Monster Paradise
383 An Unexpected Acquaintance
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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383 An Unexpected Acquaintance

Leng Yuexin was relieved to see Lin Huang appear safe and sound. However, thinking of the shadows that covered the dead bodies before it dived underground, she looked at him again oddly.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Noticing her odd stare, Lin Huang was afraid that she might be suspecting something.

"I thought you were dead." Leng Yuexin pointed at the VIP room on the second floor which was now completely destroyed.

"Oh, I was using the washroom downstairs. When I got out, the VIP room was completely gone." Lin Huang opened his arms.

"Isn't there a washroom in the VIP room?" Leng Yuexin frowned, she thought he was lying.

"There's a washroom in the VIP room but the door was locked, I think it needed your invitation card to unlock it…" Lin Huang looked helpless, he was telling the truth.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." Leng Yuexin just recalled there were many restrictions in the VIP room including the washroom.

"Luckily you forgot. If you didn't, I might be dead now." Lin Huang smiled and glad that he managed to come out with that excuse.

Leng Yuexin did not dwell on it. It was unnecessary for her to know if Lin Huang was the one who got the two dead bodies. The Mystery was a shady organization anyway, although she was a royal, she was happy to see that the Mystery was robbed.

"Seems like the auction won't be going on, luckily I haven't paid for the dracaena or else I would be at a major loss." Lin Huang smiled and smiled.

"It's okay if you paid as they would return you the full amount." Leng Yuexin shook her head.

"Although there are many shady businesses in the Mystery, they have impressive customer service. The underground business aside, the main reason why they managed to grow big is their great customer service. They'll definitely pay for all the losses that they have brought to the customers." Leng Yuexin added.

"That's rich! But I supposed they're at a great loss this time? They have lost their items and many royal guests had died, it must be a huge amount of money. Also, it seems like the place needs to be demolished and rebuilt…" Lin Huang looked around and said.

"To the Mystery in Division2, money meant nothing to them. Perhaps the only thing that's worth mourning would be the demigod brain. However, the biggest issue now isn't the items lost during the battle but the drop in trust." Leng Yuexin was thorough.

"The auction was attacked, the immortal-level guardians are dead and some of the VIP guests were taken away… The Mystery wouldn't be able to go on in Division7 for some time. Some of the branches in other divisions might be affected as well."

"Moreover, there are only six families who are allowed in the VIP rooms. If those who were taken away were directly related to one of the families, the matter will be even more complicated…" Leng Yuexin smirked, she wanted the Mystery to stop their business.

As they chatted, an old person landed from the air. It was one of the three imperial-level humans who had gotten rid of Ba Yantian earlier.

"I, Xia Houlin would like to apologize on behalf of Haitian City for the shock. None of us saw this attack coming. Please give us a minute, the supervisors and assistants will be here shortly. We'll need to investigate the matter, it'll take some time. Please cooperate with us."

Knowing that the old person was an imperial-level, most of them who were from the royal families dared to deny his request and nodded immediately.

Soon, three supervisors arrived with a bunch of assistants. After comforting the people present, the three supervisors then asked questions about what happened. Xia Houlin wandered in the air while searching with the power of his soul but he did not get anything. The only clue that he managed to get was that the two dead bodies that fell on the ground were covered with a dark shadow before they disappeared into the ground.

"The dark shadow could be a shadow type Secret Skill or a shadow summoning monster. Judging by the Infernal Dragon earlier, it looked more like the latter. The dead bodies must be with an Imperial Censor who was hiding something… However, the aura of the immortal-level humans could not be detected within 1,000 kilometers so the Imperial Censor might be in possession of some kind of long-distance detection method to be able to be in control of what's happening here. Theoretically, it's impossible to summon from so far away but the person might have some demigod relic." The imperial-level old man deduced after some thought.

However, he did not even consider that the Imperial Censor could be a person that was below immortal-level. To him, nobody below the immortal-level would be able to capture a monster like the Infernal Dragon. That was how Lin Huang managed to escape Xia Houlin's speculation.

It was past six in the evening when the investigation and gathering of information was finally done and people started leaving.

Just when Lin Huang and Leng Yuexin were getting ready to leave, they heard a scream from the back.

"Lin Huang?!"

He turned around and saw Fang Wen who was in a black coat, he was one of the Purple Crow members who was captured. His hands were cuffed with a demon lock.

"It's really you, I thought you were dead?!" Fang Wen was in complete shock. Everyone started glaring at Lin Huang in an unfriendly manner.

Everyone's first reaction was that this was the Lin Huang who used to be a member of the Purple Crows! Even Leng Yuexin who was next to him was puzzled. Lin Huang was frustrated as he did not expect to bump into Fang Wen when he was almost leaving the auction. Of course, he remembered who Fang Wen was, he was ranked No.1 on the Purple Crow training camp's leaderboard before Lin Huang appeared.

"Capture him!" Xia Houlin who was flying mid-air instructed.

"Wait!" Lin Huang shouted.

"We know each other but I'm not a member of Purple Crow. I have proof."

"Do you mean the lady from the Leng family who's being forced to be your witness?" Xia Houlin scoffed and grabbed Leng Yuexin next to him.

"What do you have to say now?"

"I'm Mr. Fu's apprentice, I can get him as my witness." Lin Huang looked at Xia Houlin who was in mid-air, he knew he had to convince Xia Houlin.

"His name is Lin Huang, he really is Mr. Fu's apprentice." Leng Yuexin reassured what Lin Huang said.

"Mr. Fu? That Mr. Fu?" Xia Houlin turned around and looked at Leng Yuexin. She nodded.

Lin Huang called Mr. Fu immediately and talked to him about his situation. After the call was hung up, Mr. Fu called Xia Houlin right away.

Xia Houlin gave Lin Huang a deep stare before he teleported himself far away to pick up the call. He returned shortly and said, "You can leave now." Xia Houlin nodded to Lin Huang.

"Lin Huang you traitor!" Fang Wen shouted. He went through a month of brainwashing which resulted in him being loyal to the Purple Crow.

"Fang Wen, I have never wanted to join the Purple Crow. It was that lady Hong Zhuang who captured me and put me in the training camp. Since the first day, I had been planning on escaping. I believe you remember me asking you how dead bodies in the camp were handled before I faked my death. I was preparing to fake my death when I asked. I went a long way to trick Scarface and Hong Zhuang in order to escape the training camp. I have never been a member of the Purple Crow and I never agreed on the way they work so that's not betrayal." Lin Huang explained in front of Fang Wen.

Without bothering what kind of response he would give, Lin Huang turned around and left the auction…


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