Monster Paradise
385 Can I Have Some of Your Baby’s Blood?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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385 Can I Have Some of Your Baby’s Blood?

During the next couple of days spent in the White Capital, Lin Huang finally finished exploring all the memories of the demigod that he could access. There was nothing that he could copy from Qi Muxiong's training as his level-up was too smooth. He had never encountered any obstacles as long as he absorbed the energy source along the way. However, there were some realizations from the training that he could model from including some combat skills, secret skills, and skill stances. That would take some time so he was digesting them slowly.

In the middle of the night, Lin Huang took out the two Legendary Skill Cards. As he was focusing on studying the demigod's memories, he put everything aside. Now that it was completed, he finally had the time to look at the items that he got.

"Skill Card"

"Skill Card Name: Heaven's Wrath"

"Rarity: Legendary"

"Type of Skill: Movement Skill"

"Skill Level: Transcendent Combat Skill"

"Status: Available"

"Remark 1: Special combat skill with high requirement of Life Power, can only be activated when the user has at least three Life Wheels."

"Remark 2: Consumes a massive amount of Life Power. The more Life Power is used, the more powerful this skill is."

"Remark 3: Best to not use this skill when Life Power is insufficient or else user's spiritual power and vitality will be consumed."

"Card Remarks: Not bad"

"Skill Card"

"Skill Card Name: Omniscient Nature"

"Rarity: Legendary"

"Type of Skill: Ocular Skill"

"Skill Level: Transcendent Combat Skill"

"Status: Available"

"Remark 1: Special combat skill with the requirement of a powerful soul. The strength of the soul must be two times more powerful than an opponent of the same level to activate the skill."

"Remark 2: This skill comes with enhanced insight and learning ability without other ocular abilities. The user will have to learn other ocular skills on his own."

"Card Remarks: Not bad"

"Two legendary skills, a movement skill and an ocular skill, that's not too bad." Lin Huang was much calm after studying the demigod's memories. However, he had doubts about the skills.

"Xiao Hei, why is the Omniscient Nature's skill weakened? I've seen the man with glasses used before, he had the ability to engulf the dragon flame and release it again but now the description says it's just for insight and learning. What happened?"

"The skill extraction doesn't mean the skills that others already have, but the best skills that system could come up with from the source skills. Omniscient Nature had insight and learning abilities itself while the affiliated abilities would have to acquired from training. The system had deleted the affiliated abilities when it was optimizing the skill."

"Alright then… I shall learn the other ocular skills myself then." Lin Huang accepted the truth unwillingly. Fortunately, there were many ocular skills in the demigod's memories. With Omniscient Nature, he should not take too long to learn the rest.

"Let's activate both Skill Cards then." Lin Huang instructed.

Under Lin Huang's instruction, the two Skill Cards in his hand turned into two purple glows and went into his body. There were two Skill Cards appeared in his Life Wheels. He obtained the skills from the Skill Card right away, the combat skills would not occupy the slots of his Monster Skills. As the two purple glow went into his body, the information of both skills merged with his body, making him feel like he had mastered both the skills immediately.

"Congratulations, you have activated Legendary-Skill Card - Heaven's Wrath."

"Congratulations, you have activated Legendary Skill Card - Omniscient Nature."

"Detected! Kaleidoscope is similar to Omniscient Nature, would you like to engulf the card? Your Skill Combination Card won't be necessary for this."

"Does that mean all three ocular skill would disappear?" Lin Huang was worried that Xiao Hei was trying to set him up.

"No, Omniscient Nature is a type of ocular skill. Aside from some rare ocular skills, it can engulf them to keep them as its own while its original ocular abilities would be remain the same or even strengthen."

"Alright then, go on and engulf them." Lin Huang nodded after hearing what he wanted to hear from Xiao Hei.

"Deleting Kaleidoscope, Omniscient Nature... Combining with Magic Eye Deterrence, Boundless Vision, Third Eye, and Illusion."

Xiao Hei's notification came soon.

"Take a look at my exclusive card." Lin Huang instructed.

