Monster Paradise
369 Bidding For The Dracaena
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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369 Bidding For The Dracaena




The price of the first dracaena had risen to 48,000 in less than a minute. Lin Huang only managed to ask Leng Yuexin to call out a price once at 40,000. Not long after, the price soared. Obviously, dracaena was an item that was in high demand.

"The bid has reached the price of 48,000. Is there anyone that will place a bid for a higher price?" Kong Hao called out.

"48,000 is a relatively high price. Are you sure you want to continue?" Leng Yuexin looked at Lin Huang skeptically.

"Yes, I’m sure!" Lin Huang was determined and nodded vigorously. Despite the increase in price going beyond his expectations, he had no idea how long he had to wait if he missed the chance of getting the dracaena. He did not want to wait any longer to unlock Charcoal.

"What is the maximum price that you’ll pay for a dracaena?" Leng Yuexin then asked.

"100,000!" Lin Huang went mad.

Leng Yuexin was stunned. She did not ask anymore and pressed they keys on the machine to bid.


When Kong Hao shouted "48,000" twice, he originally thought that it would be the final price. Unexpectedly, someone from VIP room 3 called out a price that was 7,000 higher. The price had now risen to 55,000.

"The bidder from VIP room 3 has placed a bid of 55,000!"

Nobody continued to challenge the bid.

The normal price for a dracaena would normally range from 35,000 to 45,000. It was rare that it would be sold at a price that was higher than 50,000. This was also the reason why when the price had reached 48,000, many of them were reluctant to place a higher bid. It was not worth it. The price had now increased to 55,000 and had completely exceeded the regular price of a dracaena. Of course, nobody would want it since there were still 11 of them, so they wanted to keep their options open.

"55,000, going once!"

"55,000, going twice!"

"55,000! Sold!"

The auctioneer repeated the price three times. Nobody interrupted him this time. The bid for the first dracaena was then won by Leng Yuexin.

"Congratulations to the bidder in VIP room 3. You have successfully won the bid for the first dracaena at a price of 55,000 Life Crystals!" The auctioneer clearly knew that the person in the VIP room was the eldest daughter of Leng family, so of course, he was polite to her. "Now, let's start bidding for dracaena number 2. The starting price is 30,000 Life Crystals as well. The price increment is 1,000 higher for each bid. The bidding now begins!"

"The person in VIP room 3 places a bid for 55,000 Life Crystals!"

As soon as Kong Hao announced the opening for the second dracaena, Leng Yuexin, who was in the VIP room, directly placed a bid for 55,000. The voice of a woman was immediately heard in the hall. "The way she places her bid, how can others still bid?!" It was the privilege granted to those who were in the VIP room.

As soon as her voice was heard, many of the royal members were stunned. Soon after, the people who were interested in buying the dracaena started berating the bidder for spoiling the market.

Even Kong Hao, who was experienced, was stunned for a moment. However, he quickly recovered from his thoughts.

"It seems like it’s a must for the bidder in VIP room 3 to get the dracaena," Kong Hao feebly joked. He then announced, "The bidder from VIP room 3 offers 55,000 Life Crystals for the dracaena. Is there anyone who's willing to place a higher bid?"

In fact, nobody did. The price had exceeded many of the people's expectations.

Soon, Leng Yuexin won the bid for the second dracaena.

In the VIP room, Lin Huang gave her a thumbs up. 55,000 was a price that was acceptable to him.

As soon as the third auction started, Leng Yuexin called the price of 55,000 again without hesitation. The woman's voice piped up again and the royal members who were interested in buying the dracaena looked upset.

"It seems like she's going to bid for all of them. However, she's too naïve if she wants to buy all 12 dracaenas at a price of 55,000 each," snorted an unfriendly-looking middle-aged man who was wearing a hat.

"56,000!" Before Kong Hao announced the price, he immediately increased the bid.

"60,000!" Leng Yuexin raised the price without a moment of hesitation.

"61,000!" The middle-aged man insisted.

"This fellow is creating trouble. Do you want to continue?" Leng Yuexin glanced at the person. She then turned and looked at Lin Huang.

"Yes! Let's play with him since he likes it," Lin Huang grinned.

"65,000!" Leng Yuexin continued increasing the price.

"66,000!" The middle-aged man smirked.

"Let him keep the dracaena." Lin Huang smiled at Leng Yuexin.

"That's what I was thinking too." Leng Yuexin nodded gleefully.

"The bidder from room 250 has placed a bid of 66,000! Will the bidder from VIP room 3 continue to increase the price?" Kong Hao then shifted his gaze to the direction where VIP room 3 was. However, there was no reply.

Two seconds later, the man with the hat was startled as she did not continue placing her bid.

Many of the people surrounding him then started to sneer at him.

"66,000 for the first time!"

"66,000 for the second time!"

"66,000 for the third time!"

"Congratulations to the bidder from room 250, you've successfully placed your bid for the price of 66,000 for dracaena number 3!" It was finalized as soon as Kong Hao dropped the gavel . "Now, let's continue with dracaena number 4!"

"The person in VIP room 3 has placed a bid for 55,000 Life Crystals!"

As soon as that was announced, nobody dared to place a higher bid. Seeing the bidder from room 250 being teased mercilessly and having to pay 66,000 for a dracaena, nobody else dared to bid against her.

Dracaena number 4 was bought by Leng Yuexin at a price of 55,000 again. Nobody bid against her for the fifth and the sixth dracaena as well.

A person then placed a bid of 57,000 for dracaena number 7. However, Leng Yuexin then won the bid for it with the price of 58,000. The crowd, by then, knew that the person in VIP room 3 was determined to successfully bid for the dracaena. If they wanted to bid for a dracaena, they would have to pay for at least 60,000 or more. One might even have to pay for more than 65,000 to get it. With that knowledge, they opted to give up the bid.

Soon, Leng Yuexin managed to bid the rest of the dracaena at a price of 55,000 each.

"I've gotten nine out of 10 dracaenas. Are you sure that you don't need the last two?" Leng Yuexin then asked Lin Huang.

"Yes, I only need two. Thank you! I've finally got my work done. I won’t be coming tomorrow. What's your plan?"

"I'm not coming as well. I don't want to stay any longer in such a place."

"You said that you wanted to relax, didn’t you? I'll walk around with you in the next two days. There must be a lot of seafood that both of us have not tried before. Let's try all the seafood they have here before we leave." Lin Huang knew that Leng Yuexin was there for him, so of course, he would have to treat her to a meal.

"Alright," Leng Yuexin hesitated for a while. However, she did not reject him.

While both of them were still chatting, the people at the hall were waiting for them to place a bid. The crowd then noticed that perhaps the bidder from VIP room 3 had gotten enough dracaena, so they then started to bid.

There were originally 12 dracaenas and now, there were only two dracaenas left. The auction had become more intense.

The eleventh dracaena was then sold at a price of 63,000 while the last dracaena was sold at a price of 68,000.

The bidder from room 250 then grinned to himself. "It seems like it's not that expensive to buy it a price of 66,000…"


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