Monster Paradise
380 Trying To Advance Without First Looking Behind
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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380 Trying To Advance Without First Looking Behind

At the Mystery Auction, three of the severely injured fiends gradually got off the ground. However, they did not leave. They walked around the auction hall as if they were looking for something.

Their movement was strange and had caught Lin Huang's attention. "They must be looking for the old skinny man's corpse." Lin Huang knew their intention with just one glance.

The Purple Crow was after the demigod brain. However, all the items at the auction had been cleared and most likely they would be kept in the guardians' Emperor's Heart Rings. The three fiends must be looking for something related to the demigod brain and their target would definitely be the skinny old man that had fallen to the ground not long ago.

"Black dragon, kill the fiends first!" Lin Huang instructed.

As soon as the instruction was received, the Infernal Dragon glanced at the hall beneath its feet. Soon, a dark Imprisonment Chain was released at a tremendously fast speed like an ultra-swift big, black python.

The big python then wriggled through the auction hall. The fiends soon noticed the threat. However, they did not stop frantically searching.

"That's weird. They sensed the threat coming from the Imprisonment Chain but still, they insist on continuing their work." Lin Huang felt that the consciousness of the fiends was being controlled. Under normal circumstances, encountering such a powerful threat, even a monster with low intelligence would choose to flee.

As soon as the Imprisonment Chain confirmed its target, it struck. Its first target was the Witch as its soul was the strongest among all.

Although it had no idea what the Imprisonment Chain was, the Witch could sense that the power of its soul was being restrained by the chain. Sensing that it was the chain's first target, it dodged in the first place. However, it was too late.

The Imprisonment Chain transformed into a black lightning and twisted around the Witch's waist in an instant.

As soon as its soul was sealed, the Imprisonment Chain constricted. The Witch began growling from the pain it suffered. The growl sounded like a human being thrown into boiling oil as it moaned in pain and struggled to get out of the oil.

The throes of growling lasted for less than five seconds and finally stopped. The soul inside its body was completely crushed by the Imprisonment Chain. It had died. As soon as the Imprisonment Chain was released, the Witch's body collapsed and fell to the ground.

The Imprisonment Chain next target was the Inferior Imp.

Right this moment, a notification from Xiao Hei was heard.

"Congratulations! You have obtained a complete set of Epic level monster card – Witch!"

"Spectre, bring the carcass of the fiend over," Lin Huang summoned again.

Spectre then plunged underground and headed towards the dead body of the Witch…

The Inferior Imp knew how terrifying the Imprisonment Chain was and quickly moved aside. However, it was not fast enough and was captured in less than two seconds. It managed to struggle for less than three seconds after it got locked in the Imprisonment Chain and died.

Soon after, the Imprisonment Chain started to attack its last target – the Malachian Fiend.

The Malachian Fiend did not dodge the attack. Instead, it struck a blow towards the Imprisonment Chain. Unfortunately, just when they made contact, it was captured. Its soul only managed to struggle for a second before it completely collapsed.

The Imprisonment Chain had easily killed the three fiends. Lin Huang then obtained three complete sets of fiend monster cards.

Spectre brought along three of the carcasses and appeared in VIP room 3.

"Xiao Hei, do you need me to keep the carcasses for you?" Lin Huang asked.

"I'll be able to collect the carcasses if you touch them with your hands."

Lin Huang nodded and followed. He pressed his hand against the dead bodies and they disappeared.

Lin Huang straightened up and he could feel a powerful aura about to explode in the sky. He immediately lifted his head and gazed at the sky.

There was a huge, black eyeball looking down at the ground from the sky.

When Lin Huang saw that, he felt that he was looking at an illusion that was the opening of the Virtual Eye. Soon, he realized that it was not the Virtual Eye as there was a huge difference in their forms.

Lin Jian, who was hanging mid-air, had taken off his glasses. The black eyeball lingered around somewhere near his head. Lin Jian eventually switched his gaze towards Fei Yuan and the black eyeball followed.

As the eyeball fixed its gaze on Fei Yuan, he could feel that danger was near. He was drenched in sweat and goosebumps rose all over his body. He somehow looked like a burnt cat.

Without hesitation, Fei Yuan chose to retreat. His body was like a shooting arrow as he fled far away.

The Combat Soul was activated in front of him to defend him against the eyeball.


An immense, black impact wave suddenly burst out of the eyeball.

The black armored Combat Soul thrust its sword forward and slashed down on the black wave.

The next moment, the impact wave pierced through the Combat Soul's chest and straight towards Fei Yuan who was escaping. The Combat Soul had died and Fei Yuan spat out a mouthful of blood. A large amount of his Life Power had been drained before this. He was even worse now.

Knowing that the impact wave was attacking him from behind, Fei Yuan immediately changed his flying path. Soon, he found out that the impact wave that was coming after him had shifted its direction as well.

"Stop wasting your energy. Your soul is now the death eye’s target. There's no use running away," Lin Jian's weak voice vaguely called out.

Lin Huang, who was watching the battle, did not ask the Infernal Dragon to rescue Fei Yuan. It was not a bad thing if Fei Yuan died as he might have the demigod brain with him. After all, he had to die if Lin Huang wanted the demigod brain.

Lin Huang also noticed that the man with the glasses who was from the Purple Crow became a lot weaker after using the skill. The swordsman next to him had to put in more effort to defend against the Imprisonment Chain. That being said, the man with the glasses had almost used up his strength. He had no more energy to dodge the Imprisonment Chain's attack.

At this moment, the Infernal Dragon summoned by Lin Huang and the Purple Crow swordsman with the most energy remained.

Since he had to protect the man in the glasses, the swordsman's abilities were restrained. Therefore, even after Fei Yuan had died, still, the Infernal Dragon would have an advantage over them.

The result of the analysis was the reason why Lin Huang decided to stand aside and watch the battle. However, he instructed the Infernal Dragon through his mind, "You have to snatch away the armored man's dead body as soon as he dies!"

In mid-air, the black impact wave was approaching him swiftly. Fei Yuan's Life Power was depleted and he could not run any faster. He hopelessly watched his body engulfed by the impact wave.

A few moments later, the black impact wave disappeared and Fei Yuan's dead body fell onto the ground.

Lin Jian's eye turned white again and a layer of thin film quickly formed around Fei Yuan's dead body.

Right at this moment, the black Imprisonment Chain appeared. It ripped off the thin film surrounding Fei Yuan's corpse, heading right for it.

Lin Jian was stunned. As soon as he could react to it, he saw the Infernal Dragon open its jaws widely and swallow Fei Yuan's corpse…


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