Monster Paradise
378 Imprisonment Chain
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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378 Imprisonment Chain

Lin Jian was reluctant to encounter an opponent like the dragonkin. His ocular skill was in favor of defeating souls. He would benefit from the skill in every way when battling a powerful opponent.

However, the dragonkin was a unique type of monster as its soul would grow in pace with its body ever since its birth. It was common knowledge that it had a very strong body. As a matter of fact, its soul was equally powerful and was immune to many of the soul attacks as well.

The dragonkin monster that Lin Huang summoned would restrain Lin Jian. This was also the reason why he was unwilling to pit himself against the dragonkin and its Imperial Censor.

The three fiends that Lin Jian got from Professor Jin's laboratory were expensive. If not for that factor, he definitely would not rescue the fiends by attacking the dragonkin. However, the black dragon could not get its mind off Lin Jian’s attempt to rescue the fiends. The golden dragonflame then gushed towards him, covering the entire sky.

A black vortex appeared abruptly in Lin Jian's left eye. Seemingly, the golden dragonflame was attracted by a peculiar energy as a golden tornado was drawn into his eyes. A vacuum was then formed around him and he was surrounded by the golden flames.

A few moments later, the Infernal Dragon seemed to sense that something was wrong and it stopped spitting dragonflames.

Soon, the golden flames in the sky were engulfed by Lin Jian's black eye and his body was revealed. He was perfectly fine.

Many of them witnessed the last dragonflame being drawn into his eyes and they were terrified.

"It's an eye that can even engulf the dragonflame! His ability is horrifying!"

"Is he really a human or some kind of human monster instead?!"

"It must be a Legendary level ocular skill at the very least…" Lin Huang did not expect that the opponent could easily engulf the dragonflame. However, the next moment, he saw something that was even scarier.

Lin Jian suddenly turned around and looked towards the man in black armor, Fei Yuan. In an instant, his right eye turned golden and the golden flames gushed out from his eyes akin to a tsunami heading towards Fei Yuan.

Lin Jian's sudden attack was unexpected. Even Fei Yuan did not expect that he could still fight him despite attacking the black dragon.

Fei Yuan was caught unaware and immediately retreated. He did not have similar skills to get rid of the dragonflame. Although he was unsure if the golden flames were the actual dragonflame, he still decided to dodge. If he was tainted by the dragonflame, it was not easy to put out the flames.

Yang Yang the Purple Crow member, who was wearing a black robe, suddenly appeared behind Fei Yuan when he retreated and he brandished his battle sword.

A streak of black glow could be seen on his blade, resembling a crescent moon. The speed of the sword glow was extremely rapid as it tore the space apart when it passed, creating fine, black cracks.

Fei Yuan's face turned grave as soon as he felt the attack behind him. It was too late for him to dodge the attack. He waved his sword while twisting his body and the golden battle sword instantly collided with the black sword glow.

In mid-air, two shadows flew away and fell into the golden flames. A wry smile was plastered on Yang Yang's face the moment he saw that.

Everything happened so quickly and the battle ended in just an instant.

Lin Huang was still stunned by Lin Jian's skill when he used the dragonflame to attack. "His ocular skill is amazing. He can seal the attack with his left eye while releasing it with his right eye. No wonder the old man will lose…"

Fei Yuan, who was hanging mid-air, was completely engulfed by the golden flames. He had no choice as Yang Yang's attack was fatal and he had to avoid it. He could only retreat since he would not die if he was tainted by the golden flames for a short period of time.

Right after he fell into the golden flames, Fei Yuan realized that it was an actual dragonflame. Apparently, the opponent's ocular skill was not an illusion or imitation. In fact, it was released right after it was sealed.

Fei Yuan's Life Power was being drained a hundred times faster as he was covered by the golden flames. The flames began to penetrate through his relics and started to invade his body. Soon after he realized this, he dared not stay any longer in the dragonflame and immediately got out.

At this moment, Lin Jian's left eye changed colors again. His left eye turned all white and he had no pupil.

All of a sudden, the dragonflames were shrouded in a layer of white mist and a thin, transparent film was quickly formed around it.

Lin Jian grinned and spirals gradually formed in his left eyeball. The thin layer of transparent film started to rotate crazily along with the thick white mist and the golden flames.

Seeing this happen, Lin Huang knew that the man from the Mystery Organization who handled the sword was doomed.

Under such a torque, the swordsman who was stuck in the dragonflame would lose his sense of direction. He would not be able to escape from the dragonflame in a short period of time. If he managed to approach the film after some time, it was still impossible to easily crush it. As long as he was trapped in the dragonflame for a long period of time and his Life Power was depleted, he would be completely swallowed by the dragonflame. Even if he could free himself from the dragonflame, his remaining Life Power would be insufficient to fight the two Purple Crow members and he would be killed.

"Although the swordsman is not a good person, the black dragon will have to fight two immortal-level Purple Crow members alone if he dies…" Lin Huang had a clear picture of the situation. He was decisive and immediately issued a new instruction, "Attack the man who is using the ocular skill and rescue the person!"

As soon as the instruction was heard in its mind, the Infernal Dragon immediately launched an attack.

More than 20 ripples were formed in mid-air. Imprisonment Chains that were as thick as an adult's legs were unleashed. It seemed like a python that twisted around Lin Jian's body.

As the Imprisonment Chains ripped out, a flicker of fear flashed through Lin Jian's eyes. He could recognize that it was the Imprisonment Chain that sealed souls at first glance. Apparently, the black dragon knew what his plan was. He did not expect it to use such a skill in restraining him.

"Yang Yang!" Lin Jian immediately shouted.

Yang Yang immediately appeared in front of Lin Jian in his black robe. He smirked, "Hehe, you finally need my help."

"Stop bullshitting me. It's the Imprisonment Chains," Lin Jian said with a serious face for the first time. Since he was using soul energy as his primary skill, he clearly knew that once he got locked in the chains, not even 0.01% of his abilities could be used. Of course, he dared not underestimate it.

"You're so afraid of skills that attack souls…" Yang Yang teased.

"You'd better not get locked in the chains too. Perhaps, not only could it seal the souls, it might be harmful to the souls as well. It's comparable to the Soul Destroying Needle. Once you get locked in it, you will be in extreme pain. Based on the strength of your soul, your soul will be completely destroyed if you are locked by about four to five chains," Lin Jian reminded.

"I should have run far away… You fooled me!" Yang Yang cursed as he heard Lin Jian's explanation. Obviously, he did not have a thorough understanding of the Imprisonment Chain. Otherwise, he would not have helped him out without hesitation.

"Back me up. We'll be in great trouble later if we don't kill the man in armor." Lin Jian shifted his gaze towards the transparent film again. He determination to kill was clear.


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