Monster Paradise
381 Imperial-Level Helping Out!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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381 Imperial-Level Helping Out!

Seeing the Infernal Dragon snatch away Fei Yuan's dead body, even Lin Jian who was well educated became annoyed. "Mr. Imperial Censor, do you know that the way you eat is terribly ugly?!"

The Purple Crow had spent more than half a month to come up with a plan to rob the demigod brain. Two teams were called out to deal with this. One of the teams would be responsible for stealing the demigod brain whereas the second team would stop the regulators and assistants at the foothold.

Aside from more than 80 of them on holy fire-level, they had even employed four elite members as well as one of the imperial-level to control the overall situation.

Under such circumstances, an Imperial Censor had suddenly appeared and diverted their attention, resulting in a significant change in the Purple Crow's plan.

Lin Jian was one of them who had suggested this mission. Of course, he was unable to accept this.

"The way I eat isn't important to me. My only concern is whether I'll feel full or not after eating," the black dragon's voice was heard.

Of course, Lin Huang was the one who actually said that.

"Aren't you afraid that some of the food is not meant for you?" Lin Jian squinted.

"Are you threatening me?" The black dragon asked again.

"The Purple Crow ought to get the demigod brain. You might be able to hide your identity for now, but you can't run forever. Stealing what belongs to the Purple Crow, even if you manage to escape from the core zones, we'll find you. It's better to pass it to us than to die later. We can pretend as if nothing happened and we promise that we won't give you trouble anymore." Lin Jian was being frank as he wanted Lin Huang to pass him the demigod brain.

"There are too many people who want to get me into trouble. I don't mind if the Purple Crow does," declared the black dragon, "Since the both of you aren't going to leave, then you can stay here forever!"

After the black dragon finished its sentence, it opened its mouth wide and golden dragonflame gushed out of its mouth again.

There seemed to be a layer of oil poured on top of the air. The blazing flames were akin to a tsunami as it streaked across the sky and gushed towards both of them.

The black dragon was using this skill because it knew that the man who has used the ocular skill no longer had adequate strength to seal its dragonflames.

As for the swordsman, despite his sword skill being capable of defending against the Imprisonment Chain's attack, he would have no way to defend against such an attack that could pierce through almost anything.

Seeing the dragonflames coming at them, Yang Yang asked Lin Jian, "Can you still seal it?"

"I don't even have the energy to run away..." Lin Jian shook his head feebly. He had never expected this to happen. He originally did not want to offend the black dragon as well as the Imperial Censor. He intended to leave after killing the two guardians of the Mystery Organization. Unexpectedly, two of the guardians were killed but they had not obtained their dead bodies.

Listening to Lin Jian's answer, Yang Yang did not hesitate. He grasped his shoulder and immediately retreated.

"If we can't do it anymore, we shall ask Master Ba-yan for help," Yang Yang suggested while retreating. "As long as he can kill the black dragon, we'll be able to take its carcass back! When we dissect the black dragon, we will have the dead body of the armored man as well as his Emperor's Heart Ring. At the very least, we will have 50% chance of getting the demigod brain. We won't go back empty-handed then. If Master Ba-yan knows where the Imperial Censor is, that'll be great. We can kill him as well!"

"There are those on imperial-level at the A-grade foothold. Therefore, there's only one chance for Master Ba-yan to kill it. As soon as he launches an attack, all those on imperial-level at Haitian City will fight him. If the battle between the imperial-level is triggered, regardless of one's willingness, we’ll have to end our mission. It's great if we manage to get the demigod brain stored in the Emperor's Heart Ring. If we don’t, it will be considered a failed mission." Lin Jian was reluctant to accept Yang Yang's suggestion.

"Based on our current situation, our mission has failed anyway, so why not give it a try? There is still a 50% chance of success. Without doing so, the probability of failure will be 100%. You know that we don't have much time left. You won't be able to fight under such a condition. Basically, I won't be able to kill the black dragon alone. The regulators of the foothold will probably come soon. We might not be able to run away then," Yang Yang expressed his opinion.

After listening to what he said, Lin Jian hesitated for a moment before nodding. "Alright, indeed, we don't have any better choice."

As soon as he finished, Lin Jian raised his arms and activated the Purple Crow's mark on the back of his hand.

"Master Ba-yan…"

"I've seen everything that happened. Are you sure that you need my help?" A man with a deep voice was heard from the other side of the mark. "I can sense that there are three people on imperial-level at Haitian City. Three of them are keeping an eye on me. Once I launch an attack, they'll definitely fight back. Therefore, I'm given only one chance to kill."

"I understand. However, the situation can't get any worse now…" Lin Jian already knew this.

"Tell me what your plan is," Ba-yan Tian remained silent for a while before asking.

"We hope that you can help us to kill the black dragon. As long as it's dead, we'll be able to bring along its carcass and leave, which means we'll be able to get one of the Emperor's Heart Ring," Lin Jian then told him his plan. "If you know where the Imperial Censor is, you may kill him and catch him as well. Most likely, he will have the second Emperor's Heart Ring with him."

"I have scanned the auction hall several times with my soul. However, I can't find an immortal-level Imperial Censor. If he’s here, the only place that he could be hiding in will be the VIP rooms. That's the only place that I won't be able to scan," Ba-yan Tian told them the results of his investigation.

"Even Master Ba-yan can't find him?" Lin Jian was startled.

"Yes, the screening effect has been enhanced by the power of the demigod. It is capable of scanning any creatures below demigod level. Considering the background of the Mystery Auction, there’s nothing strange if they’re able to ask for help from the demigod. Fortunately, only its screening effect is enhanced by a demigod but its defense is relatively weak. Even people on immortal-level will be able to break through it. When I attack later, I'll give it a try and see if the Imperial Censor is there," Ba-yan Tian suggested.

"After I've struck, the both of you should leave as soon as possible after taking the black dragon's carcass. Although those on imperial-level won't kill you, both of you should know what the people think about the Purple Crow. It's still possible that the three of them might want to kill both of you," Ba-yan Tian reminded.

"Thank you for reminding us." The reason why Lin Jian had contacted him was because he wanted the fight to end as soon as possible. Of course, he would not stay after Ba-yan Tian helped them out.

After their conversation ended, the Purple Crow's mark on the back of Lin Jian's hand disappeared on its own. The mark was given by Ba-yan Tian and it could only be used once.

"Master Ba-yan promised to help us out?" Seeing the mark on Lin Jian's hand disappear, Yang Yang then knew that their conversation had ended.

"Yes, he'll act soon. We shall wait here and collect the dead bodies later. We have to leave as soon as possible after that."

In mid-air, the both of them continued avoiding the attacks by the dragonflames and the Imprisonment Chain.

All of a sudden, the sky turned dark. Everyone then raised their heads, looking at the sudden change in the sky.

All of them were frightened. An infinitely large hand appeared between the cloud layers. The big hand covered almost half of the sky, pressing against the ground with endless power. It pointed towards its target, the Infernal Dragon…


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