"Host: Lin Huang"

"Gender: Male"

"Age: 16"

"Combat strength: Gold-Level Rank-3"

"Talent: Superhuman Strength"

"Life Seed 1: Sly Hands (Rare)"

"Life Seed 2: Substitute (Epic)"

"Life Seed 3: Micro Territory (Epic)"

"Life Seed 4: Seraphic Speed (Epic)"

"Combat Skill 1: Great Sword Scripture (Sword Skill)"

"Combat Skill 2: Wildfire Sword(Sword Skill)"

"Combat Skill 3: Thunder Sting (Sword Skill)"

"Combat Skill 4: Hundred Flowing Blades (Sword Skill)"

"Combat Skill 5: Mountain Blade (Heavy Weapon Skill)"

"Combat Skill 6: Fatal Tactics (Close Combat Skill)"

"Combat Skill 7: Heaven's Wrath (Movement Skill)"

"Combat Skill 8: Omniscient Nature (Ocular Skill)"

"Combat Skill 9: Spectral Snowsteps (Movement Skill)"

"Combat Skill 10: Cloud Steps (Movement Skill)"

"Combat Skill 11: Thunder Steps (Movement Skill)"

"Monster Skill 1: Vampire Particles"

"Monster Skill 2: Advanced Disguise"

"Monster Skill 3: Immense Strength"

"Monster Skill 4: Leech Pods"

"Monster Skill 5: Absolute Defence (Beginner)"

"Monster Skill 6: Thunder Control (Advance)"

"Monster Skill 7: Dark Shield"

"Summon Authority: Activated"

"Available Number of summons: 5"

"Remark: Basically, you pass."

"I have two extra combat skills now and three vacant Monster Card slots, let's just leave it this way for now." Lin Huang kept his exclusive card after reading the details.

"Since I have gotten the dracaena, now all I have to do it to get Yang Ling to extract it." He then looked at the Monster Cards that he had. He was only left with Lancelot (Ruthless Sword Master) and Thunder (Viridescent Thunderhawk) to be unsealed.

"Where do I get the blood of the bird type ancient monster?"

Although he had Seventails which was triple mutated with phoenix blood, it was not a phoenix blood type after all. It was not an ancient monster either. Unless the concentration of its phoenix blood increased and level-up to a phoenix blood type, if that happened, he could use its blood to unseal the Viridescent Thunderhawk.

The only thing that Lin Huang was clueless about now was the unlocking of Thunder. He had asked for more information on the black market and Hunter Forum for a while now but nobody responded.

He shook his head and put his worries aside. It was past 11 when he looked at the time. Just when he was going to shower, his phone rang. It was Yi Yeyu who called.

"Why are you calling this late, is there anything?" Yi Yeyu was excited when he picked up the phone.

"Nothing, just want to share a good news with you. Can you guess what is it?" She was mysterious.

"You have leveled-up to immortal-level?" He teased.

"What? No! Guess again." Yi Yeyu was unhappy when Lin Huang mentioned about her combat level.

"Then, it's got to be your brother leveling up to immortal-level." He remained smiling.

"Go f*ck yourself!" Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes.

"You're the one who's asking me to guess. Since it's a good news, those are the only two good news that I could think of." Lin Huang opened his arms.

"Nevermind then, with your intelligence, you might not be able to guess it correctly next year. I'll announce it myself, wait for me!" Yi Yeyu said and disappeared from the video.

"What's this about…" Lin Huang was speechless. She must have encountered something good that caused her to be so excited in the middle of the night.

Soon, Yi Yeyu appeared with a red egg on her hands.

"Is this the pet monster egg of a phoenix blood?!" Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he saw the monster egg. To him, it was not only a monster egg, but one that contained the bird type ancient monster's blood to unseal the Viridescent Thunderhawk.

"Hehe, I just got it today. My great-grandfather said it's an intermediate-level monster egg of a phoenix blood. When it's hatched, I will have a baby with phoenix blood!" Yi Yeyu was excited, perhaps she would not be able to sleep tonight.

"Congratulation!" Lin Huang said and bit his lip.

"Erm… Let's discuss something."

"What is it?" Yi Yeyu thought his expression was odd.

"After your baby is hatched, could you give me some of its blood?" Lin Huang came out with a shameless request.


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