Monster Paradise
370 What“s Wrong With My Cooking?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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370 What“s Wrong With My Cooking?

From the moment when Fang Wen accepted the task to sneak into the auction, he was nervous all the way.

The Fang family, which was considered an average royal family in Division7, was trained by the Purple Crow. Other than the superiors from the Purple Crow headquarters, the outsiders did not know this.

As the eldest son of the Fang family, there was nothing unusual about him attending the auction since he was from a middle-level royalty family. In fact, the Fangs had been attending this kind of auction all these years. However, it would usually be attended by the landlord.

Since it was an important task from the Purple Crow, Fang Wen had been assigned to join the auction.

At 8.30 a.m, Fang Wen passed the identity verification test with the invitation card he had. He was a ball of anxiety.

It was only until he had passed the verification with his suit on and when he entered the hall that he began to slightly calm down.

The difficulty level of the mission was way easier than he thought. Observing the simple identity verification system, it seemed like the Mystery Organization was not worried that anyone would stir trouble here.

His mission was simple – to confirm if they were selling the demigod brain at the auction.

Fang Wen could clearly remember what had happened two days ago when two of the executives from Purple Crow headquarters had a talk with him alone.

"You're the only royal member who is responsible for this task and you’re also the only one who’s capable of completing the mission. We need you to investigate whether they are selling the demigod brain at the auction. To be honest, we are there for the demigod brain. There's nothing to do with the royal families being the organizer. Robbing them of all their items and killing the royal members are our secondary goal. If the item doesn’t appear at the auction, there's no need for the mission to proceed. Although we received the information from a trusted source, we can't take action by solely relying on the informant's words. Therefore, we need you to further confirm it..."

Fang Wen knew that he had no way of turning back right when the Purple Crow executives told him the truth. If he did not accept the mission, both of them would definitely kill him to avoid the secret from being revealed. Therefore, he made a wise decision without a moment of hesitation – to accept the mission.

Soon after the auction began, Fang Wen then discovered an unexpected surprise. The second item being sold was what both of the executives had been looking for.

Just when he was trying to secretly capture the photo so that he could send the evidence to the executives, he noticed that the people around him were taking photos in public anyway. Some of them had even taken some videos. None of the staff stopped them. He then recorded the entire process of the bidding and sent it to the contact number given by both of the executives.

Initially, he thought that he had to carry out the mission for three days. Normally, the best item would be sold on the last day. He had never expected that a few minutes after the auction had begun, the priceless treasure would be taken out and sold as the second item.

After informing both of the executives, Fang Wen then got up and headed towards the washroom. He knew that the Purple Crow members were going to launch an attack very soon. The hall was not safe.

Fang Wen's action did not catch the people's attention and the auction continued as usual.

On the top floor of one of the hotels situated near the auction house, two men who were dressed in black coats looked at the entrance of the auction house from afar.

All of a sudden, the Emperor's Heart Ring of the short hair man who was standing on the left vibrated. He immediately tapped on the communication page. As soon as he saw that the sender was Fang Wen, he was stunned.

There was only one sentence in Fang Wen's message: "Sir, they are now selling the demigod brain at the auction."

Yang Yang immediately opened the video. Lin Jiang, who was standing next to him, looked over as well. They then played the video recorded from the hall. Their pupils dilated right when they saw the demigod brain.

"Are they selling the demigod brain now?!" Lin Jian asked.

After finishing the entire video, Yang Yang turned and looked at Lin Jiang. "Can you tell if it’s genuine or not?"

"I think it's real. The people from the Mystery Organization are rather conceited. I don't think they will take out a counterfeit good just to show off." Lin Jian grinned.

"That's good. How's the set up going over there?" Yang Yang raised his brows.

"I still need some time. I didn't know that they'll be selling it so soon. I thought we'll have to wait until the third day." Lin Jian adjusted his glasses slightly.

"Since the item has appeared, let's quickly finish setting up. My body is trembling with trepidation. If you're too slow, I can't promise that I'm able to suppress my excitement."

"You get excited so easily. It sure must be hard to please a woman in bed," Lin Jian teased.

"I'm not interested in women…" As soon as Yang Yang uttered his last words, he realized that what he said could lead to a misunderstanding. He then added, "I'm not interested in men too. Killing and fresh blood excite me!"

"It's because you've never tried it. Once you have, you'll know how amazing women are." Lin Jian then recalled he was an old virgin who had lived for more than a hundred years.

"Who says that I've never tried them before? I've eaten many women and men. Raw, fried, grilled, steamed, and stir-fried, I've tasted them all. Overall, I do think that a woman is less delicious than a man. They don't have much meat to munch on and they aren’t as lean as men. I don't like fatty meat. However, if it's for barbecuing, fatty meat is quite tasty…"

"This fellow knows nothing about sex…"

Lin Jian then slapped his head as he knew that the man standing next to him had understood the wrong meaning. He could not be bothered to continue with the topic, so he simply said, "I'm going to fix the set up. When you hear the roaring of monsters later, take action together with the kids. Perhaps, I'll be able to get it done within half an hour."

"Oh!" Yang Yang then recovered from his thoughts of tasty meat.

Seeing Lin Jian disappear, he frowned and doubted, "Are the women really tasty? What's wrong with my cooking?"

As soon as the bidding of the dracaena ended, the sixth item was then put up for auction.

In VIP room 3, Lin Huang could no longer sit still. "Let's make our payment and leave after getting the dracaena."

"The rule of the auction is that no one can collect their goods during the auction. You can only make your payment after the auction ends," Leng Yuexin laughed at his impatience and explained.

"Really? There’s such a rule?" Lin Huang was speechless.

"It’s because not many of the audience joined the auction. If the people leave as soon as they have successfully bidded for what they like, the auction will become less lively. Furthermore, if there are people walking around, it'll affect everyone's experience at the auction…"

Bang! Bang!

While both of them were chatting, a loud explosion was heard from afar.

"What's that sound?!" Lin Huang peered towards the direction of the entrance where the sound was coming from.

"It seems like the auction is being attacked…" Leng Yuexin looked towards the direction as well with a complicated expression on her face.


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