic yourself."

"The library in the Martial Hunter College is one of the three biggest libraries in Division7. The basic knowledge is shared among a few more colleges with massive data. A teacher could access to almost everything in the library. If you want a good base, there’s nothing more suitable that this college in the entire Division7."

Mr. Fu was long-winded hoping Lin Huang could accept his suggestion. Lin Huang took a deep breath and nodded hard.

"I’ll do it!" Although the stress was big, Lin Huang accepted the challenge anyway.

"That’s more like it." Mr. Fu nodded in satisfaction when he heard Lin Huang’s answer.

"Give me your coordinates, I’ll bring you to Xiao Liu in Martial Hunter College."

"Right now?!" Lin Huang opened his eyes big.

"Of course I’m not asking you to start teaching now, it’s holiday for the college these two months. I’ll bring you to Xiao Liu and get your teacher license done. Since it’s holiday now, you could read up in the library. I shall stay a few days in the White Capital to give you my contacts. You will be a new teacher when school opens in September." Mr. Fu smiled and explained after seeing Lin Huang being shocked.

After the phone was hung up, Lin Huang wiped off the cold sweat that did not exist. He lost his appetite for breakfast.

"Brother, you’ll be our teacher?" Lin Xin heard the conversation loud and clear, she looked at him in anticipation.

"Err, I’m not sure which class I'll be sent to." Lin Huang rubbed his nose and sent his coordinates to Mr. Fu.

Soon, a green dimensional relic appeared and Mr. Fu stepped out of it. Nobody thought it was odd and did not bother about his appearance while carried on with their breakfast. There were many people who owned dimensional relics in the White Capital, it was nothing odd to have their location pinned in the luxurious hotel.

Mr. Fu kept his dimensional relic, he noticed Lin Huang and walked towards him.

"Master, get something to eat." Lin Huang pulled a chair next to him and passed Mr. Fu his plate.

"This hotel has an amazing fried bun."

He then walked to the reception and got Mr. Fu a food voucher. Complimentary breakfast was only meant for in-house guests and Mr. Fu would have to pay for breakfast. After getting the food voucher, Lin Huang got a juice and returned to his seat. He then placed the juice in front of Mr. Fu.

"This fried bun is really good." Mr. Fu commented.

Soon, the three of them finished breakfast.

"You’ll stay in the hotel with Kylie while master and I will drop by your school." Lin Huang summoned Kylie and said to Lin Xin.

A new summoning beast? Mr. Fu looked at Kylie with great interest. He only stopped looking when Kylie and Lin Xin left the table.

"Let’s go!"


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