Monster Paradise
368 The Demigod“s Brain
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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368 The Demigod“s Brain

The first generation of busty women existed about 800 years ago. They were powerful human monsters created by mating a busty monster and a woman together.

However, the cycle was apparently too long for Mystery Organization. Therefore, they captured those women and had their genes modified. Five of these women had to be from the first batch of mutants since it was the first time that there were such items being sold at the auction.

Genetic modification was usually risky. Before the formula of the elixir had been fixed, the human experiments must have resulted in a lot of malformations and deaths.

It was a tragedy of fate. However, the truth behind them was even more miserable. Apparently, most of them at the auction had no concern regarding where the busty women came from. The bidding price was increasing. Even Leng Yuexin had joined the bid with a stony expression on her face.

Lin Huang, who was sitting next to her, kept quiet. He knew very well that even if Leng Yuexin was to buy all five of them, she would not be able to completely solve the problem. Furthermore, since they were being sold at the auction, the genetically modified mutants must have been brainwashed. They would never be able to live a normal life.

Leng Yuexin clearly knew that as well. Still, she decided to join the bid.

After bidding for about 20 minutes, Leng Yuexin successfully bought all five of them at a relatively high price. Many of the royal members then scrutinized the heavily tinted window of VIP room 3. Although they had no idea who was in the VIP room, they knew that the person must be someone they could not afford to offend. They only had the guts to glance towards the room.

Although the outsiders had no idea who was in the VIP room, the staff did. They felt that she was foolish to bid so spontaneously. Leng Yuexin's purchasing behavior only showed that she was dissatisfied with the items sold at the auction. But what could she do? As long as they could earn from the items, no matter who the buyer was, it would make no difference to them. They would not care how one would handle the items they bought.

The Mystery Organization was not worried that the royal members would find out where the busty women came from since everyone would have already known. As long as there was no evidence of the genetic modification, even the Union Government would turn a blind eye to it.

As soon as the auction of five busty women had ended, the auctioneer soon introduced the second item.

"The second item to be sold at the auction is...the brain of the demigod, Qi Muxiong!"

Unveiling the red curtain, a transparent container was placed on top of the wooden platform. Inside the container, there was a real human brain immersed in a nutrient solution.

Almost everyone was stunned as soon as this item appeared. By right, a demigod-level item would not appear at such an auction. Even if there was, it would usually be demigod-level relics instead of biological materials. A demigod-level biological material was considered a priceless treasure in this world.

"I guess there’s no need for me to introduce the demigod Qi Muxiong, is there? The brain comes from one of the biology laboratories in Division2. A material of such a level will, of course, not be sold for Life Crystals. One will have to exchange a biological material of the same level for the demigod brain. If nobody is going to buy this at this auction, anyone who's interested in this item may contact us for further discussion as soon as the auction ends…"

"Who's Qi Muxiong?" Lin Huang was not familiar with many of the historical figures in this world.

"The demigod Qi Muxiong was a super strong man who appeared more than 800 years ago. It was said that he had been granted more than 10 talents ever since he was born. He possesses more talents than a high-level protoss. In a war that happened about 800 years ago, he unleashed more than 30 types of terrifying abilities to defend against the protoss. He was one of the few people who could fight it. However, he suffered severe injuries that were incurable during the battle. Soon, he died.

"During the battle, he was not the only demigod who died. Many of the dead bodies disappeared but you can probably find them in the laboratories in Division2. Selling it at the auction is not the main reason why Mystery is taking this item out. They want to let everyone know that Mystery owns the brain of Qi Muxiong. Therefore, it will definitely remain unsold. As soon as the auction ends, perhaps many buyers will secretly contact Mystery." Leng Yuexin knew Mystery’s intention right away.

"Does the demigod biological material serve any other purpose besides biological research?" Lin Huang asked curiously.

"The effect of the remains can be maximized for biological research. However, it can be used for one’s own personal intentions as well. Many of the imperial-levels might look into the secret of becoming a demigod using the remaining energy in the demigod’s dead body. Also, people with unique physique as well as those who contain special blood in their body can utilize the demigod’s dead body to strengthen themselves in certain aspects.

"A complete demigod brain is even more useful. From the perspective of biological research, the memory of Qi Muxiong before his death can be completely extracted if an appropriate approach is used. There’s even a chance that his legacy can be obtained. For personal use, a minority of them with unique physique might assimilate his brainwave whereby one can directly obtain the demigod's memory…"

"Assimilate his brainwave? He has died. Where would the brainwave come from?" Lin Huang felt that Leng Yuexin must have gotten it wrong.

"The activity of a demigod body is incomparable to an ordinary human’s. Even if he has died for 800 years, many of his body parts are still active. If he has lost his vitality and can only be used as a specimen, there’ll be a substantial decrease in his research value. Then, Mystery won’t sell it publicly," Leng Yuexin explained.

"His body is still active even though he has died for 800 years?!" Lin Huang gasped in disbelief.

"800 years means nothing. About 60 years ago, a ruins was activated in Division7. More than 3,000 demigod remains were found there. Despite 3,000 years having passed, most of their body parts are still active," Leng Yuexin said.

Listening to Leng Yuexin's description, Lin Huang had to express his respect towards the creatures with such vitality in this world.

"The demigod brain that they are showing to the public, is it fake? They’re taking out such a precious asset in public. Aren't they afraid that somebody will snatch it?" Lin Huang had his doubts about the authenticity of what was being displayed on the auction platform.

"I don't think so." Leng Yuexin shook her head confidently. "Mystery is a rather conceited organization. If it’s displayed in public, it must be genuine. Otherwise, if anyone doubts its authenticity, they’ll be embarrassed. Furthermore, they don't think that anyone dares to create trouble at the auction. Even if there are such people, they are confident that they can handle it."

As soon as the second auction began, it ended very quickly simply because nobody placed any bids on that. In fact, such a valuable collection had turned out to be unsold as expected by Leng Yuexin.

However, many of the royal members had captured photos and videos of the item. Some of them had even contacted their families to make a purchase decision.

Ever since the demigod brain appeared, many of them did not pay attention to the items that followed later. The organization did not get a good price for the third and the fourth items since many of them were not really interested in them.

Soon, the voice of the auctioneer was heard, "We will now begin selling the fifth item."

A dozen presenter girls went up on the stage and each of them was holding a box that was delicately made.

The auctioneer then nodded at the girls and the twelve red boxes were opened at almost the same time.

The moment Lin Huang saw that, he was stunned at first and soon, he was ecstatic.

"The fifth item is dracaena. There are 12 of them and they'll be sold separately. The starting price for each of them will be 30,000 Life Crystals. The price increment is at least 1,000. Let's begin from the left with dracaena number 1…"


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