Monster Paradise
376 You Fooled Me Again!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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376 You Fooled Me Again!

At the center of the auction hall, a golden beam resembling sunlight appeared abruptly without traces at the place where Lin Huang fixed his gaze on.

It was strange and it caught everybody's attention, including the three fiends that were killing the remaining three people that were on gold flame-level. They completely stopped moving.

As soon as the dazzling golden glow appeared, the fiends could feel a strong, intimidating aura. The rest of the holy fire-level could feel the same powerful aura exuded by the golden glow as well. Nobody dared to react as they wondered if it was an enemy or a friend.


A loud growl came from the golden glow and an intense sound wave was spread everywhere. The air pressure along with the sound wave instantly crushed all the chairs in the hall. The royal members that had not achieved Transcendent were blown away. They could not move at all as they were being pinned against the wall. Those who were on white flame-level and crimson flame-level retreated more than 10 meters away before they could balance themselves against the strong pressure.

Those who managed to stand at their own positions and remained unaffected were the three gold flame-level fiends as well as the three gold flame-level humans. However, the six of them began to fear the glow.

After sensing the vibrations from the sound waves, a black giant claw gradually extended from the ball of light.

As soon as it stomped on the ground, its claw occupied about half the area of the auction hall.

"It's a giant…"

Many of the Mystery Organization staff knew very well that the area of the auction was more than 30,000 square meters. The people exclaimed when they saw the giant claw.

After extending its first giant claw, a big skull gradually emerged from the golden glow.

The crowd fixed their gaze on the terrifying scene. Despite showing less than a fifth of its head, it had already taken off the roof of the auction hall. Soon after, it continued extending its giant head and the people were terrified.

"It's a dragonkin!!!" The crowd shouted right after a third of its head could be seen.

In just a short while, the Infernal Dragon's giant head was completely revealed.

"It is a real dragonkin. Not a Sky Dragon!"

Looking at the form of the giant head, many of them could recognize that it was not a Sky Dragon at first glance. Some of them could even recognize what monster type it exactly was.

"It is an Infernal Dragon, a mid-level dragonkin. It's a killing machine!" There were even people who could recognize that it was actually an Infernal Dragon.

The royal members panicked after listening to what they said. It sounded like it had been summoned by the Purple Crow.

However, the Purple Crow was baffled at its appearance.

Even four of their opponents who were on immortal-level were stunned. They could clearly sense that it was certainly an immortal-level monster. Each thought that the monster was summoned by their opponent.


It let out a loud roar again and the black gigantic dragon quickly moved away from the golden glow…

In just a few seconds, a massive monster that was the length of more than 10,000 meters arrived on top of the auction hall. The dazzling golden glow eventually disappeared.

Almost everyone at the auction hall shifted their gaze towards the giant dragon with trepidation.

"Kill the three fiends," Lin Huang instructed in a low voice from the VIP room.


Again, the Infernal Dragon let out a deafening roar as it heard Lin Huang's instruction clearly. It then located the position of the three fiends, glaring at them with its flaming eyes.

The fiends could instantly sense that the giant dragon was coming for them. At that moment, one of the Infernal Dragon's giant claws approached them.

As it lowered its giant claw, it was akin to a mountain that was about to collapse, covering the sky above the auction hall. Even the lights dimmed and its giant claw penetrated through layers of space as it was about to attack the fiends.

They wanted to flee. However, they found out that space was limited by its claw. They could not avoid it at all. They could only activate their defensive skills to defend themselves against the giant dragon's attack.

A cracking sound was heard and the black giant claws instantly descended from mid-air, crashing into the fiends' protective layer. The protective layer that was capable of defending against hundreds of holy fire-level attacks was like papyrus to the giant claw. The enormous claw then struck three of the fiends' heads.


A loud thud was heard. It seemed like a spell was cast by the giant claw as it could completely pin down all three fiends. About half of the ground at the auction hall sank, creating a big crater in the shape of its giant claw.

The crowd was terrified, seeing the powerful fiends defeated in an instant. They could clearly see that the protective layer of the three fiends had instantly collapsed. They had no way to free themselves from the giant claw.

"They haven't died yet?!" Lin Huang squinted as he did not receive any notification from Xiao Hei yet. He then knew that three of the fiends were still alive.

"Kill them. There's no need to keep them alive," Lin Huang instructed for the second time.

When the Infernal Dragon was about to kill them, a human figure suddenly descended from the sky along with a black shockwave. The human figure then descended in the auction hall and the black shockwave attacked the Infernal Dragon's eyes.


The black dragon let out a howl and immediately reacted to it. It raised its head, opened its mouth and spat out a black glow. The black glow then collided with the shockwave. Without even waiting for the outcome of the collision, it opened its mouth again and a golden dragonflame gushed out of its mouth.

Half of the sky was entirely enveloped by the golden flame. Many of them lifted their heads and looked at the sky.

Soon after the sky was shrouded in the dragonflame, three figures immediately retreated in three different directions. Apparently, the black dragon's indifferent attack had totally distracted the battle of the immortal-level.

Right at that moment, a notification from Xiao Hei was heard.

"Mission card activated due to special circumstances.

"Mission: Get the brain of the demigod.

"Mission Due: 24 hours.

"Reward: One Memory Card.

"If you fail to accomplish the mission before the time limit, you will be punished: One of the existing Legendary level monster cards will be removed!

"The mission announcement is conveyed, please read the back of the card for more information."

"Xiao Hei, you fooled me again!" Lin Huang scolded angrily after a brief moment of being stunned.

"It's not my fault. The mission card was activated due to special circumstances…"

Xiao Hei's voice sounded as if it had been wronged…


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