Monster Paradise
361 Martial Hunter College
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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361 Martial Hunter College

The unsealing of the Viridescent Thunderhawk was not complicated. All it needed was three drops of the ancient bird monster’s blood. It was not the monsters that existed in ancient times but was actually talking about monsters that had ancient blood within them. Mythical creatures such as dragons, phoenixes, and rocs belonged to this category of monsters. Since most of the ancient monsters had blood with terrifying strength, it was only natural that they were born powerful.

Even dragonkins that were not mutated would have abilities that were comparable with a triple mutated Transcendent-level monster when it was still a baby. The same applied to phoenix and roc blooded monsters.

"Xiao Hei, can I use the blood of an ancient monster that’s not been mutated before to unseal the Viridescent Thunderhawk?" Lin Huang asked as soon as he got out of the black market.

"Yes, you can but the higher the quality, the better."

"Must it be the same ancient monster? Or do I need to get three different ancient monsters?"

"It has to be an ancient monster of the same type. The best would be the exact same ancient monster."

"Alright," Lin Huang acknowledged. He dropped by the information exchange store in the black market to ask about the trails of double mutated sword type monsters for Lancelot the Ruthless Sword Master as well as information about ancient bird monsters. He did not get anything about the ancient monster’s blood but he got some information about double mutated sword type monsters from the seller. He deposited some money to get the seller to gather more information about him. Lin Huang had actually posted the question in a form of a mission on the Hunter Forum a few days back but nobody had given him any useful feedback, so he turned to the black market.

It was almost six in the evening when he got home. Lin Xin ordered take-out and was downstairs picking up the food less than three minutes ago before Lin Huang got home.

"Brother, I’ve ordered some food. Eat while it’s still hot." Lin Xin pointed at the bowl of ramen.

"I was just thinking of what I should eat for dinner earlier." Lin Huang smiled and sat at the dining table.

"This store has good ramen with a delicious soup base. I’ve tried it a few times before."

"I ordered three bowls of them. Bloody has eaten its portion."

Lin Huang just noticed that there was an empty bowl on the coffee table in the living room and it looked like the bowl was being washed. Bloody looked at Lin Huang and nodded to him, seeming to be in a good mood. Lin Huang then picked up the chopsticks and tasted the ramen. He nodded in satisfaction, the noodles were al dente and the soup was flavorful.

"You are 20 days away from your graduation exam. How’s the preparation?" Lin Huang asked although Lin Xin’s study was never too much of a concern.

"Almost done now." Lin Xin beamed.

"Which school do you plan to get in to?" He asked.

"I’m planning to get into the Martial Hunter College, majoring in martial arts and minoring in guns." Lin Xin had everything planned out.

The Martial Hunter College was a higher learning institution opened by the Hunter Association. It was also the best college in the human world. If it was placed on Earth, it was similar to the standard of the Ivy League universities. Of course, as it was popular, it was difficult to get in. There were branches in every division whereby each division would accept more than 50,000 students annually. However, it was difficult to get in as the population of each division was at least 10 times more than that on Earth. There were more students participating in the graduation exam here compared to those who graduated from high school on Earth.

Although Winter City was a B-grade foothold, there were only three people who were accepted into the Martial Hunter College on average annually. In Winter City, there were a total of four schools the same standard as the one that Lin Xin was going to as well as a few schools that were not as popular with the good students. The target that Lin Xin set for herself was a challenging one.

"Why would you want to get into the Martial Hunter College?" Lin Huang raised his eyebrow.

"I have compared many organizations and found out that the eligibility to join the Hunter Association is the laxest. Moreover, the Martial Hunter College is different from the federal military college. They'll teach us about the concept of the organization. On the other hand, the Martial Hunter College is the most liberal one with simple learning materials," Lin Xin reasoned.

"Are you confident about it?" Lin Huang asked.

Lin Xin thought about it and shook her head.

"Your gun skills shouldn’t be a problem, so it shouldn't be difficult for you to score full marks in your graduation exam. I guess you’re not confident in the battle assessment or culture studies?" Lin Huang asked.

"I have no problem in the cultural studies but it's the battling I'm not confident about. There’re a few of them who are more powerful than I am this year. The first round of the battle assessment doesn't allow guns or other weapons," Lin Xin shared helplessly.

"So, you have problems in melee combat?" Lin Huang understood the problem immediately.

"Yes." Lin Xin looked downright upset.

"I shall train your melee combat skills these few days then," Lin Huang suggested.

Lin Xin nodded immediately. She knew that Lin Huang was the Sword Genius who was powerful in close-distance battles. Nobody below Transcendent level could defeat him in melee combat. Even without his sword, he was invincible. After lunch, Lin Huang cleaned the kitchen and followed Lin Xin into the Gun Master game. In reality, the Hunter Arena was more suitable but because Lin Xin was not a hunter, she could not enter it. Lin Huang had an extra ring left but the Hunter Arena was connected to one’s Emperor’s Heart Ring and Lin Xin could not use his ring to enter the arena.

Fortunately, the training ground in the Gun Master had a variety of terrains. Lin Huang had built one that was modeled after the ring in the Hunter Arena and invited Lin Xin in. As soon as she entered the virtual room, the room was locked with a password so that nobody could enter.

"I improved my battle abilities by fighting again and again. I have faith that you can do the same," Lin Huang said.

"Under normal circumstances, I would teach you melee combat skill like Fatal Tactics but since we don’t have much time, I'll only train you on mastering the techniques that you already know.

"I will create a normal account later and form an avatar that has the same ability as yours to fight you. In the battles, I will use the techniques that you already know as well as some advanced techniques to give you sufficient pressure. I won’t show mercy during the battles. I'll even kill the avatar that you create. Therefore, I hope that you don’t treat this as a game but a real battle."

"Yes!" Lin Xi agreed excitedly.

Soon, Lin Huang exited the game and created a new mission from his own account, then he entered the locked training ground after he was done with some settings.

"Brother?" Lin Xin was surprised when she saw Lin Huang re-entering the room as he now looked like a 20-year-old arrogant, young man. He did not look anything like Lin Huang.

"I internally changed my features as well as my voice so that you can focus on the battles. From today onwards, I’m your enemy, not your brother," Lin Huang explained.

"Get into the ring!"

He did not want to waste any more time, so he walked straight into the ring and waved at Lin Xin. Lin Xin took a deep breath and followed him…


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