Monster Paradise
367 The Beginning - Auction
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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367 The Beginning - Auction

At the auction house, in VIP room 3, while Tyrant was eating his eighth ice cream, everyone started to enter the hall.

"He really likes ice cream…" Leng Yuexin did not pay attention to the auction house. Instead, she was looking at Tyrant who was sitting on a carpet with a strange facial expression.

"This is the last one. Everyone is entering the hall. Let's get to work," Lin Huang told Tyrant.

Tyrant immediately nodded, stuffing the remaining ice cream into his mouth. He then stood up with a serious face. If he was not munching on food, nobody would doubt his identity as a bodyguard.

The three of them then shifted their focus to the auction house. The crowd entered the hall and soon, they looked for their seats and sat down.

The auction house was very big and it could hold more than 10,000 people. There were less than 1,000 people who were actually there to join the auction. Most of them were not qualified to bring along their followers. Therefore, their bodyguards were stationed outside the hall.

They were not worried about their safety since the auction was attended by royal members. The auction had been established for more than a hundred years and nobody had ever dared to create trouble. There was only one reason behind this which was because they had powerful backup. The two immortal-level guards stationed outside the auction house also scared away any trouble.

About ten minutes later, all the participants had entered the hall. The number of people was not even a tenth of the total number of seats available. However, the place was not quiet at all. Obviously, many of them had known each other and struck up small talk, making the hall rather lively.

Lin Huang suddenly saw a familiar figure appear among the crowd. However, since the person's back was facing him in addition to the hat he was wearing, Lin Huang could only see the posterior above the person's shoulder when seated. He could hardly confirm the person's identity.

Staring at the person's black suit for a few moments, Lin Huang was still wondering who that familiar person was.

"Perhaps, I met that person by chance that's why I feel that he looks familiar." Lin Huang shook his head and he did not ponder any longer about that.

"There are too many acquaintances here… That's why I don't like to join such an event." Leng Yuexin obviously recognized many of the familiar faces.

"Isn't that good?" Lin Huang asked as he could not understand her.

"Acquaintances and friends are totally different. They’re hypocrites and many of them are double-faced. Other than saying something flattering, what they say are never true. That’s why I hate entertaining these people. It's tiring," Leng Yuexin shook her head and told him the truth. She had always been honest and frank. Listening to what she said, Lin Huang was not surprised.

In fact, Lin Huang did not know much about the royal families. When he traveled to this world, he heard about them. His first impression was that the people must not be friendly since they divided themselves into different social classes.

However, after knowing Leng Yuexin, Yi Yeyu, and the rest, he realized that many of the royal members he met were friendly. They were well brought up, had a great sense of justice and were responsible as well. They were just simply good people overall.

Listening to what Leng Yuexin said, Lin Huang instantly realized that he was thinking too narrowly. He did not comment anymore on this since Leng Yuexin knew more about the royal families than he did.

"I like people who are simple. We can only meet when it's necessary and it’s fine not to contact each other if nothing happens. There's no need to deliberately make conversation, so we won't feel awkward then." Lin Huang felt that Leng Yuexin was implying him.

"Is there a detailed list of the items sold at auction?" He felt awkward and immediately changed the topic.

"No, they just roughly mentioned what they are going to sell," Leng Yuexin answered in a serious tone. "The Mystery Auction used to be a secret. Only the people who join the auction will know exactly what they are selling."

"So, there is no sequence to the items?" Lin Huang then asked.

"Yes. Therefore, other than the organizer, nobody will know when they will be selling the dracaena that you’ve been looking for." Leng Yuexin shrugged her shoulders.

Lin Huang was helpless as this meant that he had to stay there until the dracaena appeared.

Soon, after all the bidders had arrived, it was already 9 a.m.

At 9 a.m sharp, a middle-aged man dressed in a black suit with a red bow tie around his neck walked onto the auction stage. He was not very tall and rather skinny. He had long, brown, curly hair and a little moustache above his lips. Despite his mousy appearance, he had a loud voice when he spoke, "Good morning, everyone! I'm the auctioneer and my name is Kong Hao. Everyone's here for the collection and I know you can't wait for the auction to start. Therefore, I'm not going to talk anymore nonsense and let the auction now begin. Let's welcome the first item!"

Having uttered those words, each of the five ceremony presenter girls then moved a pallet that was covered with a red curtain simultaneously.

Kong Hao nodded at the ceremony girls and five of them unveiled the pallet at almost the same time. When the items were displayed, the crowd could hardly stay calm.

It was because there were five naked women. They looked the same as an ordinary human at the very least. The only difference was that they had rather big boobs.

Even Lin Huang and Leng Yuexin frowned.

"Our first collection will be the mutants – busty women. They are the first generation busty women who are very high-quality. However, we have to keep how we got the first generation busty women private. The starting price for the five of them will be 3,000 Life Crystals each. The price increment must not be less than 100 Life Crystals each raise! The five of them will be sold separately. Let's now start from number 1 on the left…" The auctioneer did a brief introduction and the auction officially began.

Of course, Lin Huang knew who they were. They were unique mutants. It looked like there was not much difference between them and an ordinary woman. However, they could produce milk as soon as they grew up. Furthermore, their milk contained a certain amount of Life Power which could restore what one had consumed. Therefore, many of the royal families were eager to raise a busty woman.

"It is less likely that a busty woman can survive up to 30 years old. Where did they catch the first generation busty women and how they managed to catch all five at once?" A thought actually ran through Lin Huang's mind. However, he dared not think any further. Seeing that they were selling mutants that looked exactly the same as humans at the auction, he could confirm that the organization was certainly not a benevolent one.

"Other than modifying a living body, is there any other way to do so?" Leng Yuexin clenched her fists tightly, glaring at the auctioneer.

"Modifying a living body?" Lin Huang had never expected that such technology would really exist.

"The genes are taken from the busty monsters and they are used in accordance with genetically modified elixir. This elixir will then be inserted into the innocent woman's body, transforming them from humans to mutants. I thought that it’s just a rumor. I never knew that the brutes would really do that…" Leng Yuexin's body was giving off a murderous vibe.

"Transforming humans into mutants…" Lin Huang squinted while his eyes flashed with a trace of fury as well.


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